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Professionals in Oregon

There are 300 recommended Professionals in Oregon. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Jay Williams

I have know Julie for over four years and have always admired how professional she conducts her business. She is a strong leader, always positive, and always looks to improve the people around her. Since I first met Julie, she has started several businesses and have run into several of her clients and they had always had wonderful things to say about Julie and her business. I would highly recommend Julie; she is definitely in the top 5% of her profession.See MoreRead Less

Review by David Timmins

I met Brad as a Board Member at The Chamber. Brad got me engaged with several local educational committees that decided college scholarship awards, provided feedback to school superintendent selection, and exploration of a regional technical high school.

Brad is the kind of person that encourages informed decision making. He is long on facts, he can cover the economic and political landscape of any regional issue, and do so in a respectful manner. It was a pleasure working with Brad.
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Review by Sheryl Burket

Dr Dan is man of great integrity. He is my daughter's Dr and I have gone to appts with her. My daughter was going through the process of trying to find out why she could not become pregnant. Dr Dan showed her the greatest most tender compassion I have ever witnessed in my life. He was also the Dr which delivered my youngest granddaughter and my daughter-in-law and son experienced one of the most amazing times in their marriage with Dr Dan by their side. He truly does what he is passionate about which shows in the way he shows his pts respect, concern and compassion. He is an amazing example of a Christian man who is consistent in showing and sharing the love of the Lord to everyone. He is steadfast in his commitment to his Christian faith which radiates love and life to those he comes in contact with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Maureen Barteling

David photographed my son's graduation portraits, as well as some awesom action shots at the skate park and getting air, he captured what I could never capture, they turned out great! More than his photography skills he is a down to earth "real" person who is easy to t alk to and a pleasure to be around. He and his wife Kim have become good friends and I look forward to a long working and personal relationship with Dornbusch Photography.See MoreRead Less

Review by T.j. Sullivan

Todd and ABC Window consistently out perform your expectations and when you see the bill you will be pleasantly surprised. Before we knew what they would charge we had built in one cleaning a year. Now we have them out a couple of times a year to clean windows and gutters. It is a great value for a great service. Seeing the people who clean in your windows in the grocery store is an added bonus as you know your dollars are staying in the community!See MoreRead Less

Review by Emily Perez

My husband worked with Steven for many years and he has been a good friend to us. He made our move here to Oregon easier knowing he also lived here. He was available when we needed help moving into our new home.
I have seen and heard Steven sing. He is a fantastic singer. When I first heard him, I thought for sure that I was listening to Elvis Presley. I think that he beats all other Elvis impersonators.
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Review by Shannon Brennan

Dr. Sanders is the most awesome person and veterinarian! I have worked with her for the past 6 years and did not hesitate to follow her from place to place including her own place even when it is a great distance for me to travel. She is always so caring and compassionate with us and our pets. She was tremendous during a difficult time when our little loved one was diagnosed with liver cancer. She suggested many things to help which we did do and ended up extending her life for many months. She was extraordinary when it came time to say good-bye. Even though it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, Dr. Sanders was so patient throughout the entire process. She is definitely one of a kind! I have never dealt with anyone more professional and personable. I would recommend her without any reservations whatsoever!See MoreRead Less

Review by Rebecca Barnes-Pervere

I have known Amy for over 20 years, having met her through family friends. Amy is a warm and wonderful woman with a compassionate and caring approach to all she does. She is very approachable and very comfortable to work with and interact with. I would highly recommend Amy. She will the strong and supportive friend in your corner that you need to achieve your health and wellness goals!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kimberly Green

Ms. Debra Hicks is the one and only in the field of Fashion, She has lived this Path and can lead anyone down it the correct way. She knows lots of Professional's I the field as well, Great Business woman..We all love and respect you Deb, Thanks for being the one to hook me up with my first Professional Photo shoot with Plus Modeling back in the day! Love you : ).See MoreRead Less

Review by Cathy Goldenstein

We requested Scott's help, for our 60 year old house. We had entrusted a different painter, 3 years prior, to paint our home. Our home is 60+ years old. The painter, along with his "salesman," came to the house, and after inspecting it, they recommended their newest product. The house immediately began to bubble, after the application. We were unable to get any help from the painter, in addressing the problem. The paint company did agree to free paint for the life of the home. Most painters do not want to get involved with chasing bubbles. Not only did Scott jump right in, he endeavored to find a real solution to the problem. He tried several products, and was able to find a product that worked for this old house. He didn't just want to paint the house and move on, he truly wanted a solution for our issue. He really does "put his name on it." I would highly recommend Scott. He is a great advocate for the homeowner, in the world of painting.See MoreRead Less