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Professionals in Raleigh, North Carolina

There are 104 recommended Professionals in Raleigh, NC. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Eric Hine

I wanted to start off and give Mike a 10 Star rating, but the program only allows 5, so someone have the program director get back to me on this!

Mike is a Super Great Guy, we have been in business before and he was always there to help out! If your in with Mike, then rest assured your in good hands! He takes his business serious, and will help you make money, if your willing to be teachable!

You Rock Mike! :)
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Review by Thomas J DeSalu, PCC, BCC, CPC, ELI-MP

Colleen is my former coaching school classmate, and a highly respected professional colleague at Roving Coach International. On a personal note, as my former peer coach, she coached me to successfully manage my slice of negative energy at the time, and convert it to positive. Colleen's effectiveness and expertise in change management, public speaking, executive and leadership coaching is widely recognized and acknowledged by her clients and colleagues alike.

She uniquely uses intuitive coaching and breakthrough laser coaching to help her clients make the necessary anabolic shift, to achieve their desired objectives. I would wholeheartedly recommend the professional services provided by Colleen to every business establishment and decision maker.

Thomas J DeSalu, PCC, BCC, CPC, ELI-MP
Founder & CEO
Excellence Strategies International, LLC
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Review by Betty Lawson

Robert Fritchey is an excellent evangelist with all ages. With multi-aged groups of children, he is able to hold their attention. Children and adults remember the Bible truths he presents. He lives what he teaches.
I have first hand experience through church and through family ties. His sister-in-law is best friends with my daughter. Whenever I have celebrated with her, he has been there and is a positive force in the gatherings. He has prayed for my family and counseled my daughter. That counsel helped her tremendously to feel good about her decisions!
As a father, he is raising polite, self-confident, well disciplined and gracious children. Interactions with the family and his life examples has been positive in role-modeling and helping the children make wise decisions. He and his wife have also been guardians for a young boy, keeping him from a home life that was intolerable. This boy has had many wonderful opportunities to grow as a Christian. His talents have been encouraged and supported.
Robert has a wonderful sense of humor, which has been helpful in being able to work with all ages in a variety of situations. He also knows when to be serious. For years, he headed the rest home ministry at our church, as well as leading the children's church. His whole family, as well as other church members followed his leading. My husband and I had an opportunity to attend one of the rest home services. It was inspiring! The singing and gospel message really touched the elderly men and women from the rest home who attended. Robert was also involved in teaching Bible studies in the homes of individuals who wanted to learn more about the Bible. Many of them became active Christians in our church.
Integrity, godly morality, consistency, and living a godly example set Robert apart from other professionals. If I were to assign a rating for Robert Fritchey, I would give him a 5-star rating.
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Review by Kristani Knapp

I have known Jeannie for quite some time and continue to be impressed with her committment to being of service to others. She meets client needs in a variety of ways including providing intuitive readings, energy healing, releasing tools/techniques, etc. What makes Jeannie a stand out in this field is her heart-based, conscientious dedication to meeting the needs of those who seek her assistance. If you are in need of such services, I highly recommend you reach out to her. You won't be disappointed!See MoreRead Less

Review by Bob Bromhal

The Mackowski's did a major renovation of a house we bought in 1998. They were just getting started and we were the largest project they had tackled. It couldn't have turned out better! On time and on budget and absolutely first class in every respect.
We are Realtors who primarily deal with re sales with emphasis Inside the Beltline (older homes) that need updating. we are happy to recommend Peggy because she makes sure our clients are given first class treatment. Customer satisfaction is critical to our success so we are very careful about our recommendations. we are very comfortable recommending Quality Design,and Peggy.
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Review by John Davisson

A while ago we were having trouble walking our dog. Every time we would take him for a walk, he would drop his nose straight down into the ground and sniff all around! We would try everything from pulling & tugging to whistling & calling his name. Nothing worked.

I had met Steve at a networking event so I talked to him about our problem & he assured me that he could help. The following week, we had Steve come to our house. We have 4 kids so Steve first sat down with the whole family and gave us a kid's pet safety talk. It was excellent, entertaining and educational. My kids thoroughly enjoyed it!

Steve then preceded to talk to us about our dog walking problems. He asked a lot of questions & turns out, he was really training us! We were the ones that needed to make some changes. Steve then, in a matter of seconds - was walking our dog with a lease all around the house! None of us could believe how easy he had Henry walking! We then went outside where each of us took turns walking the dog the way that Steve was teaching. Henry walked with us too! Just a few minor tweaks & learning some commands was all it took. So The Raleigh Dog Trainer is really the Raleigh People Trainer. Needless to say, we highly recommend him!! Thank you Steve!!
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Review by Rebecca Hall

Pat is a great representative of this company. I first met her through my friendship with her daughter. However, I quickly felt that I had found a new friend in Pat, as well. On many occasions, Pat has opened her home to parties and I have attended parties at the homes of others where she was the presenter. I found her to be engaging, funny, open to others, and hospitable. She was never a high pressure sales person for her goods and never made me feel "guilted" into having a party ... I really appreciate that! I have several reasons for feeling strongly about Pat's leadership and salesmanship, but there is one very special reason. I was once at a party and showed interest in a particular piece that spoke to my heart and I really wanted it. The problem was that it was beyond my budget and I just didn't feel comfortable making the deal. Pat contacted my husband and told him about my reaction to this piece. Without knowing a thing about it, to my surprise, that gift was waiting for me under the tree on Christmas morning. Thanks to my sweet husband, but most of all, to Pat who really looks after her customers and those who work under her leadership.See MoreRead Less

Review by

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Review by Laurie Scott

Adam Schainblatt is a gift from God! Our daughter, Lindsay, was blessed to have Adam as her Instructor at Karate Kids for Christ. With Adam's help and guidance over the course of several years, Lindsay was not only able to achieve her Black Belt in Karate but she grew in wisdom, discipleship, leadership, character and compassion as well. Adam's Vision Statement for Karate Kids for Christ is: to raise up an army for our Lord Jesus Christ that is soundly saved, firmly rooted in God's Word, prepared for spiritual battle, equipped and prepared in season and out of season for compassion for the lost. Adam helps kids to learn to defend themselves not only with Karate skills but with the Sword of the Spirit as well through the 49 character traits that he in grains not only in the kids heads but in their hearts. Adam Schainblatt and Karate Kids for Christ was an answer to prayer for our family and we will be forever grateful for the impact that he had and continues to have on our lives.
Eternally Blessed, The Scott Family
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Review by Megann Skalka

Shawn helped make my wedding day a piece of cake! The only thing I had to worry about on our wedding day is waking up on time to get my hair done. : ) She was great leading up to the wedding and very responsive anytime I needed her! See MoreRead Less