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Chenin Connole

Ameron Hawaii

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This is definitely the same woman. I was supposed to keep these dogs for the 120 days required to get them into Hawaii… take them to the vet for shots, etc. She left her truck with me so I could transport the dogs to and from the vet and said she would sign the truck over once the dogs were finished since I had agreed to watch the dogs for way less than half price ($500 per 3 weeks + food for the dogs and vet bills).

Friday will be 4 weeks since I began watching the dogs. The story has been:

Kalani (her boyfriend in Hawaii) broke up with her the week she was to leave. The “psycho” she was staying with (Cherie) had demanded $500 PER month for utilities and then threatened to call the pound and the police if she didn’t pay. She also said that she is the godmother of Cherie’s youngest child… I’m guessing the gal who initially spoke of Parker and Lola is this Cherie and is in no way her friend, but just another person this woman lied to.

I took the dogs a week early and she was going to send me a bank card when she got to Hawaii. Says she bought a 3.5 million dollar home on the beach at a bank sale last year and had it appraised at 12.5 million. Showed me pictures of a gorgeous home online (guessing pictures she has access to via Pulte). She did indeed say she started as a temp at Pulte but then was hired on full-time when the gal on maternity leave wanted more time at home.

I will be contacting the Pulte office tomorrow with the links to the 2 warrants out for her in Norfolk, VA. I have registration from her vehicle… one by someone I haven’t heard her mention and the other from the guy she claims is her brother-in-law in Montana (Williamson). The registration on the truck expired in January 2013 and I was told her brother had updated tags but she hadn’t put them on the truck so would have him send another one…. still waiting.

She said she FedExed the bank card and a notarized letter for me to sign for the dogs at the vet on Friday, June 28…. still waiting.

She said she was having vet records sent from Montana to the local vet… still waiting.
She said she was having vet records sent from Cave Creek… but the office has lost them.
She said she had the a/c fixed on her truck for the dogs… but it’s not working. When I asked about it, she said she would find the receipt since it was guaranteed and send it to me… still waiting.

So 2 days ago, I sent her a text to say FedEx still hadn’t come so she should probably come get her dogs. She immediately started asking me what I had done to her dogs… as if I would suddenly hurt them!!

Long story short but over the past 2 days she has threatened me and my family. I contacted the local police and filed a report in case she gets really stupid. She’s flying home from Hawaii… arrives at the Mesa airport at 10pm in case anyone needs to talk with her… and she’s picking up her dogs.

I’m guessing she’s then going to find someone else in the valley to sucker into taking care of her because she has no money, several liens against her and her property, a levy against the truck (I have copies of all this), and someone else’s credit card statement from Norfolk, VA who I’m guessing belongs to the other woman on this board that said her credit card got stolen.

I will be posting information on my blog, Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else I can think of to let people know who she is and what she looks like so that maybe I can keep her from doing this to someone else.

I have no idea if her family is aware that she is a sociopath or not, but I certainly hope so if they’re letting her around their kids. The one thing I do know for sure is that these 2 dogs seem to be her only link to reality and sets her off to an anger state that you just don’t see any other time with her.
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She is presently in Hawaii. Oahu,Hawaii and is staying with a relative "Calvin" in Waimanalo. A week ago she said she wanted to take me to lunch because her boyfriend, whom is a good friend of mine dumped her after she moved and sold her home and belongings to be in Hawaii. I have known the so called boyfriend for years, but I am sure he didn't know who this gal really was. Chenin told me when we met for lunch, she forgot her wallet. She then told me that she loaned her boyfriend $15,000 (not true) in Hawaii. That her boyfriend's brother blackmailed her also. (Not true). She told me she was married to a former Doctor Ean and he died in his sleep. That is where she gets her money from. She tells me that her mom was murdered, so she has no one know that she moved to Hawaii. She said that her son is a lawyer and graduated from UCLA. (Not true, just did a verification check). However, the first day we talked, I fell for her lies, I loaned her $500 in which she had to repay me on Thursday at 9am. Repayment delayed to 9p, then Friday at 9am. I decided to show up at the hotel where she was staying and call her bluff. I followed her to the bank and she said, wire has not been received. it will take another hour. I waited with her by the bank for hours, by which she now was complaining she had severe migraines. After going to the teller one more time, she does not have the wire. I called the bnk manager when I got home, whom I asked for assistance on Chenin's wire transfer to my bank. Bank indicated that she came to the teller to have the teller call the 1800 number on the back of her Walmart Card. I walked her back to the hotel. She gave me Walmart Debit card with her boyfriend's name on it and said I could use it 9pm friday night to take out the $500. But if I wanted, I could wait for $2,000.00 from her paycheck. Well, I started doing checks on her when I got home. I listened to my gut and I even sent her a link on all this information out on her. She knows but still tries to convince you that we are all wrong and that we are writing this stuff up as nonsence. That all she cares about is her and where she comes from. this lady is very very scarry! She almost got into a business deal with another friend of ours whom is a concert promoter offering him at least $180,000.00! She is a sociopath!See MoreRead Less"

