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Professionals in Michigan

There are 300 recommended Professionals in Michigan. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Bonnie Daws

I've known Sam for about 15 years when he photographed one of my brides [I was the dressmaker who created the gown]. At that time, I approached Sam about using one of his photos for an ad I was planning to run. He was most gracious and offered me any photography I needed. I've contacted professional photographers about using their images of my brides for my website, but many of them don't even respond to my request. Since that time, I've worked with Sam in creating images for all of my marketing pieces. He is a truly amazing photographer who makes my gowns look amazing. I've seen him turn a young, shy bride into the equivalent of a professional model And I've seen him take a vacant meeting room in a hotel and give it the look of a multi-million dollar movie set. Sam is truly amazing.See MoreRead Less

Review by James Cohen

Met Willie on a professional level 5 years ago ... I was totally impressed with his EXPERTISE ... he is an absolute ENCYCLOPEDIA when it comes to computer technology ... diligent in his approach and interaction with his customers ... what makes WILLIE BRAKE stand an upper echelon distance apart from his competitors is his vast knowledge ... almost to the point of being PHENOMENAL ... he rescued and sustained me countless times and I have continuously through the years referred multiple people to ALL ABOUT TECHNOLOGY ... he was even shrewd enough to name his company a name that PERSONIFIES itself and SPEAKS for itself ... if you are going to be called ALL ABOUT TECHNOLOGY which has strong implications ... you have to be able to back it up and WILLIE BRAKE surely does ... !!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jordan Wasoski

I have met many people in my life & Britini is one by far that stands out above the rest. Her welcoming full of life smile not to mention professional, classy, creatively fun, inspiring, & strong in her faith attitude is something that you only experience rarely in a lifetime. If you have the great opportunity of meeting her, you know instantly you want her apart of your life in some way making it only for the better! In conclusion it is at my greatest pleasure to be able to know Britini as a friend may her light continue to bless all that it comes into contact with as I know it will!See MoreRead Less

Review by Michael Murphy

I have known Paul since 2000, when he bought an acoustic guitar from me; he was searching for a guitar for a project. Determining that he is of high character, I looked him up several years ago, succeeding thanks to Google - which showed evidencethat Paul is highly thought of in guitar restoration circles, as well as a manufacturer of custom guitar circuitry, and a distributor of the most advanced components available.. All that, and he is actually an excellent guitar player!See MoreRead Less

Review by Christian Phillip

Alex and I graduated together from Wesleyan University, and we have been friends throughout our college careers. Ever since freshman year when we took General Physics together I have known that Alex knows his numbers, but the number that I will always remember from him is 9. This man guarantees me that that's how many hours a night a person should sleep to be truly alive and well and happy, and Alex is living proof of the success of this little known fact. I would just think back to the countless times all of our classmates would be freaking out about an upcoming exam and Alex would just be care-free because he was confident that he had been well prepared for the exam. Now it could just be that Alex is ridiculously smart, but I think it's more a testament to the fact that Alex had to be so efficient with his time due to the predetermined amount of time he allowed himself to be awake. This set of 9 hours of sleep allows Alex to feel refreshed each and every single day to allow him to fully concentrate and maximize what we does while awake. So all in all, Alex is a Master of numbers because he actually lives by his numbers, or number I should say, and has been very successful doing it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rachel Berman

Play and Stay is amazing! About 6 months after we adopted our Chihuahua, Cuervo, we were going out of town for the weekend and needed a place for him to stay. We made a reservation with a brand name place and when we got there, they wouldn't take Cuervo because of his personality (he's a Chihuahua - they can be nervous and snippy). We called Play and Stay on a whim, and they told us they'd be more than happy to take him for the weekend. So, we took our little guy over there and the owners spent over 2 HOURS sitting on the floor with us getting Cuervo to become comfortable with them. It was amazing as our little guy was very nervous due to poor socialization before being adopted. Jodie had him in her arms before we left (no small feat if you knew our dog) and when we called the next day to check in on him, she said she didn't put him down for hours after we left. She even emailed us a picture of her holding him that next day. It was then that I knew we had really found a great place for our little guy. Over the years since we have taken our Chihuahua there numerous times. He loves the place so much that he would sprint up the sidewalk right to the door and proceed to shower the staff with kisses (and this is NOT something he normally does). I could never repay them for taking our little guy in and for helping to socialize him. If you are looking for a place to board your pet, I wouldn't hesitate to bring them to Play and Stay. This is a great place with staff that really cares about animals and works hard to care for them. Trust me, you'll feel like your pet is staying with family while they are there!See MoreRead Less

Review by Diana Schreer

Hi Dan. I'm a friend of the Duncan family...nice pictures! I thought you might enjoy the podcasts that my son, Travis, does each week. There are about 20 interviews already at the site and they are pretty interesting. The first one was an interview with 2 former White House photographers, but they cover a wide range of photo topics. This week he interviewed Eileen Gittins, the CEO of Blurb. I confess to being prejudiced, but they are pretty good. Diana http://www.pictage.com/blog/2011/05/12/the-photo-life-podcast-an-interview-with-eileen-gittins.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mia-louise Connor

I've only known you for essentially, about an hour or two and that's only via the internet, but already I can tell you have a love for bears that runs so deep. You are a man of great morality, great compassion and an inspiration to so many. May you long continue to spread the word, save bears and hopefully, we will all see some serious and long overdue legislation change in our lifetime and a serious and long lasting impact on the way societies and cultures treat bears. I am proud to be in your friends list. Thank youSee MoreRead Less

Review by Edel Murchie

Not sure why this is coming from my wife's site, but that is really okay. Elliot is a real person, truly committed to the music he loves so much. Also he is not a dime-a-dozen player, this man really can play! I admire what he does and how he does it. He deserves recognition and success. Fact. I, like him, live in Switzerland and see tons of hobby musicians, he however, is not one of them. He is IN the game, not standing at the sidelines, imagining he is. I have no time for hobbyists, Elliot, I do. Real is more rare than we imagine or would like. I would play in a band with him in a nano-second.See MoreRead Less

Review by Stephen Del Villar

Recommendations do not come easy from me these days; there's just too many people and sites out there that are simply not trustworthy these days, as you might agree. I tell you this, however, JoAnne has not only proven to be a valuable resource in the yorkie breeding world, she has also earned my trust in the business. Finally, having to deal with yorkie breeding is an arduous task, moreso when one has to endure many personal trials in the middle of it as JoAnn has. Having said this, she has surpassed all these challenges quite remarkably. You would be most gratified to deal with JoAnne pertaining to all your Yorkie needs. Equipped with a good line of Yorkshire Terriers, and the meticulous care JoAnne provides these little creatures, you'd be ill advised to go anywhere else.See MoreRead Less