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Professionals in Portland, Oregon

There are 185 recommended Professionals in Portland, OR. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Kimberly Green

Ms. Debra Hicks is the one and only in the field of Fashion, She has lived this Path and can lead anyone down it the correct way. She knows lots of Professional's I the field as well, Great Business woman..We all love and respect you Deb, Thanks for being the one to hook me up with my first Professional Photo shoot with Plus Modeling back in the day! Love you : ).See MoreRead Less

Review by Kelly Windbigler

Joe Bass is by far one of the most amazing talented artest I've ever had the honor to do buisness with & the ONLY. Artist I will go to from now on to complete my artistc bodyworks..what seperates Joe from the other great artists out there is something so very unique & special, not only is his artistic abilities above and beyong excelent, Joe has that special unique, almost seemingly psychic ability to get into his patrons head to co-colaberate on what you vision is..he listens to your story, your centiment, no matter how simple or complex and he nails it completely! And that's an attribute I've only ever seen a couple artist be able to achieve but joe does it to perfection with just that extra step beyond. I feel joe one day soon will become one of the world most renowned artists of america if not the world, his creative visions are where ever you want them to be, inside the box or out, grounded or beyond the cosmos. I have a few pieces of Joes work that I wear proudly and with honor & can't wait for more! He is truelly passionate about his work and to get work done by joe , well, its a great experience and you will never be disapointed..and I gaurentee you won't leave with out shedding at least one tear for the greatness you will forever wear with pride! In short, hands down, Joe Bass is the absolute Best! Artistically & in understaning what you want..even if you can't describe it, he will get into your head..and blow your mind! Joe you're a gift to this world & I wish you nothing but greatness and success! You deserve it and your talant is one that shall be remembered right there with those of the greatest like Dahli & rembrandt etc etc..that's really how I feel... =)See MoreRead Less

Review by Rodney Stearns

Jace is a brilliant designer. He can take a simple concept and make it into something extraordinary. The final product is just what you asked for, and even more than what you thought you needed. Because of his attention to detail, he can catch the things that you may have missed in your initial designs. Because he is humble, you never have to deal with an ego. He welcomes his clients input, and treats every client like they are in charge, because they are. I highly recommend Jace for any and every project you have has an individual or company.See MoreRead Less

Review by Chanen Negrette

Dalton has always been business oriented. He has always excelled in his endeavors and has an A+ attitude and learning ability. He is a true professional and is hardworking, loyal and dedicated to everything he puts his efforts towards in his business dealings and his personal affairs.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ginny Thorsfeldt

Val has more energy and drive than anyone I know. Her job should also be a motivational speaker because she's awesome at that too. She can do anything she puts her mind to do.See MoreRead Less

Review by Hollee Haas

Pamela is a healer, no doubt. After being hit by a drunk driver I had some injuries to my neck, spine and several neurological issues. It takes a brilliant massage therapist and healer to bring balance and vitality back to my body and I am very grateful for Pamela's massages I received. I'm looking forward to booking my next massage in her peaceful healing space!See MoreRead Less

Review by Andre Paradise

I have seen him make/take several business platforms and and take them to the next level finically over the past 5 years. He someone as a professional that I hold in high regards.

Andre' Paradise
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Review by Deann Lambrect Gollmar

Rocky is a very honest and kind man. I have reviewed his sites. They are user friendly and I have recommended them to many other friends.

Review by Susi Leach

I met Gary when I was looking for logo embroidery/promo product service provider who was 'local' in the Portland area. I am a small business owner and was looking for someone who would take on a small job. Many companies told me they could not help since I didn't have the necessary 'minimum' until I spoke with Gary. He was very accommodating - big or small, every potential customer was valued and treated equally. He took my order, helped choose the garments and delivered on time and I was 200% satisfied with service and product/price. In addition, while visiting hes showroom - it was very clear to me that his passion for promoting sustainability goes beyond products/businessman but as a person/citizen. Bottom line, the best review that I can think of is, would I do business with him again if I were in Portland area - absolutely yes and would I recommend his company - again, absolutely yes!See MoreRead Less

Review by Chris Yalonis

I have known John for many years and have always found him reliable, professional, and full of passion in whatever he puts his mind to. He works hard to serve his clients and provide innovative solutions. I recommend him highly.

Chris Yalonis
President, Communique
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