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Veterinarians in your Network

There are 174 recommended Veterinarians on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Veterinarian.

Review by Diane Hockenberry

Nicole is an extremely caring person and cares for her own animals like she would care for someone else's. She is smart and enjoys learning new, innovative ways to take care of animals.See MoreRead Less

Review by Richard B White

Amelia has demonstrated dedication and reliability throughout her life starting as a young child and taking care of her animals and pets. She will be a great librarian for the college. I have known her for over ten years as her former pastor and know her and her family very well. We are separated now by miles but not in our hearts! She was very active in her church in serving others and was loved and appreciated by all, especially children and the Seniors of the church. If you need any additional information please contact me by phone. 727-692-5990.See MoreRead Less

Review by Karen Jarvis

I was the Christian Education Coordinator at Summer's church for seven years, during which time Summer was a youth helper at VBS. I could always count on her to show up with a smile on her face and a willing attitude.See MoreRead Less

Review by Theresa Morgan

Lee is always customer oriented and getting the assignment done on time

Review by Russell Roberts

Hariah is honest, professional, and easy to work with. Highly recommended. From Russ Roberts.

Review by Gerri Bowers

Kelly is a true pet person, she loves all anamils. She has helped us more than once on a pet problem. She has told us what had to be done. When we said we didn't know if we could put our pet down she offered to get it and take care of it. She could see how much we were hurting. After we had our dog put to sleep, she called to check on us. Kelly will make a great Vet. I know we trust her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Brooke Hanaway

She is extremely helpful and keeps herself up to date will the current research and news regarding the best possible care for your pets. She is enthusiastic about her work and really cares for the animals and their needs.See MoreRead Less

Review by Amanda Fuoco

This place is the best! They really know and care about taking care of different breeds of dogs. Their attention to detail is impeccable. This is my new favorite spot. Qian is a real first class professional!See MoreRead Less

Review by Brandi Smith

Dee has the biggest heart for animals for as long as I've known her. Because she cares so personally for them she truly has their best interest at heart. Any job that relates to animlas I'm sure she would excel at!See MoreRead Less

Review by Mary Stewart

I've known Anne for over 10 years as a friend and fellow horse-lover. I first met Anne at the U C Davis Equestrian Center where we were both involved in the sport of horseback riding. Anne was drawn to a highly-trained, semi-retired Irish Sport Horse named Garth and paid all medical bills for a costly operation to repair Garth's shattered right elbow (an injury sustained while in pasture with other Equestrian Center horses). Anne showed remarkable compassion, patience and resourcefulness as she cared for and rehabilitated her new horse. Thanks to Anne's love and ministrations, Garth not only made a remarkable recovery, he went on to compete in Dressage shows throughout the Sacramento Valley. He is still alive and well to this day, enjoying his retirement years munching on green pastures with his equestrian friends. Anne's considerable veternary knowledge coupled with her integrity and compassion were impressive. I know this well because I was fortunate enough to lease this magnificent horse, from Anne, for 2 years following his recovery. Anne is also the proud owner of 3 additional horses, most notably, a Shire named Oliver whom she trained up from a rambunctious, pushy youngster to a calm, competent Dressage show horse. Anne is truly a remarkable person who tackles every task in life with enthusiam, intelligence and humor. I feel that my life has been enhanced considerably by knowing her. I highly recommend Anne for any position or task she may undertake.See MoreRead Less