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Professionals in New Jersey

There are 300 recommended Professionals in New Jersey. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Brittany North

Peter absolutely exceeded my expectations (and my mom's) for my wedding and is truly a pleasure to work with. As the previous fans have stated, he is an artist, with a creativity and vision that blows my mind every time I see his work. I met Peter at a bridal show (that I hardly wanted to attend) and threw out the idea of a fish incorporated in our center piece - he did not miss a beat. Instantly he said he "loved the idea" and sincerely provided me with a few ideas off the top of his head. I knew this guy was for real! One of my favorite qualities of Peter as a florist was his honesty; he isn't going to tell you what you want to hear just because that is the idea you have in mind. What he is going to do is tell you that that particular way will not look good then proceed to provide you with a vision that incorporates what matters most to you & make it spectacular. Therefore, he earns your trust and respect. Since my wedding I have gone to Peter for any floral arrangement I need and each arrangement is as breathtaking, fresh, and unique as the last. You will not be disappointed; I with out a doubt recommend Peter James for any floral need.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sean Isaacs

First came in contact with brother Andrew through a recording that an opponent had paste online to discredit his positions on theology. The more I listened to his responses to his opponent, the grace and patience that he exhibited, the more I said this guy truly knows the Lord. I, like many others that listened to recorded debate said that Andrew's position was the biblical one. Since that event, I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew at an evangelistic conference in NJ - about 2 years ago. I have been blessed by his zeal and passion for souls. Andrew, it is my prayer that our Lord continues to use you to preach His gospel and to defend the faith!See MoreRead Less

Review by Eva Danieli

We brought two beautiful GoldenDoodle puppies, Oliver and Emme, into our home last spring. They had an overabundance of energy and Oliver had developed an "attitude" whenever he grabbed a dish towel, sock, shoe, toy, etc. When we tried to get him to "leave it," he growled and snarled at us and it got to the point that we were considering returning him to his original owner before he hurt us, hurt Emme or hurt anyone that came into our home. We found Alpha Dog Training and CarrieAnn and from the minute we called her in a panic over Oliver, she was always there for us to guide us through this difficult time. Not only did she get through to Oliver through training, but she taught us how to manage his behavior thereby making him a happier, more obedient dog. CarrieAnn was our lifeline and was there for us at a moment's notice!See MoreRead Less

Review by Lisa Hupfer-taylor

Stacy and I met in an interview, while speaking to me she looked down and said aren't you the person listed in the ad I am reading and we both laughed. That was the begining of a incredible friendship. Stacy is intellegent, conscious and incredibly humorious. She is organized beyond anyones imagination and has a unique ability to bring the right people together. Great sense of humor that I have always enjoyed very much! I highly recommend this talented, sensitive and aware individual, she is up the the task.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Kotch

I have been a police Firearms instructor for over fifteen years, firearms instruction is my passions. I attended Gun-For-Hires NRA instructor classes to increase my marketability upon my retirement from Law Enforcement. I have attended 100's of Firearms instructor level classes and I can honestly say Gun For Hires classes have been some of the best;hands down. I have been back a few times since then too and will continue to do so. Anthony and his staff are the best in the business. You can trust me on this because I have been to courses all over the country many times. Many instructors posses technical knowledge but few know how to teach it to others. I have recommended his courses to many of my friends; all of them were pleased. I myself have integrated Anthony's teaching methods in my own instruction, which has improved me as an instructor. When it comes to being an instructor; some people have it and some people don't. Anthony has it in abundance. You won't be disappointed with any Gun For Hire course.See MoreRead Less

Review by Linda Chechele

When is comes to social media and building your brand look no further. Jason is not only an expert in current social media trends, but he is also a visionary within the space. He has the foresight to see how social media is constantly evolving and changing the way companies do business. Jason's approach is personal. Each business is unique and he recognizes that. His ability to create a custom strategy specific to each client is what sets him apart. Jason's passion and knowledge for social media are the keys to being heard in the noisy online world. I highly recommend him to help you join this digital revolution.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robin Decorso

I just started with Todd for tennis elbow after one session my arm has never felt better can not wait to continue therepy with him we also did a girls day 10 message for 10 dollars all the girls were very satisfied.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rich Serpa

Martial Arts in general and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) specifically has grown tremendously in recent years. Not only with respect to MMA as a sport and a spectator sport but as a means to become physically fit and also learn self defense. The surging popularity of MMA has also brought with it an increase of martial arts schools that offer the proverbial â??flavor of the monthâ? programs. Oftentimes these schools are run by individuals with showy pretenses to their knowledge, ability and most importantly their questionable qualifications in their â??artâ? and teaching skill set. It is unfortunate but something that is clearly a part of the industry. Like anything else, some prudent due diligence would go a long way in selecting a good school. With that said, I have been studying the martial arts for a little over 20 years and I have seen... countless schools in that time that fall into the aforementioned category. Three years ago I began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Renzo Gracie Black Belt, George Sernack. George, a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts with over 26 years experience, also holds a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 4th degree black belt in Hapkido as well as strong background in Kickboxing. In the last ten years George has also placed and medaled in many of the premiere grappling and submission tournaments in the Northeast. His resume and credentials not only are legitimate but verifiable. Perhaps more importantly than Georgeâ??s individual successes and achievements in his martial arts career is what he has given and continues to give back. George is the head instructor of Real World Martial Arts (RWMMA) â?? Renzo Gracie Denville. George has trained literally hundreds of people from all walks of life. In addition to the many students he has who train simply to get in great shape; RWMMA has also developed an impressive stable of both amateur and professional MMA fighters. In an industry that is becoming fraught with charlatans posing as martial arts instructors, George Sernack of Real World Martial Arts is the real deal. So if you are looking to start a new fitness program, are tired of your tired workout you do now or maybe have aspirations of maybe one day competing in the ring or cage, I would encourage you to stop in and visit RWMMA.See MoreSee MoreRead Less

Review by Melissa N Ty Fowler

Maria- I can't thank you enough for the amazing work you did for me!!! I will cherish the portrait you did of my son Kane for always. Your drawings come to life! You captured his spirit and the twinkle in his eye!! I also love "Cole" and the one you did of me as well. You are such a beautiful and talented person and a pleasure to deal with!!! Definitely not the last pieces I will have you do. Thanks again so much!!

~Melissa Fowler
South Dakota
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Review by Jakki Price

II know Terry many years both professionally as an amazing hair artist, a philanthropist and as a great Mom, Terry has over come many challenges.
Terry is forward thinking always trying to change to make tomorrow better, focused on business a true entrepreneur
Terry through the years has filled me with optimism , her positive energy just rubs off on all that maybe around her.
Terry has an amazing tenacity in everything she does from running the day to day affairs of her salon, to co chairing charity events. She has so many clients , friends she makes people feel very comfortable in her presence. In my book Terry is number one
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