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Veterinarians in your Network

There are 174 recommended Veterinarians on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Veterinarian.

Review by Richard Starks


The purpose of this posting is to give our evaluation of Dr. James (Dr. Jimmy) Sparks as it pertains to his work and treatment of our many animals over the past thirty some-odd years.

We call him “Dr. Jimmy” because we had him as a student when we were 8th grade math teachers.

Even back then, he stood out like a candle in the darkness. He was an excellent student.

Then we started running into him when we’d take our many pets to the Eagle Animal Hospital for treatment of their many various and sometimes-mysterious ills. This included a 25-pound pet goose (AKA Gertrude) that for some reason got herself paralyzed and couldn’t walk. Dr. Jimmy figured that one out, and he was right.

Over the years he became our personal Vet for all our assorted cats, dogs, ducks, geese and anything else that attached itself to us. Dr. Jimmy gave us professional and more importantly PERSONAL treatment. My wife and I are both in our late 60s. We have had a LOT of our beloved pets go to Dr. Jimmy when they were kittens and puppies through the final agonizing moments when Dr. Jimmy said, “It’s time to let them go.”

Even in those emotionally wrenching times, Dr. Jimmy would sit on the floor with Ralph, Mandy, Molly, Mickey, Myrtle, Melvin, Maggie, Baggy, Gus, Gertrude, Sheba, Romeo and some others whose names now escape me. With great compassion, while we were leaking tears all over the examining room, Dr. Jimmy would lead our pets to the great playground in heaven where they were always young, full of piss and vinegar and ready to play with all the rest of our beloved pets who were already up there.

We drive by more than six different veterinary offices to get to Dr. Jimmy and have never been tempted to stop at any of them.

In other words…. Dr. James Sparks is the BEST VET.
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Review by Dave Welch

When my 10 yr. old Chihuahua Sable was diagnosed with kidney failure I was heartbroken. But Dr. Forden and the Entire Staff done everything they could to let me have a couple more week`s with her. Sable`s loss of appitite at the time was a concern. They found that she liked Turkey and Gravy baby food but they were out. So one of the staff members (wish I knew her name)actually went to the store and brought back some for me while I was sitting there in order to not have Sable out in the cold longer than needed(it was Feb.). @[100001871602025:2048:Northgate PetClinic] has my highest recommendation`s for anyone that is a true pet person.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rhonda Pierce

There isn't enough room to write everything I want to share about Dr. Staebler. She saved my dog's life, and she did it all by phone...at 8:00 p.m. (yes, at night)...that ran well into the middle of the night. And she isn't even my dogs' vet. In fact, she didn't really know me. (Let me clarify, she WOULD be our vet but we live too far away from her). Her husband was my boss at the time, so of course we knew OF each other through him, but we had never met. Then one morning, one of my dachshunds snatched up a quick-dissolving excedrin migraine pill.

I rushed him to the vet where they forced him to vomit, but because the pill was fast-acting, it was already absorbed into his system. So they forced charcoal down him to absorb the poison. I couldn't believe they didn't want to keep him for the day to keep an eye on him but they sent us home, where he threw up all of the charcoal right after we got in the house. I called that vet and they said he should be fine, even though he hadn't even kept the charcoal down the minimum amount of time the vet said he should. Since they felt certain he would be fine, I went ahead and went in to work where I told my boss about the events of the morning.

Later that evening, around 8, my dog started throwing up pure blood. I panicked and called my boss to see if he thought Dr. Staebler would mind me calling her. He called her and she called me immediately. She armed me with critical information, including that there is actually an antidote for acetaminophen overdose but it has to be administered within a certain amount of time, and then told me to call her back once I got to the emergency clinic. I did, and she stayed with me on the phone the whole time. She was even going to stay on the phone while I waited for them to call me back to consult with the doctor, but I told her that wasn’t necessary.

So when it was time, I got her back on the phone and went into the exam room. The vet on call had an extremely thick accent so I could barely understand him anyway, and then add to that that protocol for emergency vets is to run every possible test…as he’s talking and telling me all of the tests he wants to run on Norman, she’s hearing him and telling me – you need that test. You don’t need that test. You need that one. And that one. Not that one…you get the idea. The vet at the clinic wasn’t at all pleased, but I was grateful. And after the ordeal was over (Norman is alive and well), she would even call me to check on him.

She has a passionate compassion for taking care of critters that extends well beyond office hours or taking care of animals because it’s her j-o-b. I can assure you without hesitation that you will never regret entrusting her with the life of your pet(s).
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Review by Patricia Cody

I first came to Somerset at the recommendation of a friend when I was in need of a vet. The people are wonderful, kind, caring, the veterinary care is excellent, and everyone seems to love the animals just as much as we owners. We have had two pets who had to be euthanized due to old age & illness and everyone was so Kind and caring to the point that we were actually amazed.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joey Rugar

Tina deserves 10 Stars ... She is by far the best in this area . She knows exactly what shes doing VERY Professional & efficient takes service to a whole nother Level .. Look no further .shes pays attention to every detail with no questions asked !! I already recommend my family and friends and they all thanked me . Hire her Now ... Thanks Tina .See MoreRead Less

Review by Jennifer Nicholson

I have known Jodi Oliver since the the 1990's while she trained with us at Riata Ranch International in California. She was one of the most determined riders I have ever worked with. she set her goal and then determination and hard work, reached it. I can tell you first hand her attention to detail and excellence. Jodi works hard at her job and is passionate about her animal patients. Her true love for all creatures big and small and their well being is first and foremost in her approach to their care. You cannot ask for a more qualified or dedicated person to handle your animal partner or pet.See MoreRead Less

Review by Carl Ohnmeiss

i have known Sue since my high school days. Sue was a very academic school student did very well in school had really good and nice friends. Sue inspired me to do better in school she always had a glow about her and wanted to glow also! Sue is very committed in every thing she does. Sue will go that extra mile to make sure the job is done thoroughly, professionally,courteously, and make certainly sure that all involved in the process are happy with all she has done for you.I would most definitely trust her to do the best in anything she does for me or anyone else >See MoreRead Less

Review by Tammy Randolph

Dean has been our veterinarian since 1988, and we are so blessed to have met him. He is the most caring veterinarian I have ever met, and I know a lot of them. He always shows concern and is generous in sharing his knowledge with everyone that want to learn. When you have as many animals as I do that means a lot!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jacqueline Mason Munera

I worked with Rhys and was impressed with her dedication to the animals. She consistently worked in very difficult conditions to improve the mental and physical well-being of the animals in her care. Rhys was able to make many progressive changes because she understands how to engage the humans, getting them to work together towards the same goal. So many professionals guard their 'territory' out of fear but they don't realize they are sabotaging the overall goal. Rhys is not afraid to reach out to other professionals for support or to share her own experience and knowledge. Overall, I highly recommend Rhys for any project!See MoreRead Less

Review by Linda W. Wong

Dogwalker is Hawaii's premier walking & in home boarding service. Caring,
competent & love your dog. Have been going to Dogwalker for well over 2 years for vacations, day with hubbie, etc. they are awesome & take the worry out of your time away, be it on a vacation, staycation or while at work. Erin has a dedicated & caring group of professionals who love & care for your dog as if it was their own. Give dogwalker a call, you won't be disappointed.See MoreRead Less