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Review by Vina Gutierrez

Fred Eckert has been a member of Friends Of Downtown (FOD) since 2010 when membership became available to the male gender. Prior to becoming a member, Fred was an active guest attending the monthly program luncheons for many years. FOD is an organization committed to enhancing downtown San Diego through community service, education and fellowship and is designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Fred has also generously donated to FOD Annual Scholarship Breakfast for students attending San Diego City College and socks for the FOD Holiday Gift Bags for Senior Shut-ins a community service contribution to the elderly citizens of Downtown San Diego. I would recommend Fred for services need in relation to title insurance, foreclosure prevention, and short sales. Fred?s reputation and integrity are sound and honorable and it is a privilege to have Fred as member of FOD.
Vina Gutierrez, President of Friends Of Downtown.
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Review by Rachel Robinson Boling

Roddy is an expert in the Central Arkansas residential real estate market. He is a a great listener, negotiator, is patient, and very knowledgeable about navigating all the possible complexities of a property sale or purchase. He goes the extra mile for his clients. He is skilled at knowing how to accurately price a property that is in line with the true market value. His ability in this area enables his properties to sell in a timely fashion, bring the seller a great return, and allow for a buyer to obtain a fair priced property. Roddy gets the price right at initial listing, while other's properties often enter the market priced too high, sit on the market for too many days, fall off the radar of other relaters hot list and buyers hot list, and then require a price reduction to reset at true market value or below just to move the property (increasing the time the property owner continued to carry the property expense before being able to move it). Roddy helped us sell a house a buy a new property in 2013. He knew the critical few things we should address to ensure our house was well maintained, attractive, well staged, and ready to hit the market. Our house sold in 3 days and we had 2 offers one for full asking price and another strong offer. Roddy has the ability to discern the quality of an offer knowing which ones are tight and which ones have holes that might result in the deal falling a part. He is also skilled at navigating the possible banking complexities related to both the seller and buyer side of the deal. He is quick to pick up the phone and engage the right people to ensure the deal stays on track and makes it to close. Roddy makes himself accessible to his clients (taking calls while in the office and from the duck blind). He is a true southern gentleman with excellent business skills. He helped us effectively negotiate and buy our new home! Roddy I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for your hard work, integrity, and friendship.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jill Galindo

My husband and I knew Frank first as our friend, then as our realtor...but having said that, I can't honestly see how if he is initially your realtor, how you cannot become friends with him through the process of buying a home. He is just that kind of person who truly wants to see his clients happy. We cannot say enough about him. So knowledgable, trustworthy and resourceful...a true master in the real estate field! Even though we purchased our first home in 1999 with Frank, we have continued to consult him over the years with home owner questions, referrals, etc., and he always responds immediately despite all of his other clients and friends. We have as a result of how great he is, referred several friends to him over the years and will continue to do do...he is the BEST!See MoreRead Less

Review by Randy Mcguire

Don't let Merri's incredible good looks deceive you - she is a fighter, and her top-notch team of Realty One professionals will fight for every last dollar for your home sale, as well as finding the perfect new home for your family at the right price for your budget. You can't go wrong with the Merri Perry Team! They listed my home on a Monday, and by Wednesday I had SIX offers, including 2 at or above my asking price! Great service & great results :-)See MoreRead Less

Review by Anna Legates

Lewis Briggs II is well respected in the State of DE. I met Lewis during my 25 year career as an educator at Del Tech & Comm College. His skills and experience are multi-faceted and to expand his network to other professionals is in everyone's best interest. I highly recommend him... a truly trusted professional in all regards.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lanna Casey

JoAnna is a true professional in every aspect of the word. She is extrememly knowledgable of the real estate industry having years of experience assisting homeowners in selling or buying their home. Joanna is familiar with the Tulsa and surrounding area and will be able to locate the perfect home for you and your needs.

You can tell that JoAnna loves what she does and that is evident by the friendships she makes along the way with her clients and the people who continue to use her for years to come.

JoAnna will make your real estate expereince delightful along the way and handle your greatest material asset with great care and diligence.

I would recommend JoAnna to my family and friends any day of the week!

Lanna Casey
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Review by Lisa Knight Courtney

Howard is a man of integrity. You can work with him and be comfortable that he is being forthright and honest. We purchased our lot, which we later built our dream house on, from Howard. He did a fabulous job of working through the transaction expeditiously. I am glad to give a positive reference for Howard.See MoreRead Less

Review by Helen McMahan

This is the team of folks that helped us find our new home! I cannot say enough about Cathy, our agent. She was knowledgeable, patient, comfortable and reassuring. I remember her saying something very special...I listen to people to find out what they want and then figure out what they need! And that is exactly what happened to us. After we fell in love with our new home, the whole team sprang into action. A letter arrived to let us know what to expect at closing, reminding us to turn on the utilities, etc. What a boon. Then at closing, I got a home warranty! I didn't even know I wanted one, or needed one. But Cathy did! We love our new home, but there were some problems and that warranty took care of them. I highly recommend the Sokoler Medley Team! Let them find you what you need! Helen & BettySee MoreRead Less

Review by Natalia Sutin

First, let me admit to the fact that my husband and I are a bit high maintenance - or as we'd like to think, we have high standards. Ernest passed the test with flying colors. Ernest has been in Portland realty business for a long time, and he knows the market very well. He is an absolutely amazing realtor - competent, responsive, and just a pleasure to be around. Let me give you some examples:

The very first time we met, Ernest took the time to sit down with us and learn what we wanted, and explain the process, as we were first time homebuyers. We then saw one apartment that was really nice (in fact, it got sold that same day) - however, instead of pressuring us to make an offer, Ernest asked us if the apartment had everything we wanted. In fact, it did not, so we ended up not making an offer. We really appreciated Ernest's style of guiding us to decide for ourselves, and supporting us in that process.

Through a roughly 4 months process, we made 2 offers, both of which had multiple competing offers, and we won both (for those of you looking to buy - this is a very impressive statistic!). We ended up backing out of the first one - which Ernest handled very graciously - and closed and happily moved in into the second place. Bottom line - we will be working with Ernest for all of our future realty needs, and we would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a place.
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Review by Florence Chenet

I started working with Andy for a few months at the end of last year, and Andy was absolutely great to work with. Not knowing anything about the Miami market, Andy was very precise and clear about what to expect on that market and we really appreciated that.
Andy is very proactive. He is very responsive, and always available whenever you call him. If not, he'll call you back within a few hours. We always appreciated that as well. That's not very common in the industry.
Andy's best quality he has is his market knowledge. He knows his market extremely well and he was able to give several recommendations from the first time we sat down with him. He's extremely clear in his communication.
Andy knows the buildings in the market as well as the buildings where it'd be easy to rent condos. We almost closed on a condo, but the deal never happened but it was totally out of Andy's control. Andy worked his tail off until the end and he was just amazing. He really tried to go above and beyond his responsibility as a realtor -- totally going the extra mile.
Working days and nights, Andy is just a great guy and a tireless worker. I will always remember when trying to close on the deal, Andy was at a family reunion in Las Vegas and was still emailing back and forth over the weekend.
It was truly a pleasure working with him. Andy is very honest. If he thinks something is not good for you, he'll tell you. I just appreciated everything he did for me and would recommend him to anyone looking for condos or homes in South Florida!
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