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Software Engineers in Michigan

There are 31 recommended Software Engineers in Michigan. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Software Engineer.

Review by Ryan Copeland

I had the privilege to work with Ben on a 4 month project a few years back and can say that Ben is the type of developer that other developers crave to work with. With his extensive knowledge base and willingness to share, Everyone who works with him becomes better at their work. He always is willing to take the time to teach you and make sure you have an understanding of something before moving on. Ben is a man who knows what it takes to get the work done. He builds wicked awesome web apps and loves doing it. His talent is only surpassed by his passion for what he does. His honesty, integrity and passion make him indispensable as a developer.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michael Lozier

Matt designed and built a website for my business. He took the time to make sure I was happy with each detail of the site. The amazing backend design of the website allows me to operate the site, and make changes with no experience in coding. He did a fantastic job, and has been willing to answer any questions I have had since finishing up. He did a fantastic job, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone to develop a website.See MoreRead Less

Review by Nathan Labenz

I'm fortunate to have worked closely with Pato for over 6 years. We first connected in January of 2007 when I was living in Buenos Aires and building a writing services business at the-writing-center.com. At the time, I had a great team and growing demand, but with no formal systems in place, I was literally managing my business in an Excel spreadsheet. Never having built even the most basic website, I was also woefully ignorant of web technologies and needed advice on every level.

Pato played a critical role in bringing me up to speed on web technologies. At first, I would describe my needs in simple prose (in English, Pato's third language) and he would translate my description into technical requirements. This alone was an invaluable experience for me, as it taught me the basics of product management.

We worked on the-writing-center.com for ~2 years together, and during that time Pato proved incredibly helpful and reliable. We agreed on an hourly price for his freelancing services, and at each stage of the project he would provide detailed estimates of how much time each component of the work would take. He was also excellent about consistently delivering work, despite the fact that he had a full time job and a very young daughter at the time. This mix of helpful feedback, reliable budgeting, and consistent delivery gave me the confidence to continue investing in the site, which survives and continues to operate to this day. At some point, my biggest fear for the business was that I'd lose Pato to another opportunity and would have to start again with another developer. Fortunately that never happened.

When we started Stik, it was only natural to invite Pato to join us as a founding team member, and we've continued to work closely since then. It's a real pleasure to manage someone who needs almost no management. We continue to conduct most of our work via email and chat, and Pato does a great job of prioritizing tasks, keeping his own global to-do list, and knocking out his back-log of relatively low-priority assignments whenever time permits.

This account should give you a good idea of what it's like to work with Pato, but I should also highlight his impressive CS knowledge base. the-writing-center.com was built in .NET, a language that he learned just for the project. He's got a very broad set of skills, ranging from database optimization to high-performance javascript, and he's still my go-to for Windows configuration problems. He has no fear of any technical issue and can quickly bring himself up to speed on new technologies when necessary. If I had to give one cautionary note about working with Pato, it would be a direct consequence of this strength. At times, his tech chops and fearlessness leads him to "reinvent the wheel" (solving problems from scratch despite the fact that others have already published similar solutions). The key in working with him is just to be mindful of this tendency and ask a few key questions to make sure that existing solutions have at least been considered.

Bottom line: you're not likely to find a more honest, versatile, and dependable programmer.
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Review by Kevin Green

I worked with Brett whenever one of his dealerships, which were many, was signing up for the Review Surge product. Review Surge was a dealer-tailored process, and it was rarely straightforward to get started, which is why Brett's diligence in following up with dealerships and with me on the process was so crucial to satisfying customers and getting the work done. He was not shy about asking for help, but only did so when he had already searched for the solution on his own. He never asks the same question twice, because he writes down/remembers when something is explained the first time.See MoreRead Less

Review by Alex Persky-stern

I work with Jay at Stik, and I can tell you that he is a born leader and tireless winner. He effortlessly inspires everyone around him and brings an infectious energy level that turns 'work' into an exciting challenge every day.

To make things even better, he's also incredibly talented. Jay has an innate understanding of people that helps him guide Stik and make our product a great experience for our users. He's a visionary with a clear understanding of the opportunities that the future holds, while not losing sight of the day-to-day priorities. He's a world-class speaker and communicator, to the point that spontaneous thirty-second announcements regularly end up in applause. And he's a winner, who will break down walls to get things done. There's no better person to have on your team than Jay Gierak.
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Review by Patricio Köhler

With Hernán, we used to work together in another company when he was just an intern. Despite his little experience at that time he proved to be a first class software engineer dealing with complex algorithms, concurrency problems and even low level C++ performance. So when stik.com started to grow up I invited him to be part of the team. Since then we have been working together and applying his huge frameworks knowledge to our code. As a co-worker he is always a team player (what we always look for at stik.com), but over all he has a very special humor sense which becomes a natural ice breaker. He is the type of guy you can talk with about anything without feeling uncomfortable.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jay Gierak

3 short months ago Eric came in to Stik with a summer of internship experience and a college degree. With that and a dollar he could buy a cup of coffee. Yet from the beginning he has dedicated himself to getting better at his job. Eric is constantly putting in the time to improve his skill set, ripping through countless iterations of design and development. A few nights ago he was right back in a page he developed last week, ripping it apart to improve it for a future iteration. It didn't need to be done, but he did it. That's what winners do. His work today stands out - look no further than the front door on Stik.com. Thank you Eric!See MoreRead Less

Review by Dave Wollerman

Mike has demonstrated his talent and leadership on many occasions and his designs and art work were always unique and elegant. Mike not only understands what it takes to make an impressive design, but also has the professionalism and skills to work with a client to understand their needs, even if the client doesn't. See MoreRead Less

Review by Leo Hajduk

Erwin is a very disciplined and dedicated individual. He also has exceptional people skills and is able to communicate on various levels in order to have each student understand what he is explaining to them.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ellen Yingling

Michelle is my daughter-in-law of some 20 years. Michelle is a hard and willing worker. What ever she does she gives it her all. She is so very good at what she does and everybody loves her willing attitude. She will work from early morning to late a night to get her project done right.See MoreRead Less