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Tutors in Texas

There are 36 recommended Tutors in Texas. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Tutor.

Review by Andrew Linick

GM Ethington is a contributing editor for http://www.officialkaratemag.com. His articles are cutting edge, full of history, how to skills and fueled by his passion and determination to keep traditional martial arts alive and to preserve our old ways for future generations. Duane is admired by his peers and we are delighted to recommend his expertise for any upcoming project.--Dr. Andrew S. Linick, Publisher/Hanshi Founder: MAGI(r) Martial arts Grandmasters Intern'l/www.joinMAGI.orgSee MoreRead Less

Review by Scott Keener

Curious and relational. Emily provides great service and great products while taking the time to care about me as an individual.

Review by Patsy Nunnally

He is one of the most outstanding persons I have ever meet.He has a wonderful marriage with a wife that supports him in all he does. He took his sister and I on a trip to visit their brother who was very sick. It was on this trip that I learned what a very kind and understanding man he really is .I also found out what a world traveler he was and how compassionate he is.I have attended some of his Wednesday Bible teachings...I must say I learn a lot about the Bible and it was not boring but life changing...See MoreRead Less

Review by Annegrete Krings

Aaron is persistent and patient. It's a pleasure to connect with him each time.

Review by Josè Moreno

He used to be my Tae Kwon Do teacher from white to 1st Dan Black Belt .
During those years while I was practicing under his supervision he always showed great respect and compromise with his students and the International College of Tae Kwon Do making it grow and expand.
He always motivated myself and the other students to practice hard, try it harder and learn beyond his own classes.
For me, he stands alone from the rest of the trainers I´ve had, due his professionalism and dedication.
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Review by Flaire Clark

Johnny is a well rounded person, with many talents. He was ideal to work with as he gave as much help as he could. He is knowledge about the business and about tutoring. Johnny worked hard to ensure students got all the services they needed. He was very passionate about the job and the students.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michelle French

Mr. Racicot was a professor of mine at Central Texas College. He still stands out in my mind as my favorite professor, more than a decade later. His honesty and candor distinguished him from his colleagues. He shared his experiences with his students, as well as his knowledge, and this also made him memorable.See MoreRead Less

Review by Vickie Jensen Black

Steve is multi-talented with vocal coaching, singing in multiple groups like Barber-shop choral groups and quartet, gospel quartet, trio and solo work, recording studio and voice lessons.
He can sing, teach and record all four voices and has experience directing many choral groups.
He has put together more than one family CD of his own and has coached me and his Dad many times. This is our Son and we are very proud of his accomplishments!
His personality is friendly and straight-forward and he is well liked in the community among all his friends and never meets a stranger. Contact him for any help you may have-he will be happy to help you!
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Review by Megan Kimmel

Taylor Roy has helped me with tons of my homework and how to study for tests. She's very understanding and good at helping tutor.

Review by Wayne Sadin

While I've not formally been a student of Terry's, I have trained with him in a number of real-world self-defense classes. Terry brings a wealth of knowledge to any self-defense discussion and he has the skill to impart that knowledge so others 'get it.' Terry is down-to-earth and not one to beat around the bush: don't come to Terry to be coddled.
If you want to earn belts, I don't have a clue what that's about. If you want to learn how to take care of yourself and those you care about, Terry has the knowledge and the attitude to prepare you for that vital task.
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