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Realtors in Tennessee

There are 300 recommended Realtors in Tennessee. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Realtor.

Review by Lisa Knight Courtney

Howard is a man of integrity. You can work with him and be comfortable that he is being forthright and honest. We purchased our lot, which we later built our dream house on, from Howard. He did a fabulous job of working through the transaction expeditiously. I am glad to give a positive reference for Howard.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lee Hoagland

Less than two months before my wife and I got married, we decided it was time to get a house. We were in a 1,200 sq-ft condo and with two dogs that suddenly stopped getting along, it was time to move to something bigger. On Labor Day of 2012, my wife got online and did some quick searching for a real estate agent. We wanted someone who was young, enthusiastic, and would understand our wants and needs, but who was also a seasoned agent and knew what he was doing. She found his profile and sent him an email, asking him to give us a call sometime later in the week, or whenever was good for him. He called less than an hour later.

My wife explained to him what was going on. Our dogs were fighting and we were going to have to place one of them in another home. Beyond that, our needs for a house were growing. We needed a yard, a garage, a place for me to put my Bowflex, and so on. Both of us were brand new in our careers and were doing well, but we were still on a budget. Less than a week later, we were able to meet with Matt at the Keller Williams office in Franklin. My wife and I work in Brentwood, but with our hours, it was impossible to meet with him before 6:30pm or so. This never created an issue whatsoever. Just from talking with him on the phone, I already knew I liked him. He was friendly, professional, and genuine in his efforts.

In our first meeting, he had already taken some of the criteria my wife had given him and saved 12-15 houses that were within our budget. Something I noticed is that Matt was focused on the house itself, not the price. He made sure not to show us anything we couldn't afford, but at no point did he suggest any house based solely on the price. His priorities were well matched with ours and I distinctly remember having some really good laughs as we looked at house listings on the big screen projector. We would look at a house with three pictures, all taken with a cell phone after sunset, and they were absolutely terrible. One even had the camera equipment and cleaning supplies on the counter visible in several pictures. Matt said something along the lines of, "Man, I really can't believe an agent would post a picture like that. Just push the stuff over to the side before you snap the shot, you know?" Comments like this told me we were in good hands.

Another important detail is that by the time we were starting to look at houses, our wedding was getting very close (about a month away). Matt was aware of this and made sure that we did not feel rushed or pressured about anything, and he was perfectly fine with waiting until we returned from the honeymoon to even start looking at houses. Still, we were definitely ready to view our options, so we took several different Saturdays and did some looking around. Matt was quick to point out the strong and weak points of each house, making observations that only an expert would notice. He was always scanning for minor details here and there that didn't seem significant to us, but could cause issues in the future if we weren't made aware of them.

The house hunting was an absolute blast, and while he was the real estate professional showing us the houses we had decided were worth looking at, it never felt stuffy or awkward. Maybe the age similarities played a factor, but it was extremely easy to voice our opinions on the houses without feeling like we were on a panel. And in a couple of the houses, as nice as they may have seemed, Matt would say, "Guys, I know this house has a nice yard and you like the master bedroom, but there are a few things you might not be completely satisfied with. The living room is small, the kitchen is going to be cramped with dogs and kids, and with construction just up the road, you'll have some serious trouble sleeping in on the weekends." Matt was able to put himself in our shoes, analyze what we needed in a home, and show us the specifics of each house that helped us decide which ones to keep on the books and which ones to scratch off our list. He truly wanted us to find the perfect home, and it became very obvious he was not just trying to make a sale. He was trying to help us find a place we could be comfortable in, grow together and start a family in, and enjoy ourselves any day of the week in.

We looked at houses all over the middle Tennessee area. Nashville, Spring Hill, Smyrna, Chapel Hill, and so on. We put in offers on two houses that were countered with complete absurdity, so we withdrew our offers and went back to the drawing board. It didn't take us long to shift our focus to Murfreesboro. The homes were more affordable being further away from Nashville, and the community was grounded and growing. We looked at several houses one day and while I had picked out my personal favorite (based solely on online listings), my wife was completely set on a particular house. I liked it, but it wasn't on the top of my list. Some of the pictures made it look a little...off, so to speak. When we walked into that house, we knew. The yard wasn't huge but it was still a nice size with a 6-foot privacy fence, it had a slightly open-air concept feel without losing the private, homey atmosphere, and it was within our price range. The master bedroom was a good size, the master bathroom was enormous, and the house was even on the inside of a soft 90-degree curve, which is very Feng Shui. The neighborhood kids were playing in the street, the deck in the back was massive, and the kitchen was open and had lots of potential. Most houses we had spent maybe 20 minutes in, 30 minutes tops. After we had been there nearly an hour, Matt kind of grinned and said, "You guys think this is the one?" I don't remember what was said in response, but this was definitely the one. Matt could tell we already felt at home in this house, even though we hadn't even made an offer on it. I think there was one more house on our list to look at that day and we might've been there a whole five minutes. We already knew which house we wanted.

