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Professionals in Maryland

There are 300 recommended Professionals in Maryland. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Steve Edwards

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Stacie in all areas of her business both as a business owner and Beach Body Diamond Coach. She has offered to assist me as a new Beachbody coach asking nothing in return and we are on different teams. She exemplifies what is means to be selfless in business and helping others succeed. She leads by example and is involved with various charity events. Thank you! Steve Edwards, MBA.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dan Bramschreiber

Looks like a great way to meet fellow Patriots and support each other's business ventures:


Good Luck!
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Review by Rainey Foster

I have known Kerry for over 12 years. My husband and I bought 3 cars from him and wept when he left the business for a couple of years to do mortgage banking, because he was truly the the only professional in the car business that we trusted. .We were "car" people and considered him "our guy". Kerry is not "slick;" he is straightforward and fair and understands the value of providing the highest level of customer service.
He knows his product and he knows people and he recognizes the value of establishing a relationship with both his customers and his staff-- creating a culture of trust and one that all will return to.
Rainey Foster, Partner, EVP
Leading Authorities, Inc.
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Review by Garnett Greene

I've known Reanee for about 20 years and she's always been forthright, purposeful and allows the chips to fall where they may. She bring passion and purpose to every endeavor and will be a valuable assett to any organization she is a part of.

You cannot go wrong with Reanee Givens!
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Review by Marsha Irwin

I met Lori during a seminar in Sisters, OR several years ago when I was first introduced to Take Shape for Life.
Through the conference calls and webinars I have learned much about Take Shape for Life and how to help others reach their Optimal Health.
Lori is very professional with a down to earth know how when it comes to reaching people of all backgrounds.
Lori is a gem to work with.
Marsha Irwin
Health Coach
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Review by Natalia Berry

I met Sherry about 2 1/2 years a go. A friend of mine suggest I should call her since my dog Benito wasn't feeling well. Sure enough we had a session and she told me to take Beni to the Vet immediately because something was wrong and the pain he experienced was in his back. Benito was diagnosed with renal failure that week and our journey together began. Sherry has been our angel guide during all this years, her guidance, healing and support is helping all of us to go through Benito's treatment successfully. Beni is an amazing dog and he continues to teach us that miracles do happen through love. Benito continues to be with us, he is getting alternative treatment, a combination of diet, acupuncture, occasional healing sessions and tons and tons of love. I highly recommend her, she is truly a gifted human being full of compassion knowledge and care.See MoreRead Less

Review by Nick Mendez

Tom Jones has demonstrated (many times over) his outstanding leadership, terrific interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and most importantly, his ability to deliver and respond to customer service demands, while always exceeding expectations. In a society where "the art" of providing a quality customer service experience seems to be a thing of the past, his hands on approach to running a business is not only welcomed, but quite refreshing. Keep up the good work Tom, and I'll be in touch.See MoreRead Less

Review by Evita Perón

Upon entering the literary industry, I learned that there were some very cut-throat people who made it their mission to cut up other people’s work by looking for everything wrong, and not anything right. I heard many great things about Editor Carla Dean, and I’ll admit, her prices did scare a bit me when I saw others charging a fraction of those prices. I did not rush into making a decision on an editor, but chose to sit back, do homework and observe. I would read reviews on books edited by those charging fractional fees for service, and the comments were brutal. I read the reviews of books edited by Carla, and didn’t see the brutal comments concerning editing.
When reviewing comments by readers, I noticed the negativity was a reflection on the author and not the editor. This made me become very cautious, since I knew I had many books yet to be released, and didn’t want the negative reviews. Therefore, I sucked it up and took a chance on Carla, and paid the requested fees. In my mind, she did a great job, but that wasn’t the true test. The true test came when the reviews started rolling in… Particularly, when there were those who specifically stated in their reviews that they actually were looking for errors in my books, but couldn’t find. For that reason alone, I’d recommend Carla for editing services, Editing… or the lack thereof, will make or break the longevity of an author, so I would say if you expect to be around for a while, don’t try to cut corners or try to take the cheap way out. It will be reflected in your reviews.
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Review by Marcia Mcgowan

I met Tiffany through beach body. Tiffany is awesome. She is always gives you great feedback. She really cares about her team. She has never once pushed anything on me. She gave me positive feedback and real opinions. You won't find another coach that is as caring and sincere as Tiffany. I highly recommend her!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Deanne Fortson

In addition to supporting her two boys with special needs at home and at school, Zoey promotes all the good that can be had from her personal experiences as a dancer/business owner. She is a tremendous benefit to the special needs population because she doesn't let the issues rest when it comes to improving the opportunities and quality of life of all those that know her! I live in Arkansas and know Zoey through FaceBook only. She operates a FaceBook page that provides a source of support for parents of children with special needs and has answered questions for me to help me work as a physical therapist with kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She reaches beyond her local community and has found a special place in the hearts of so many others!See MoreRead Less