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Tutors in Michigan

There are 25 recommended Tutors in Michigan. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Tutor.

Review by Patricio Köhler

I met Nathan for the first time around 6 years ago, when he was planning to move an editing business from excel to an automated web site. After some meetings and email exchanges we were able to define the initial requirements. Since then it was always easy to agree and plan each feature he was adding to the site. He had a very clear picture of the roadmap for that project and how to prioritize each stage.
Several times he told me about a friend who had an idea for a start-up and if I would be interested about being part of it. So at the end I told him that if he was part of the plan I would jump in it.
The next months were like an amazing race against time building stik.com. He came to Bs As and learned with me PHP and Javascript in around 2 weeks (without having really coded in the past). 2 Months later we was already using js closures and callbacks like a natural thing. That’s just a simple example of how smart he is and how fast he can learn anything (like SQL, DB tuning, new technologies, etc). While we were developing together, he was also meeting investors, dealing with press, acting as a product manager, interviewing candidates and reviewing graphic design. This shows the kind of hard worker he is and how he cares about every details (small or big ones).
Now he is one of stik.com co-founders and has to manage a whole team, where everybody feels great about having him as a boss. He is not just very smart and open minded, he is also a very friendly and easy to talk with man. It is always a pleasure to work with somebody who is conflictless.
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Review by Jack Kripl

HI Eliane. I think you deserve support for all the great work and contributions you have made to the advertising profession. I wish you all the luck you deserve for continued success in your field. I understand you are also a great French teacher!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kurt Doelle

Allison has and always will be a kind, caring and actively engaged teacher who puts her student's needs first. I am impressed with her genuine form of grace under pressure and her ability to multi-task numerous projects while maintaining a warm smile. Bravo to this educator who understands the challenges of today's students.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jody Walter

I had him as a teacher and youth leader. He's a sold professional teacher who did a good job in the classroom. He's knowledgeable and patient, willing to take the time to explain what is being taught.See MoreRead Less

Review by Larry Lilly

I have know Mary Beth and her family over the years through church related work.

Mary Beth Roberson is an outstanding person who understands why people for lessons: They do not already know everything. Mary factors this in and never demeans their lack, but attempts to move them to a higher level of expertise.

Mary Beth is an encouragement to me and to those who know her best because of her sincerity and personal development as pianist and teacher.

Larry Lilly, Pastor Berean Baptist Church
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Review by Mark Manderville

If you are looking for a VERY knowledgeable web design, technical expert and online marketing professional to provide VALUE in a way no one else does...Jason Mugg of Keystroke Guru is the one to solve those issues to help you. The main reason...is there are some people who just own a business and there are others who are passionate about what they do in their business. He is very honest and his pricing can''t be beat! Not to mention he is a great Father! I have actually met him in person and have gotten to know him professionally and personally after a connection on Social Media and in my honest opinion...I am VERY glad to have run across him due to what he has shared and helped me with from a business standpoint! Simply stated: TWO THUMBS UP! KEYSTROKE GURU is the man! Thank You Jason!See MoreRead Less

Review by Johnny Sisk Jr.

Sandra, is a very motivated person and is very willing to help anyone succeed in achieving their dreams and goals. She is detail oriented and would be a great tutor for your child. She has the experience and the education to help your child succeed.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kathy Jerore

Bill is talented, creative, and dedicated when it comes to his music. Not only is he an awesome performer, he is a great instructor and loves his music so much, he is willing to take time to inspire the young people he teaches. Besides all that, Bill is an all around great guy! Glad to have him as a friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sharon Smith

Esperanza is a great tutor. She is intuitive about her students needs and seems to know just the right methods for each one's developmental levels and learning styles. She is also well prepared and organized for each lesson.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ben Graham

Cindy is reliable and knowledgeable. She has worked for me in the past and I could always count on her to accomplish whatever was needed in a prompt, professional and competent manner. Her attention to detail made her an indispensable asset to our organization. Her pleasant disposition and strong work ethic add greatly to the workplace. Without hesitation I would recommend her and feel confident about it. Cindy Seinar will be a asset to your organization."See MoreRead Less