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Professionals in Pennsylvania

There are 300 recommended Professionals in Pennsylvania. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Kim Morrow

Enthusiastic, Energetic, Leader, Mentor, Collaborator, Dedicated, Team Player, Self Driven, Motivator, Visionary, Caring, Cooperative, the list of adjectives could go on and on, but I hope it helps you realize what a unique person this man is. An asset to any team, I have known Murdocc Sanders since he came to Berks Technical Institute and have work with him personally on several projects. Always inclusive he has brought together current students with prospects, fostered a welcoming environment for new students and gleamed out the special talents of manyto benefit the school as well at the company.See MoreRead Less

Review by Gretchen Kane

I have been utilizing the services of Lori's Pup & Pooches for a little over three years. Our family has two large dogs, a wieimaraner and a german short hair pointer. As you may know those two dogs can be very active individually, however put them in the same room and your guaranteed to be in for a fight. Lori and Keith have never denied them access to the shop because of their hyperactivity but rather embraced our appointments. The professionalism and quality work I've received is unparalleled! If you are looking for quality work, competitive prices, professional owners, a clean healthy environment for your beloved four legged friends then I strongly recommend Lori's for all your dog grooming needs. I'm a 100% satisfied customersand and I believe you will be as well!See MoreRead Less

Review by Christy Lowe

Ed is the greatest team player I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know!He knows how to be a buisnessman and make you feel like a friend.He gives encoragement and respect to all he knows.He is very kind and has compassion for his fellow man.He is not only career orinted,he is a family man as well.He is a proud father and a loving and caring husband that loves to show how much his family means to him.Ed is just the best person in every aspect!I strongly recommend Ed!You will never meet a more deserving and caring person than him.I am so thankful for getting to know Ed he has been there encouraged me and walked me through every step of the way.He is a success and wants everyone else succeed.Ed Mayer is the best all the way!!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jerry Fachetti

Norm is an exceptional gutair player. His talent has followed him all through his life. Being in bands all through his life. He even plays for the church on Sundays. His ear for music is near perfect pitch. I highly recommend him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Laurie Mirkin

I would have to rate Maria as she was a few years ago, as I have not been in Pa. in awhile. I never forgot her, however, because of the kind of person she is and her drive for perfection. When you have Maria as a stylist, you have someone who is 100% interested in you and listening, 100%, to what you want to achieve. This is so important, being a good listener. Many times you think a stylist is listening but they will do exactly what you do not want.

I remember Maria, and I have told her this, as a talented, creative, and accessible hair artist who, from her younger years already had the gift of gab and the imagination of a great stylist. She is unbelievably kind and I am sorry that I don't live in Pa. anymore and am missing her spirit of encouragement and her ability to give you what you want and to do it well!
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Review by Colleen Miche

Eric did such a wonderful professional job as the MC at my sister's wedding; I just had to have him for my own which is in October. He kept the energy high, the vibe fun, and made sure that all the guests from 15 to 83 felt comfortable and were having a great time. Also, he made sure every thing was taken care of and there were no little hitches or no one feeling uncomfortable by unknowns. He explained to each bridesmaid and groomsman what to expect, where and when they were going to walk in the reception hall including the order, what music we would hear, and what point we would walk in. He made sure he knew how to pronounce all of the attendants? names. He also uses a really cool website where you can design your event how you would like it if you choose Wenning Entertainment. I highly recommend his services.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tadas Gelazis

He is an ultimate professional. No paint finds a canvas or board as an icon unless he feels the hand of God guiding him. I personally commissioned a non-sacred work from him, and found his execution to be right on. Also, to his credit, he gave me strict rules that barred me from asking for anything that would infringe upon the personal, blessed, pilgrimage that is his primary calling. While he and I are different in our homage to God, we both share our own understandings of God's universal nature. Mike is an unparalleled modern reminder of excellence.
If you don't believe me you can call me. He knows my number. He is a beacon of faith in these times of doubt. I, personally, regard some doubt as a proof of faith- i.e. you don't have faith in the mailman, but you know he comes. Also, it's impossible to have faith in government, but here's the check. I don't want to stir up any controversy; although that may be what I'm best at; suffice to say: Heck, he's a Steelers fan, and I'm a Clevelander!
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Review by Kavon Washington

Prayer of the Salesman.
God grant me the will to do my job ? to make my calls, to demonstrate my product;.
Grant me the humility to accept rebuff with grace, discourtesy with a grin, disappointment with resolve;.
Grant me the courage to face all obstacles, competitive or otherwise, with determination and grit;.
Grant me loyalty to my family, my company, my product and my associates;.
Grant me enthusiasm that I may impart this to my prospect;.
Grant me stability so that I may remain true to myself in time of success;.
Grant me vision that I may conserve the profit of today?s sale against the expense of tomorrow?s failure;.
And God, of course, above all, grant me the favor of my prospect?s signature on the dotted line. ______________.
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Review by Dy Parham

Suzy is one of those people that when you meet her you know you are in the right place. She is honest, hard working and enthusiastic. If she says she will be there for you, she will. If she says she will get something done, consider it done. If she believes in you then you can have confidence to believe in yourself. She is one of the best people I have the pleasure of knowing. If you want to partner up with someone on the road to success then Suzy is your girl.See MoreRead Less

Review by Elizabeth Burkett

I have been a fan of Linda?s artwork for several years. Long before I ever met her, I displayed two of her Kennywood Amusement Park carousel horse prints in the lobby of my law firm. (I use a carousel horse with ?Life?s Ups and Downs? as the logo and tagline for my law firm.) Linda?s art is amazing, and you?ll love it even more after you talk to her because you get such an appreciation for the care and passion she puts into every piece.

My parents went to a gallery last year and commented on how the sunlight in one of Linda?s pieces looked exactly like the sunlight they see outside their window in the morning. They didn?t think anything of it because the pieces were landscapes from all across the country. Linda heard that comment and told them the location on which that piece is based?and it?s less than half a mile from my parents? home. How amazing is that?
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