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Review by Joann Calderone

Tara Carter has been a colleague as well as a Title Agent for over 9 years. Having been on both sides of the deal with Tara, I've had the pleasure of working with her as a fellow real estate professional and as my Title Agent for me and in a separate deal for a friend where Tara represented us. Tara is experienced, dedicated, very knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to go beyond for any client. I highly recommend Tara as a Title Agent and as a real estate professional.See MoreRead Less

Review by Marilyn Speer Dopler

I know Dale from the RE/MAX Sales Advisory Council. Our group of dedicated and experienced Realtors that plan educational and networking events for our Realtors.

He is an excellent Realtor, and has a heart for helping others. He has been involved in his community and assisting others less fortunate.

Dale values relationships and is very caring person. It would be an honor to work with him and refer my clients to him.

Brian Buffini, a top Real Estate Coach describes "a referral as recommending some one you trust to some one you care about." Dale will always do a great job for your referrals.
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Review by Sue Bramhall

Joan is an amazing real estate coordinator. She is the right hand man at her firm and is always pleasant to work with, no matter how stressed she might be. When I now she will be the coordinator, I know the job will be done right. She's also doing a great job with the Chamber of Commerce in Georgetown.See MoreRead Less

Review by Nicole Nelson

We were first time home buyers without a clue as to where to start. Gail is a family friend, so it was natural to talk to her first. She sat us down and taught us SO MUCH that helped us in every step of the process. We were still a little intimidated by the process of course, but having a little more knowledge and knowing Gail was in our corner truly helped alleviate a lot of our fears. Whenever we would see a house on our email list that we wanted to see, we were walking through it either that day or the next day at the latest. She always said that the perfect house for you is out there, we just had to trust the process and we'd get into it.
We had three homes that we made offers on, the first we lost due to someone else's offer (looking back that was not THE house so very thankful that was the case). The second, was a short sale that the owners accepted, and we were waiting on the bank, I had doubts about it and we decided to back out. And the third is the house we own, it was on the market and being shown for one or two days, many offers and she got us the house! It was a foreclosure so we were dealing with a bank (which she had warned us could be difficult) and it was a drawn out process but of course worth it. When we did our final walk through before closing, we had realized that the copper wiring for the dryer which was originally in the home, had been removed...Gail worked with the bank to get it put back! That's how awesome she is!
We highly enjoyed working with Gail! We enjoyed it so much that we recommended her to our best friends, my brother and other friends. I believe she has worked with 4 or 5 of our family/friends and they all said the same, that they just loved working with her and they recommended her to others as well. If I had a question to this day (two and a half years later), I wouldn't hesitate to call Gail. Her and everyone at Edina Realty were wonderful to work with and ultimately got us into the perfect house! What more could we ask for?!
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Review by Britny Kimbrell

I really cannot say enough about Melissa. She was a realtor who felt more like a friend. She seemed to have our best interest at heart always, was completely direct and honest with us the whole time and made herself available at anytime of the day or night. Our lender was horrible and she really went above and beyond her job to pretty much do our loan officer and processors job on top of hers to make sure that we could close on time. She is such a sweet individual and has sent us thanksgiving and Christmas cards and also got us a sweet congrats card on closing on our house. She never once made us feel anything less than appreciated and she really makes you feel like you are her only client, she is that on top of things 24/7. I really don't think our closing would have been possible without her and would recommend her to anyone! Thank you Melissa!See MoreRead Less

Review by Irma Valencia

I very much recommend kim to be your realtor.... She follows through with everything that has to do with the sale or buy. She has been my agent when I was buying and when I was selling property. Her work ethics are great.... I was able to trust her recommendations and trust she knew what she was talking about. Kimberly is a great agent!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kay Hicks

I have known Barb through the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce for many years. She is a proven leader in our community and a huge supporter of the local Chamber. She is the consummate professional in all endeavors related to the Real Estate business in South Florida.
She is an excellent manager and leader of her staff and the Keyes Office located in Palm Beach Gardens. I know many of her staff and all think extremely high of her as well.
Although I have not had any direct dealings with Barb in real estate, she is a client of mine as a travel professional. She has referred me to friends and colleagues of hers thus helping me to grow my business.
I think the world of Barb and believe her to be very deserving of this position.
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Review by Colleen Chen

