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Wedding Planners in your Network

There are 300 recommended Wedding Planners on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Wedding Planner.

Review by Christy Adams

I've known Michael Novilla since high school…even then he had an entrepreneur spirit. While home visiting my family a couple years ago, I asked Michael if I could tour his venue. I'd been hearing about it through the grapevine and wanted to see what the positive buzz was all about. Michael truly has created the perfect event venue! Over my 25 years of corporate event experience I've utilized many venues in major conference cities. All of which had their challenges, so of course I inspected 535 NOVA with an experienced eye. I'm so very impressed with the details that were put into this venue…from the well designed wide open space inside and outside, the bathroom decor, current audio/visual and lighting, optional marketing and decor spaces, flooring, seating, etc. I'm so very hopeful that business takes me back home so that I can create an amazing event in this beautiful, event artist’s palette. See MoreRead Less

Review by Holly Perry

Words are hard to come by when we want to express how much we appreciate all Laura and her team did for my daughter and son-in-law and their wedding. Having their former wedding planner pull out of the wedding just a few weeks before the wedding due to personal reasons (i.e. conflict with her own daughter who was a friend of my daughter and thus highly unprofessional on her part) was devastating. Not only emotionally and highly stressful but the money we had already spent was financially a difficult hit also. (no she was not speedy on getting our money back to us) I heard about Laura thru my sister and contacted her and explained our situation and that we had a wedding with 250 guests to plan from basically scratch with a date of less than 6 weeks. Not many people would be willing to tackle that. She didn't even blink. Her and her team were AMAZING! Her take charge attitude and upfront, honest professional demeanor is exactly what we needed. All the while her attention to even the tiniest details is astounding. She also makes you feel like one of the family. It all came together and was truly breath taking. They gave my daughter and son-in-law the wedding of their dreams! I cannot thank them enough. Even almost 3 years later I tear up just thinking about how she saved us from what could have been a complete disaster. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!See MoreRead Less

Review by Susan Meyers

Carmel, What can I say other then Amazing!! Her hard work and her vision on how she sees the party and all the detail she encounters is just short of Surprising. Our Party was wonderful she works very hard to make the best of the event. She has great ideas on how things should run, and how things should be handled. Our event went very well and with all her hard work was well worth the cost. I would hirer her and her company anytime I need an event plainer she is very professional, smart, kind, and knows how to put a Room together and make magic happen. She has a Vision for her clients and makes it happen. This is someone you want for your Party's Weddings, Reunions, and Anniversary's and Birthdays. she is One in a Million and Shows you how much she cares. If a problem arises she fixes it and makes everything right. It would make your day being able to sit back and relax and let your party happen cause you could rely on her to get everything perfect for you. I highly recommend her and her company.See MoreRead Less

Review by Emily Politis-owens

I've known David since 1979 and he's always been an outstanding person, and as he's gotten older, he's only gotten better. He's also done everything he set out to do and then some. He is a kind, dynamic and energetic personality and just a charming man to be around. He's brilliant and loves people and it shows. David once made me a few tapes in high school as if he were a DJ on a radio station and those tapes sounded professional way back THEN! Since then, he's become the consummate professional he set out to be. David has become such a wonderful man, husband, father, and businessman. If I were getting married, he is the ONLY person I'd want helping me make it a great day. He is thoughtful and responsible. He takes into consideration everyone's ideas & thoughts and wants to make the bride and groom remember their special day for the rest of their lives.

If you're planning a wedding, party or just any special occasion, call David?you will NOT be disappointed, I promise you!
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Review by Vicki Bannister

A Thank You Favor offers a huge array of unique party favors. Their website is easy to browse and they offer easy payment options for your convenience. You can always expect the latest on the newest arrivals and trends. If you have any questions you can call their friendly customer service department to help you place your order . I totally recommend A Thank You Favor the next time you are looking to make your event special.

Vicki Bannister
Omni Productions Inc
Special Events and Casino Parties
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Review by Mel Steinberg

As a freelance musician/independent contractor; I work for a variety of employers. Among them is Eddie Grimberg. I have worked with Eddie for about fifteen years. Eddie works tirelessly for the satisfaction of his clients. He goes the extra distance to assure that their event is well-paced, enjoyable and, most importantly, memorable. His business, Events Boutique, provides a "one-stop shopping" approach to the field of event planning, which relieves the client from having to deal with details and assures an event "ramp-up" and execution that are stress-free. It allows the client to be a very satisfied participant rather than an overburdened manager.
As an employer, Eddie "leads by example." His leadership is simultaneously firm, fair, friendly and cooperative. Unlike many others in his position, he gets excellent results and continuous cooperation from his musicians, and others involved in the event production, by avoiding tactics like badgering and pressuring. The musicians, and the rest of the event team, respond positively and, in turn, give first-rate performances to "make the event happen."
I can highly recommend Eddie from both perspectives; as an independent contractor/employee, and; as a witness to the results of his efforts.


Mel Steinberg
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Review by Jennifer Mast

I had the blessing of not just ordering a bouquet, but sitting down, and watching it come to life before my eyes from the ground up as Mary created a thank you bouquet for a friend of my who'd helped in a greatest need moment. Mary put her heart into it, and by the time she was done, I felt that she too, was thanking my friend with the beauty and love that she put into the arrangement. She is an artist.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kirk Enochs

I've worked with Beata on numerous parties as a DJ, and have always had a fantastic experience! Her events are always classy, organized, well-run, and, MOST importantly, a helluva good time! The lady knows her biz! :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Gabriella Williams

You know that you are the BOMB......I can truly said it as well cause when I got married is was so FABULOUS and I told you to do what you want to do cause I trust you! God gave you a GIFE and you are doing a great job at it..Keep up the good work cuzn.I am so proud of you.And if I ever get marry again you know you will be the first person I call....SIKE I will never get married again....lol.....Love you Fluffy.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robert Willis

EXCELLENT!!! A man of his word. I sold Jonathan a ring of considerable value, and not only did I get the best offer, he made me feel at ease with his honesty and integrity!
I am a newbie at selling things like this, but he helped make the process easier. Pay pal can be confusing to navigate through, but Jonathan made it much clearer.
I definitely recommend him and his organization, and would be inclined to do business with him again!
In the current business climate it is refreshing to talk to someone that you can inherently trust!
Thanks again, Jonathan. Wishing you the best! Robert
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