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Review by Patricio Köhler

I met Nathan for the first time around 6 years ago, when he was planning to move an editing business from excel to an automated web site. After some meetings and email exchanges we were able to define the initial requirements. Since then it was always easy to agree and plan each feature he was adding to the site. He had a very clear picture of the roadmap for that project and how to prioritize each stage.
Several times he told me about a friend who had an idea for a start-up and if I would be interested about being part of it. So at the end I told him that if he was part of the plan I would jump in it.
The next months were like an amazing race against time building stik.com. He came to Bs As and learned with me PHP and Javascript in around 2 weeks (without having really coded in the past). 2 Months later we was already using js closures and callbacks like a natural thing. That’s just a simple example of how smart he is and how fast he can learn anything (like SQL, DB tuning, new technologies, etc). While we were developing together, he was also meeting investors, dealing with press, acting as a product manager, interviewing candidates and reviewing graphic design. This shows the kind of hard worker he is and how he cares about every details (small or big ones).
Now he is one of stik.com co-founders and has to manage a whole team, where everybody feels great about having him as a boss. He is not just very smart and open minded, he is also a very friendly and easy to talk with man. It is always a pleasure to work with somebody who is conflictless.
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Review by Kasey Carollo

Lisa Keegan was and is a best friend of mine who just happened to teach me Spanish for two years at The Governor's Academy. Lisa made me feel like I was one of her own children and I am truly grateful that I met her. Her involvement went so much further than the classroom whether it was taking us students to a Spanish dinner or helping me with homework for her class. She is without question my favorite teacher of all-time and I cannot say enough good things about her. She stands out as a friend/teacher of mine because no matter what kind of student I was that day she always knew how to handle it. If I was particularly tired or just not paying attention she would always sit down with me and ask what was going on. Other teachers have done this before but the real difference is that she actually is interested in helping me. She went out of her way to meet my family and make sure she was involved with what was going in my life past the classroom. Ms. Keegan was a prominent figure throughout the entire school as she was the person who would schedule the big Zumba night of the year. She loved to bring all the students together to bond and what better way to do that than embarrass everyone by having them dance/exercise together. It was always a big hit and a night I looked forward to each year. She is a fantastic role model and someone I hope to stay close with for the rest of my life. I love you Ms. Keegan, you're the best.See MoreRead Less

Review by Amanda Hatling

I met Alex about a year ago when I began working at the Language Lounge as a business intern. Working with Alex has taught me so much; he is incredibly talented and so eager to share his worldly knowledge with all those around him. If you spend only a few hours with him and you are guaranteed to learn something relevant and interesting! He is incredibly passionate in his work and that passion is absorbed be all those around him, making any time spent with Alex exciting and fun! I have met a great deal of Spanish educators through the years, but none have come close to demonstrating the enthusiasm Alex expresses when he is teaching. He showed me what it truly means to love the Spanish language and I will be forever grateful for that.See MoreRead Less

Review by Steven Barrett

Joe is one of the top go to guys when it comes to online marketing strategies.
Whatever he has to offer in services, products and training will help your business. Joe 's training has help my online business improve over 30% in the last year. Thanks Joseph Montes.See MoreRead Less

Review by Greg Tenney

my kids were not interested in learning music until i brought them in and they met Liz! Since then they have musically blossomed and Love coming to the learning center. You have made a huge difference in their learning and I highly recommend the music learning center to any parents thinking of having their kids attend. It's well worth it! Thanks so much LIZ!

Greg Tenney - Cotati, Ca.
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Review by Debra Stokes

I met Vicki through an organization of "mature" women professionals called "Boomer Diva Nation". She is a warm and caring individual and I guess that's what helps make her such a talented writer. Her ability to "press through" any difficulty she may experience is phenomenal. No problem giving her five stars!See MoreRead Less

Review by Nancy Troxler

Art Beeler was one of many Wardens I have had the privilege to work for at Fort Dix. I have served in corrections first in the State of Tennessee and, then in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Mr Beeler stood out as a one of a kind person to me. He was not afraid to get his "hands dirty" and jump right into the "dirty work", get in the trenches with any employee. I remember him dishing out Christmas dinner to the inmate population on Christmas Day. There are so many memories I have of him that have weaved their way into my prison memories/stories. I still am amazed at his uncanny ability to remember names. I would be amiss if I didn't mention he was the first BOP warden to give me my first promotion while I was under his tutelage.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michelle Zecchine

I met scot while playing DnD, we were friends before he became my teacher. Even then I looked up to him. Once I started training I didn't think I would keep up with it but as I kept going it became a passion. Something that made me think; made me reach inside and gave me a purpose for something. The strength; confidence; insight and inteligence it gives me is incredible. The bond it gives is even better. Its not only physical training to me its emotional and is embedded in my soul. The things he teaches me are things I will take on the rest of my life and even pass on to others if I can.See MoreRead Less

Review by Nomes Shaw

I have taken two of Solana's courses which was the Aura reading & SOS.....I'm a training medium so I am so greatful that i was able to take Solanas classes first before going any further with learning more about mediumship because after taking these courses I had a very solid foundation because we learnt about our own energy system which is so very important.....If I want to help others in the future it is to me very important to keep myself clear, connected & positive! Solana is a beautiful teacher & person.....she has taught me so much & i am forever greatful to her. I also learnt how to protect myself & family against negative energies/entities, I live in a more colorful world because of Solana & for that i thank you so much Solana!See MoreRead Less

Review by Shelly Wood

I have been blessed with knowing and working with Tracy. She is dedicated to helping others. Her passion for what she does shows in her work and the results are nothing, short of amazing. She was able to work with my child and teach her, and me the tools and skills to help my child become the best that she can be. My daughter struggled with reading and comprehension. With using Tracy's tools and methods my daughter is in 11 grade now, with a 3.5 grade average. It has been a pleasure and a gift to call her a friend.See MoreRead Less