Lisa helped me buy a wonderful house when I moved to the Twin Cities. She was actually the only real estate agent who returned my email when I first looked for someone to help me; I think I wasn't an appealing buyer to most because my price range for houses was too low. I soon found out that she didn't take me on because she needed the work--she is so busy, and working all the time, but with more energy than most people I know. Anyway, I am so glad she was my agent--she has an incredible amount of integrity and I truly trusted that she was working in my best interest. She showed me about 25 homes and gave me invaluable advice about the neighborhoods, what additional work each house would need, and how each one would hold up to winter living. When I finally found the house I loved, but thought it too expensive, she encouraged me to try anyway with a bid I was comfortable with. I adore this house!!! On top of my recommending her as a fantastic agent, she is also just such a good person--so hard-working and generous, intuitive and funny.See MoreRead Less

Review by Arnold Trotter

Donna when I read the word activity I thought you were referring to Francisco, He hasn't been around for 4 or 5 days. I heard a commotion yesterday and look out to see him climbing over the fence. His eyes were the size of saucers, he was covered in dirt and looked like he had been sleeping in his clothes I think the fool must have been in jail or had a 4 days pass at one of his crack houses. KEEP SAFESee MoreRead Less

Review by Donna Berndt

I am writing this from a recent experience with a go getter Realtor Jeffrey Hogue. If you have tried the rest go with this one. What an energetic man. None of the waiting ‘till Monday with him, he is a seven day a week Realtor This is the third house we have sold and I wasn't getting the bad deal again we had with the other two houses. As the saying goes you pay for what you get, how true. It was to the point where we felt like a jinx. To put this house on the market, I went searching on the internet, I needed someone I was thinking with results. I love to look at Zillow.com and every time I went in I saw this guy, I thought to myself what’s up with him, I read the paper and there he was again. So I checked his web site. What a nice set up, I thought we want our house in those spot lights. So I emailed him, and to my surprise he emailed back almost immediately. I thought to myself WOW, can’t believe it someone that is on top of it. He came to our home for a meeting, checked it out and he said you keep a very nice home, be proud of yourself, and he would be proud to help us sell it. We should let him know, I thought great not another pushy Realtor and not constantly calling you all the time. He said if you don’t like something I am doing just tell me I want to be a friend in the end not just someone you refer to as oh that Realtor we had. If you don’t like my ways, I don’t sign contracts, I’ll be gone in 30 days your choice. What a statement he made, he will never be a pesky calling Realtor we decided right then he was our man, we didn't have to let him know. He brings his photo studio on wheels and what beautiful results he photo shoots. In no time at all we were part of his web site looking great. He sold the house for us in 11 days the first time with going to settlement quickly. All packed and ready to go, I get a phone call hours before settlement saying the family that bought the house decided to transfer to Buffalo, New York instead of here. I couldn't believe it, never heard of such a thing happening and then to us. We were back to square one. We told Jeffrey are you sure you want to deal with us we told you we were a jinx with house selling. He told us don’t be ridiculous, it wasn't your fault, so he moved quickly to get it back on the market. He said I’ll have that sold in 60 days don’t worry. We weren't as optimistic as he always is, but maybe I should be because he tells it like it is. He is a great marketer, it did sell like he said it would, in 60 days and did go to settlement. He said a few times that when he sells a house at the end he wants a friend and he got 2 more right here. What a great guy, heck he isn't just a friend he became part of the family. Our son is going with Jeffrey also, and he is a little more of a hard sale then we are with people, not the house but the son. Jeffrey will get the home of their dreams for them I am sure even though it is a tough buy because of being a short sale. If you want a man that sets out to accomplish goals boy am I glad I made the choice to research and go with Jeffrey Hogue, he will get to the finish line and adopt new family members too. Oh yea, and at settlement he assured us we are not a jinx, he worked his hardest and got the job done not once, but twiceSee MoreRead Less