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Photographers in your Network

There are 300 recommended Photographers on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Photographer.

Review by Marci Fay

Though I have known Josh for years as a close friend, his talent for photography is incredible. I asked Josh to take some updated pictures for me as it had been a while. We picked a place and began the session. He was great at making me feel comfortable in my own skin and we were even able to joke around like old times, making the session more like a hang out then a photo shoot. The pictures also came out great! I am happy to say that I was pleased with ALL of the pictures and couldn't decide on which to post or frame for the family. Josh has a way of working with people that make them feel like family or a close friend. The connections he builds with his clients makes the whole experience more then just taking pictures. I value Josh as a friend and I value the importance of a good photographer. Most photographers are in for the money and will just point and click at everything. Josh will take the time and pose you in a way that the light will bring out your best features, and making sure you aren't in this awkward not natural pose. I am happy to see him as a up-coming photographer. I look forward to asking him again to take my picture when the moment arises, whether it be sooner or with my family.See MoreRead Less

Review by Deborah Stikes

I met Kimla in Texas at a Photographers Workshop , She is extremely talented , I have admired her work over the last 2 years . She is educated in the field of photography and expresses a love for the art . I have never called on her over the last 2 years that she has not found an answer to any question I may have , Wonderful Personality and easy to relate to , You will feel you have know her all your life ....."I love that in people " ... "It leaves me with a feeling of family " .
Her style is unique , showing a contempory and edgy feel . She captures emotion in the depth of the photo that keeps you yearning to see photo after photo , I would highly recommend her in any Photographic need from Commerical , Family, Seniors or Weddings . She expresses a caring and personel closeness with her clients to fill the needs of capturing their most cherished dreams and memories .... Any Client would be lucky to have her as their Photographer .........
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Review by George Eckles

I have known Ken for many years both personally and professionally. I have found him to be pleasant, accommodating and reliable. I most recent experience was where he took some professional pictures for advertising for my surgical practice. He presented in a timely manner and was quite professional but pleasant in arranging the photographic shoot. He proceeded with the event efficiently and without wasting any time. The proofs were available very quickly for our review prior to publication.See MoreRead Less

Review by Steven Earle

Having learned photography at a very early age from a professional I have taken thousands of pictures and looked at many thousands more taken by others. Most are photographs, images put on film of events and locations but it is the rare exception when someones work catches your eye, to me they stand out as they have the "it" factor of composition, lighting, subject etc. but do not look staged. Christa has an inherent knack from my perspective to capture things in her work that others lack, she gets it and has the gift of taking photos that draw you in with their richness and texture, an natural view of things that catches them just at the right moment and becomes art not just a photo. I have watched her evolve her work over time and she obviously is still growing but I consider her at this time an artist, not merely a photographer and to me her talents will only grow with time. I not only recommend her I am sure over time she will stand alone as THE person to capture those special moments, as well as provide the world with her view of the world for all to enjoy for years to come.See MoreRead Less

Review by Stephanie Biller

Hi Mary!
Mark McDade recommended I contact you for a possible photo shoot of my family during the week between Christmas and New Year's. It is going to be my parent's 50th wedding anniversary and we are all coming to the area to celebrate. We'd like individual family shots and a group picture (14 people total). We are planning to gather the morning of Saturday Dec 29th in Alexandria. Let me know if this would be a possibility for you!
Stephanie Shuey Biller.
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Review by Patrick Cyr

Modifying digital photos requires the best photos one can get. The better the photo production...the better the end product...resulting in a superior images. Pina Pix provides the action, colors and capture the emotions in their subjects in which I love to work with...If you want cutting edge photographs, Look at their work and I think you will find that Pina Pix is the one for you.See MoreRead Less

Review by Steve Lam

Cindy has been AMAZING as our family photographer. She has a great eye for photography and a ton of patience when working with our children (who without fail never want to be photographed when we have a session). :) I cannot say enough great things about the final product that Cindy produces. Her turnaround is fast and the images always looks great. She's been able to do some edits after-the-fact that just add to the overall feel of the picture and has even added some very thoughtful messages on the photographs (i.e., daddy's little girl). My only complaint is that we can never decide which pictures to choose because they all look so darn good. :) I don't think we'll ever use another photographer!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Devon Martin

Shillawna took my Senior pictures, and I completely and utterly LOVE them! She has such an eye for photography, and a very unique style. I had SO much fun during the photo shoot with her, and she made me look and feel like a Super Model that day. Her talent is unmatched! And when I get married, I already know that I am going to book her to be my photographer. She is so amazing at what she does! See MoreRead Less

Review by Deborah Rosen

I met Audrey maybe, 30 years ago...and I have worked with her on many projects, as well as seen amazing results in her work with many other projects she has done with/for others.
Audrey has always stepped up to any project, and always exceeded our expectations.
She is always ready for any challenge presented to her and her creativity index is so high, she comes back with results that we are blown away with.
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Review by Millie Figueroa

Alycia Miller White is not only a great photographer and business woman she is also a make it happen person. She genuinely loves people, has a contagious smile and before long you realize she gets you and the magic begins. Alycia's talent is in a state of constant change and growth that's exciting for anyone who is lucky enough to have her as their family photographer. Look no further you'll love her!See MoreRead Less