The wedding was very close and a lot of things still needed to be finalized. Again, Matt emphasized that we could continue looking at houses after the wedding if we really wanted to, but that was just semantics. We put an offer in on the house the very next morning and it was countered with a price we liked. Matt knew the wedding was only a week or two away and that closing before the wedding would be nearly impossible, but he went ahead and got us started on the paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork when buying a home, but Matt made it very simple. His closing coordinator is top notch and between the two of them, the process was bulletproof. They were even able to stay in touch with us via email while we honeymooned in Disney World so the closing could be finished as quickly as possible. I don't remember the day we put an offer on the house, but we were able to close on it barely over a month later. Matt and his coordinator walked us through each step of the process, and at no point were we overwhelmed or think we had made a hasty decision. The sellers wanted us to do our final walk-thru before they moved everything out. Our coordinator put her foot down and said absolutely not, the buyers will not be doing their final walk-thru until the house is ready to be moved into. Her experience in the field was a huge blessing, and we were able to avoid some of the issues that many first-time homebuyers are faced with.

After our walk-thru, we went to the place that would be financing our mortgage to do the paperwork. Once that was finished, we were given the keys to our first house. Matt accompanied us out to the parking lot and presented a basket with a metal strainer, some bamboo utensils, and all of the necessary ingredients to make a delicious Italian dinner. He had enjoyed working with us as much as we had enjoyed working with him, and wanted us to know that. He wished us well and we headed back to our new house, but not before picking up some pizza, which we ate while sitting on the living room floor. We moved everything in a few days later, and once the cookware was out, we used the ingredients from the basket. Definitely one of the best dinners we've ever had.

Less than a year later, we've already made some additions to house to make it more "us". We've had dinner with Matt and his wife once and intend to do it again in the near future. Now, it's not about business; it's about friendship. Matt's a great friend of ours, and any time we hear anything about someone being in the market for a house, we recommend him. We could NOT have been luckier in who we teamed up with to find us a home. I mean, he called us back on Labor Day. He was at a BBQ with his family and still took the time to give us a buzz and get to know us a bit. If that's not outstanding business attitude and enthusiasm, I don't know what is.

Bottom line, Matthew Ward is the future of this business and someone who will be extremely successful, not only because of his experience, expertise, and uncanny sense of discernment, but also because of his ability to build a lasting relationship with his clients. He makes you feel like you're touring the neighborhood with a best friend you've known for years, not some stranger who is just "doing their job" and showing you houses you think look good on real estate websites. In essence, Matt's goal was not to help us find a house to live in. He was there to help us find a home, something we could call our own and be happy in for years to come. And that's exactly what he did. Thanks Matt.
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Review by Dean Hurley

Without hesitation, I would consider Julie Hedges a professional in her occupation for several reasons: First, she is dedicated to the clients that she is affiliated with...in going "out of her way" to see that the needs and desires of her clients are met. Secondly, she strives to seek out exactly how she can be of assistance to her clients...even to the point of making her own home available for others to reside in (in times of need.) I know, without a doubt, to any other person, this would be looked upon as an inconvenience, but not for Julie. She does not mind...she considers this part of her ministry to others (what a heart.) Thirdly, Julie hurts when others hurt. She constantly attempts to find ways to help people...even when there are no personal gains for her. Fourthly, as a member (for several years) of the Sunday school class that I teach...I have observed Julie, on many occasions, speak of how we should treat people in a way that is pleasing to our Lord that she worships. It is such a pleasure to have her participating as part of our class. Julie is truly real. She is an example for many to follow. Life is not about her...it's about what she can do for others.See MoreRead Less

Review by Wm Rose

Met Wesley around 1970 & our friendship has grown through the years. Very organized & customer centered. Probably has more friends than the Governor. Has a huge customer following. I would trust his expertise in real estate more than anyone else. A true professional, a true friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jim Morelock

Rob is a very motivated professional. If you want to find a 'home' & not just a house then Rob's the realtor for you! He will difinitely do all that he can to help you. He's more than just a realtor, more than just a friend. He is truly 1 of a kind!See MoreRead Less

Review by Marsha Mathews

I have known Cheryl for several years. She is a sister of a very dear friend that I work with. Cheryl assisted us for several months while we were looking for a house. She got an idea of what we were looking for by showing us several different houses. We were not positive that we wanted to buy at the time, but she was very patient with us. Once she got familiar with the type of house we were looking for, she began searching and sending me information on any that she thought we would be interested in. As stated above, she was very patient and very easy to discuss different options with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Yvonne Glay

As a new Real Estate Agent, Ed was very supportive. He was right there every step of the way when I made my first sale. Ed is a man of integrity and someone I trust. As a Real Estate Broker, his knowledge and experience is vast. I would highly recommend Ed.See MoreRead Less

Review by Bryan Smith

With a friendly smile and great personality, Bill is a top-notch Commercial Division Manager who is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages within the community. Bill is also one not only devoted to his faith, family and friends, but one who truly works to go the extra mile for his clients. I recommend Bill for any real estate needs that you may have - both residential and commercial!See MoreRead Less

Review by Mechell Smith

Larrian is a hard working professional and she believes in getting results for her clients. She is an amazing woman who will continue to strive for excellence in all she does and will do.See MoreRead Less

Review by Atom Szekely-zane

Having the opportunity to work with Ross and his wife over the recent few years has been a pleasure. Mr. Rylance professional moral values, business ethics, and ablities supersedes far beyond that of any of his competitors. Because of his work Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, and ability to communicate; I trust Mr. Ross Rylance, and will continue to trust Ross as anyone else who has the opportunity to work with would.
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