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These are the voices of just a few people that Chenin Connole has conned.


ohthehorror2005 1p · 18 weeks ago Hey there people of Norfolk, we know that this story is a year old but we, here in Montana fell like our Chenin Connole story needs to be told. We met her about three years ago. In that short amout of time she managed to take advantage of us. Chenin liked to tell any one who would listen half truths. she liks to teeter the line of legal vs. non legal, so much so we have had people show up at our houses looking for payment from her, this is in addition to creditors calling and sending mail.

MS. OWNER · 11 weeks ago.
She rented my home at 571 west Oceanview ave. norfolk va , and the court did not require her to pay the rent based on the management company. So she move out in august 2012.
She is parking on my property and without my permission, in the back beside my shed. she appears to be friends of the racist neighboors because she walks over to the white suv expecting me to say something. I am beyond that , it appears to me the she is living or visiting in the apartment building (gray) next door. She used herself , but she think she used me. I had a friend to put a sign in my yard to rent and she called interested in renting the home. He is a man of color and her specialty is man of color. SO WATCH OUT.

beachpeach2204 24p · 3 days ago @ Home | FOX 43 TV | WVBT - Manager says water woe... · 0 replies · +2 points.
Chenin Connole is one smooth operator. She is a sociopath and pathological liar. She gained my trust, stole my credit cards and a ring which she pawned. Don't let her fool you, she has a million stories most of which I suspect are untrue. She is very likeable but she is really not who she seems at all. I could have been saved alot of heartbreak and angst if I had found out these things when I tried to check her out. I would really like to know her history in Montana. Oh yeah, there is a warrant out for her arrest, let me know if you see her!
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Chenin's Reply


Your Friend

Your story about Chenin Connole mirrors my own. I am the "friend" she was staying with until February 13, 2013. There was no house fire. I am not crippled or dying. She fled my home when she overheard me calling my credit card company and knew I was about to discover she had been stealing from me. She left behind the few belongings she had because, as I said, she FLED! She told me she was taking the dogs for a ride...never saw her again! The room she was using was found in the same condition as at your home. The stench was so bad I could not go in there without a ventilator mask! The money she used to get to wherever she was when she contacted you was stolen from my credit card accounts. There are 2 felony warrants for her arrest in Norfolk, VA.

Answers to some of your questions (as far as I know): She says she was married to Ean Clough, a childhood friend from Winstead ,CT. I can find no record of this marriage. She says she was pregnant with his child when he died in his sleep in 2007 and she lost the baby (Jaden) soon after. I know Ean Clough did pass away in 2007, I have read his online obit. She was not mentioned, though she did write a letter to him in the memorials section of the obit.
When I meet her she claimed her son Izaac, whom she claims to have adopted when she was in her 20s, was finishing law school at UCLA then went back to Hawaii to practice law. My research found nothing to bear this out.

I was warned, by someone in a position to know, to stay away from this woman. My big hearted, foolish self couldn't abandon her when she fell in a crying heap on my kitchen floor weeping about having no place to go and such. So I took her into my home, fed her and her dogs for 6 months. She told me some wonderful stories and helped me with household tasks and other things. I became very fond of her and was crushed when I found out her truth.
I am glad to be rid of her and hope our stories will help some other caring soul from falling prey to her.
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To find out why you should not trust Chenin Connole please watch this:

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No, I do not recommend her. She has a warrant out for her arrest in Virginia."

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