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Professionals in Bronx, New York

There are 105 recommended Professionals in Bronx, NY. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Josephine Rescigno

Joseph New York and California are Democratic States. We need to fight harder to get Obama out of office. We have found at our Tea Parties the Conservatives in Beverly Hills and our surrounding areas are coming out of the closets and our fed up with this President and realize that we cannot have another 4 years with him in office. He is nothing but a fraud and lied to the American people about change. Get your people together and have more rallies to get the word out. Good luck and God bless America.See MoreRead Less

Review by Gwendolyn Watson

Po is representative of what it means to interact with youths on a personal and professional basis.

at Po has done for me personally, he helped with understanding issues with my daughter, who has issues and I haven't had any communication with her
in over a year. Thanks to Po, I am really trying to understand her actions with this non communication. Hopefully, with Po's help. we can meet with her to resolve some of her issues.

Po has really shown what a professional he really is by helping others an me in my current situation because I am still relying upon his expertise
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Review by Keef Lewis

I have known Lori for some time now..a hardworker and persistent force she is, when it comes to her pursuits, in business or Music. It's a pleasure to know someone of her calibur, for she has always been supportive of my endeavors. She is kind and works hard at bringing positivity to all she puts her tiredless energy to.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Best

DJ Billy Bronco is a very dope DJ, I say that because he was a pioneer in live internet radio djaying. He used to have a weekly show on my station The Best Jams and because of DJ Billy Bronco, I was able to keep the hardcore dj heads tuning in to hear Billy rock. Even though Billy has been through a whole lot, I know if anybody that can really rock a crowd live in person or on the net, he is that dude.See MoreRead Less

Review by Donna Gebbia

Juke Joint Jimmy is the REAL DEAL. He has been in the music business in ALL aspects for many years now, and has performed with some of the worlds' finest musicians. However, he remains humble, and uses these musical experiences NOT to "name-drop", nor think he is above everyone else in stature, but rather to get as much experience and guidance as he can toward ultimate professionalism as bandleader and front man of his OWN project. In turn, he passes all of this knowledge and professional experience along to his band mates. That turns into genuine rapport and mutual respect for each other, which, so often, is what unfortunately leads other bands to failure and eventual disbandment. For his band mates, Juke's RESPECT and PROFESSIONALISM comes across verbally (before a show) and non-verbally, (while on stage). Of course, this turns all the band members into better musicians, and who can take THAT for granted? Cake is good. But, icing on the cake is better!

These years of experience has helped Juke prioritize what is supremely important to him as an excellent bandleader and front man. His PROFESSIONALISM is over the top. REALLY! When the lights come up, and the curtain rises, you can EXPECT the highest class performance. NO MATTER WHAT...you can ALWAYS count on Juke to deliver whatever is expected of him...and MORE!

This means, when hiring Juke for ANY level performance, (large, medium, or small), you will never have to worry that less than 150% of RAW ENERGY and UNBRIDLED PASSION for his craft literally pours out of him (and every band member) on your stage. His deep-seated beliefs of PROFESSIONALISM, PREPAREDNESS, and SHOWMANSHIP are not only consistent, but EXPECTED...every time, with no exceptions.

He deeply appreciates and respects FAIRNESS, and OPENNESS in dealing with his band mates, as well as with club-owners, and with these high ideals, he expects fairness and respect in return, which, in my experience, he consistently receives. In my 8+ years of working with Juke, I have never witnessed ANY communication to any club-owner to the contrary. Nor have I witnessed ANY public squabbles between band members. If he's got some issue, idea, or encouraging concept to communicate to someone, he will have respect enough to turn to that person privately to convey his message, whether positive, or to convey what is expected of them in accordance with his high ideals to make his project attain consistent, absolute perfection.

His INTEGRITY to "take care" of his people, and also "play it straight" with the club-owners is really unsurpassed in this dog-eat-dog industry. I've seen it, time and time again. He treats everyone that he deals with, and performs with, as FAMILY. This is not to be taken lightly. The rapport he establishes with his band mates, as well as people in the industry, and, of course, THE AUDIENCE, recognizes and genuinely appreciates the importance of having someone close, like family, up on their stage, and then off the stage, in a back room at the end of the night to "wrap matters up".

These are not kind words I am spewing out simply for a review; like I opened this letter.... Juke Joint Jimmy is the REAL DEAL..

I encourage immediate connections with Juke Joint Jimmy through this forum and others like it. One chat on the phone with him will have you THINKING BIG, and excited about what the next step is, and where it can take you.

Warmest regards,
Donna Gebbia
(Keyboardist / Juke Joint Jimmy and the HouseParty Rockers).
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Review by Elizabeth Crawford Gist

Blessings, Blessings, and more Blessings you be blesssed as you bless so many people with your new business.

Review by Arch Garcia

I have known Rev.Carmen for over 15 years now. We met in NYC. I remember when I was having trouble at my job, discrimination and she introduced me to the right people that help me deal with the problem. I was satisfied with the outcome of my situation. Rev.Carmen, has helped and still helps the community in every sense of the word. Never turns anyone away, she is a person that you could count on and her involvement with the community is outstanding! Rev.Carmen is there for you and listens to you, when other just turn their backs.See MoreRead Less

Review by Shadrack Obimbo

thanks for your great insights of knowlegde that takes many to the higher steps of great harvest in our daily earnings.Oo yes many were called bt few were choosen and entrusted with this great secreats of God. keep it up stay blessed to the end.See MoreRead Less

Review by Luella Hill-dudley

Fiordaliza Charles is a true professional that it is an honor to recommend her. I found her to be a perfectionist as well. You is a great asset to anyone she work with. I would not hesitate to work with her again.See MoreRead Less

Review by Todd Martin

Santos is one of the most talented writers out there. His reviews are interesting, informative, and honest. His reviews can no doubt have an impact on the people who read them and are most likely a deciding factor when they make a choice about seeing a movie or not. The guy is a student of the horror genre and knows his stuff too, and as a result there are very few people better suited to review horror films as Santos.See MoreRead Less