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Photographers in your Network

There are 300 recommended Photographers on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Photographer.

Review by Charlene Cleveland

John was a Neighbor growing up,, and I was friends with him and some of his brothers and sisters.
I have seen some of John's photography and his work is truly Priceless! There is one of a Beautiful Bird, that is a spectacular Photo, and I admire several others that he's done.
John is a hard worker, sometimes I see him working as a Crossing guard at a local school. I know he worked and maybe still does at the Taunton Public Library. I no longer live in Taunton.

If I had an occasion as a wedding, Baptism or any event, that needed a Photographer, I wouldn't hesitate to contact John! I know he is honest, trustworthy, and would deliver the photos in a professional manner for you! Knowing John, I honestly believe he would charge a reasonable price for his work and it is my belief that you would be satisfied with his work and recommend him to others !

Call Papa Jon Photography for your Photo Needs!
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Review by Marian Pohley

I have known and worked with Phil Smith for more than 20 years, both personally and professionally.
I contracted with him to do professional hospital photos which were used for publicity purposes and have also had him do personal family photos.
In both cases, Phil was easy to work with and a total professional. He completed his tasks when he promised them and was alwasy ready to consider my thoughts on what I wanted while still making suggestions on the best approach to things.
He has a generous and caring personality that has never waivered and just a delightful friend and professional. You know Phil really cares about you and about the success of any project he is involved with.
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Review by Cedrick Johnson

Curtis Jeremy is a premiere Bay Area Photographer who is destined for greatness. I had the privilege to meet him in 2007 at the Edwin Hawkins & Bishop Walter Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar Love Fellowship Conference and was very impressed with him. He was very professional from the greeting to the handshake, even down to just a quick casual conversation, I knew this guy has something special to offer and this professionalism reflects in his work. His work is done with 100% excellence and you won't be disappoint with the results. This is someone you want to get in contact with to hire for your next event of photo shoot...Check him Out Today!!!!

Cedrick J. Johnson
CJohn Productions
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Review by Amy Jane

I have known Cindy for nearly 6 years now, and she is the most wonderful, professional photographer I have ever encountered. She shot my 29th birthday party as well as a few other small events for me, and the quality of the photos is unsurpassed. I was highly impressed with her attention to detail, and ability to get the best angle while utilizing the lighting of the venues. I would HIGHLY recommend Cindy for any event, big or small if you are looking for a highly talented, caring and amazing individual to photograph your event.See MoreRead Less

Review by Debra Cook

In just a few months time I have learned how talented Sarah Beaugez is. She has photographic skills that include working with light and uses the light to bring out the beautiful colors that she is so drawn to. She never ceases to amaze me with her beautiful combination skills. Pulling the shadows in her photos into living artwork. Sarah has an eye for the everyday beauty in life and is happy to share that beauty with others. Whatever Sarah has or is around becomes art. Always ready with her camera, she can tell a story in pictures or with one photo capture a great sunset that puts us all in a fantastic mood. Sarah has shared photos of home remodeling and decorating, wall groupings of some of her great photos, simple but excellent shots of the Mississippi delta and farm life. She is moving fast and is going places with her unending talent.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mat Hicks

Radley Muller recently was the photographer for our wedding.

Photographing a wedding it a tall order, there are so many different aspects and pressures to capture moments throughout the day. Radley did an amazing job!

He started out by meeting with us and doing a engagement session. During the session we discussed the wedding plan, details, vendors etc. He worked with us to come up with unique ideas and plan out a photography timeline. He followed our desires and proposed suggestions acquired through his experience. He was proactive and looked at pinterest and facebook to get synchronized with our vision. During the wedding Radley was always searching for place to get that cool shot; many of our settings were spontaneously chosen; and one of a kind.

Radley was incredibly organized and prepared. Our wedding ended up being on an unexpectedly hot day, he was prepared with water, sunscreen, and ice; which was a lifesaver when dressed in a Tux and Dress. Not only did he capture moments through snapping pictures, he also helped facilitate the flow. Because we had talked with him before hand, he knew the plan and was able to make sure things were moving accordingly.

Our pictures were promptly edited and uploaded to his website where we were able to view them. We were beyond pleased, Radley knows his business and was not only able to capture the day perfectly through photography but also assisted in countless other ways.

I should also mention that we were very grateful he was willing to work with us; as we asked him to travel out of Bellingham; he was very accommodating.

Quick Pro’s
- Not an in your face photographer - didn’t disrupt the ceremony etc.
- Proactive in understanding your style
- Proactive in finding the perfect spot for a picture
- Technical photography practices
- Great vision
- Great personality
- Helps facilitate
- Experienced
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Review by Pat Purdin

Kris takes beautiful pictures and posts them on facebook for all to enjoy. Besides taking pictures of families and individuals, she finds time and energy to contribute to the community. Kris is a true professional.See MoreRead Less

Review by Cynthia Hong

We are from Toronto, Canada and found Mariah through the internet – based on her website/reviews, that is how we selected her.
/> Our experience with Mariah has been EXCELLENT – from beginning to end. We had our engagement photos done in Maui, but to make it more complicated, the photo shoot also incorporated a surprise element (the proposal) which required additional planning/coordination. To make it even more complicated, all the planning/coordination was done remotely through e-mail! Having said that, Mariah went above and beyond our expectations – she was extremely helpful in the planning stage. My fiance received same-day responses on all my inquiries (which was a lot!) and she had an extremely positive attitude throughout – she even helped give us suggestions/recommendations on accommodations/restaurants and other non-photo shoot related things which were great! Her beautiful spirit and nature really shone through the photos we received and we can tell that she LOVES photography and capturing memories for people.

On the day of, the surprise proposal photo shoot went smoothly thanks to all the planning that went into it before. When we did our actual photos, we were a bit nervous as we’ve never done one before but she was so good at guiding us and making us feel comfortable throughout the session.

Finally, the most important part is the photos – and they were incredible! We are really pleased with the final product we received. We were a bit skeptical as to how the photos would turn out due to weather conditions (was not the best weather), however, the photos were so good that you couldn’t even tell! Not sure what magic she did but we are extremely pleased with it.

Overall, HIGHLY recommend anyone considering having professional photos done that you should do it with Mariah – you will NOT regret this decision.

Mariah – thank you again for all your help, we will now have memorable photos to share with family/friends and have for ourselves for the rest of our lives! The surprise proposal idea was fantastic and turned out really well, thank you for suggesting that and executing it so well.See MoreRead Less

Review by May Craven

I've known Hunter Tate professionally & personally for several years & have seen his work as a professional photographer many times & in many venues. A man with integrity & admirable business ethics, Hunter prides himself on "getting it right." What makes him the best? He has the ability to capture shots which other photographers would miss; his attention to detail, & the "eye" he possesses in giving clients what they want. Whether it's a wedding, bar mitzvah, reunion, party, etc..., I would recommend Hunter Tate Photography highly & without reservation.
Pastor May Craven
Wilmington, NC.
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Review by Paul Powell

Michael was always professional with our event.
Unfair Advantage Racing promoted a Mark Donohue Reunion at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. We brought Mark Donohues racing cars and many of the crew from all over the world together. We wanted to capture every moment of this special event and Michael was the person we contacted to photograph the week end for us. It consisted of a display of cars in the paddock and taking pictures from all over the 4 mile track. Michael orchestrated a photo shoot on the track. We also did a display of cars in downtown Elkhart Lake. To say Michael did a great job would be an under statement. Michael did a phenomenal job capturing every moment of the week end. His detail was second to none and when we do another event of any kind Michael would be our only choice. Thank You again.See MoreRead Less