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Photographers in New York

There are 125 recommended Photographers in New York. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Photographer.

Review by Roger Strube

I hope the documentary project on the Star Class comes to fruition. Please let me know if it does. It looked like you were getting some great footage (or is it "digital time") last year in Miami. Discovering the Cause and the Cure for America's @[1704924189:2048:H]ealth Care Crisis in in print and available on Amazon. I will be in LA at the AARP Life@50+ convention for a book signing a week from tomorrow (on Sept 24). Look for the old guy with the white hair ranting against the American Medical-Industrial Complex.
Roger H Strube, MD (retired).
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Review by Cathy Chase

I met Chele while I was working with one of her doctors in Baltimore, her wit and charm are most memorable. Regardless of what she is going through she is able to make you feel special. Chele has an excellent personality and works well with capturing those precious moments. Chele was able to capture 5generations of my family...from 5yrs - 97yrs; Chele was very patient and understanding to everyone’s needs. She was able to capture the photos at the family home which made it a lot easier on everyone....I will forever be thankful.See MoreRead Less

Review by Parker Gevirtzman

Linda was referred to us by the woman that create our wedding invitations and boy did we hit the jackpot! Meeting Linda was like meeting an old friend... warm, friendly, professional, bright, excited. We could not have asked for a better photographer. Her talents are endless. She managed to capture our days perfectly. I say "days" because we had two ceremonies - one in Canada to make our marriage legal and one in New York for friends and family. We also had two receptions that Linda photographed - one in Western NY after our Canadian ceremony and one in Central NY after our New York ceremony. You could say that Linda is now family to us! The qualities that we love about Linda, she has instilled into her daughter Meryl. The two of them have become so dear to us that we named Meryl the God-Mother to our eldest daughter. There will be MANY photos to be taken and memories to capture together!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Dan Szegda

Amy came highly recommend while I was seeking out photographers as a gift to my brother and sister-in-law. The experience was facilitated and comprehensive. First, she came up with a 5" by 7" graphic photo in lieu of a traditional gift certificate. Definite style points for presentation. Since the giftee's are expecting their first child in June, I was expecting them to wait until the baby to redeem the session with Amy. They chose however, to have the shoot just the two of them, trusting that the results would be as expected and they would then schedule another shoot once the baby arrived. They photographed at a few different locations in the Hudson Valley, NY region which in itself is incredibly beautiful. What Amy was able to do behind the lens was to showcase that natural beauty while still focusing on her subjects as the focal point of the photo. She is an expert in contrast and light, very much an artist and adept in her craft. All of the pictures came out beautifully and I know that my brother and his wife are incredibly satisfied. As I was saying earlier, the entire experience with Amy was seamless. She is an amazing photographer, a quality person and I am happy to say that we have found our go-to whenever photographs are required. If you are looking to give a gift that last's a lifetime, look than further than Amy. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jasmine Jazz

Kristine you are an amazingly gifted, high-spirited and artistic young woman with a deep passion for photography. You can clearly see through Kristine photo?s that she puts her heart, soul and creative ability into every photo she takes. Kristine you bringing out the ambience and natural beauty in any surroundings, catching a precious moment in time for those you work with, that will last a lifetime.See MoreRead Less

Review by Diane Arnold

John and I work in the same day-job and share other interests, and we are Facebook friend and I've seen his work there, so it was really easy to choose a photographer when I needed one!

As almost-empty nesters, we needed to get family photos while we could get everybody in the same place at the same time. John suggested an excellent venue and -- even better -- he has such a great eye for a good setting. It was fun to watch him scan around for the next great place to put us!

John was very easy to communicate with. From the time we made the appointment until the actual meeting, he stayed in touch with us via email with weather updates and advising us on dress, etc., and then, on the day, we used text & phone to communicate.

John was very flexible, listened to and incorporated our ideas and requests, and took advantage of unexpected "gifts" from nature when he saw them. And he was really great with our late teens & early 20s boys. Really captured their personalities, and he kept them going strong even toward the end when they could have been getting bored. John's creativity kept us all really engaged in the whole experience. Truly a fun day, with great photos resulting.
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Review by Aitana Perlmutter

Terri is a very talented photographer. She is a special mix of artist and techician. She knows her way around all of the new tech options as well as having a refined and creative artisic vision. Most importantly, she works with her herart and is so dedicated to her craft. She will work it untill she feels that her product is 100% and then she'll make sure its another 100%. Having said all of this, my favorite is her way of spotting something so sweet but in a creative way. She took a shot at all of our shoes lined up before we put them on for my daughter's bat-mitzvah celebration. She spotted them when no one else would have noticed. Its one of my favorite photos and it made its way into the album. Love you Terri!See MoreRead Less

Review by Michelle Brock

I've known Cynthia all my life, we grew up together on the same block in Harlem. She is warm, compassionate, giving person.
/> Like myself Cynthia and I had many friends, but we still kept to our selves, if you can understand that. Meaning we know how to separate issues when need be. Cynthia was always a role model for me when growing up, because she was very independent.See MoreRead Less

Review by Patrick Quinn

Got a new campaign you want to launch? Having worked in the modeling business for at least ten years I was always aware of the campaigns with which I wanted to be associated. More so, the photographers and their ability to communicate with the talent, creating a cohesion that melded the fashion with the campaigns objectives. Clayton Nelson is a photographer that I have followed closely over the last few years. I find that his work creates a visual story line that is offset with a cleverly updated fashion sense. Clean, modern and brilliantly displayed.See MoreRead Less

Review by Greg Joens

Kathleen does great photography work. I've been impressed with all she has presented in her online portfolio over the years. Best wishes and continued success in all your wonderful work, Kathleen!See MoreRead Less