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Professionals in Florida

There are 300 recommended Professionals in Florida. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Becky Gromel

I met Billie threw FB and her posts. I was at one of the lowest points of depression of my life, although I did not share this. I just looked for her uplifting words of wisdom several times a day. I would always leave a thank you, and try to follow her advice as best I could thru all my pain. Over the years our friendship grew and grew. I finally found someone I could trust and believe in and it was and is wonderful. Finally one day I shared my pain, not my intentions but my pain. See I planned to die that day. I am disabled and live on a limited fixed income, and had no way to pay for a reading for about 4 days even though she was running a special that day. She reached out and asked me to PLEASE Call Her she really needed to talk to me. I explained my money situation and she trusted me on my word I would make good on the payment on the 3rd. I was so grateful I cried who does that anymore to trust another? I called her and we had an honest open conversation. I shared things with her that were eating my soul alive. I trusted her witch opened up a whole new world to me. She gave me wonderful advice and a meditation to do several times daily on God's White Light. I do it still daily and it helps me daily. She gave me hope understanding and love for witch I am eternally grateful. She often posts meditations and I save and listen to them all and have shared them with friends in need. Billie is one of the most honest purest souls I have ever known and I look forward to every post. We have built a beautiful friendship for witch I cherish with all my heart. I will soon be calling her again for a reading on people that have passed over. Along with her very affordable readings she does free radio seminars where you can call in and ask questions. If you have any doubts please put them to rest. She is blessed with a gift that I do not question. I know it is real. <3 Light and Angels to you all.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jean Dumouchel

Our first time seeing Jimmy Keys perform was about 22 yrs ago and we were hooked. Jimmy is a multi- talented comedian and musician. His quick wit and hilarious impersonations make you laugh until your sides hurt. Jimmy also has a wonderful singing voice and more than once has moved us to tears with his renditions of songs from Broadway hits.
We love to watch people who are seeing him for the first time , howl with laughter but it does not matter whether you are seeing him for the first time or the 20th time, he is so much FUN! Everyone leaves his performances feeling happy and uplifted. A Wonderful Entertainer and Friend. We love him.
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Review by Kato Rand

Jay has been an amazing, talented artist that has moved quickly up the Bodypaint Genre working with such names as Nix Herrera, The Wolfe Brothers and being displayed in Illusion Magazine the Premiere Bodypainting Magazine around the World.

Jay is a great guy to work with and with his smile you can tell he loves what he does. He creates an environment that is fun and entertaining for everyone involved.

If you ever work with Jay, you will not leave unsatisfied.
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Review by Seo America

of course I'll support a local Melbourne business. But if you truly want to prosper in 2012... you are going to want to clean up your website, and significantly increase your website's Google rankings.

1.) your homepage needs to be cleaned up. I can't view the right side of your homepage without going to the bottom of the screen, and having to scroll across to the right side. That's a big no-no, your making it more difficult for the potential customer to navigate your site, and it will turn some away. Your homepage looks like it was just thrown together to hurry and get a site up. However, the shopping cart pages are ok.

2.) You ave so many excellent keywords that you are not being found for, and there is so much opportunity for more sales that is not being taken advantage of... there are 19 keywords that you currently rank within the top 20 for, specific to the Google search engine, which actually receive some sort of monthly traffic.
a.) you need to be ranking (#1 - #3) for each keyword, not number #9 and higher... we can take care of this for you.
b.) the number of keywords you rank for should be in the hundreds... also something we can accomplish for you.

Give us a call if you would like to talk. We are local, across from city hall downtown. And, we don't play games with people's monies. That's why we are the only company you'll find around here who offers SEO on a Results Based tier.
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Review by Raquel Islam

Very creative Hijabs and the most important thing is that they make us look really covered and beautiful in the same time, Allah gave her a great creativity to make a piece of fabric look beautiful on muslim women, maashallah, sis, I love the style you on your hijab tutorial, it fits every muslimah who is looking for something new and modest and the same time, LOVE IT AND LOVE YOU, ALLAH BLESS YOU AND YOUR BUSSINESS, MI QUERIDÍSIMA AMIGA ASMAA See MoreRead Less

Review by David Walther

I have been going to Bridgetts and her writing is beyound amazing I kno of know other site that one perso "Bridgett" does ALL the typing. She has no staff. I use to read her forecasts a Elle for close to ten years, the Elle like all print magizines had to make cut backs, so the replacwe here with two girls who don't come close as far as accurace and content, she was responsible for bringing in 60% of the traffic to that site. In addiition to writing for elle she has had her own site where once again she is one of a few( three I think) but the only she has no staff other than herself. When we advertised on her site we use what she calls a feed, by using that, our daily traffic went up 65% because the daily horoscopes came through our site we've advertised on her site at least once per quarter. At least do yourself a favour and look at her site. The men have the sports page. The first thing I read as a paying member with my tea or coffee and 10 minutes withBridgett and I'm off with a smile on my face.Try it. What do you have to lose?See MoreRead Less

Review by Helene Alice

I have yet to meet Pam Trent in person ( One day soon, I hope!) but I have viewed her many photos of the wonderful art she creates. Not only is Pam very talented, so are her son Adam and daughter Abby... Apples don't fall far from the tree! I think what strikes me the most with Pam's art is that her passion is very obvious. Kudos to you Pam Trent and for inspiring both those who are artists and those of us that are simply art lovers. I respectfully admire your work and wish you continued success.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robert Pelton

Bernie iis in my opinion a great book reviewer. He is truly a historian and this comes out clearly throughout his unbelievably interesting reviews. Bernie is fair minded, honest and a top notch writer. I once told him that he should write a book on book reviewing. I really believe he should do this to assist others who would like to do book reviews. However, Bernie is the best I have ever read. He did a review on my book, UNWANTED DEAD OR ALIVE, an expose on the incredible POW/MIA betrayal by our government leaders and obscure political hacks buried in various government departments following World War 2, Korea and Vietnam. Bernie was faiir and knowledgeable. I was then and amnow impressed with his talent. Her's a good man. Robert W. PeltonSee MoreRead Less

Review by Zeta Hall

Hey, this is Zeta Hall. I'm extremely busy right now, but took the time to stop what I'm doing to give an appreciative shout out to Doron. He showed me in no time his know how, quickness and as I sat and watched him work, (which he simply does not let people do) I was both grateful and floored by all the instruments present in his shop that he'd built by hand. He allowed me to play some very unique custom instruments. Before I knew it, he was handing me my guitar back in perfect playing condition. A 1989 Ibenez Floral Jem. An extremely rare guitar, and my absolute joy. I would bring it back to Doron for any repair or upgrade. I would bring ANY of my guitars to Doron for repair or upgrade. Doron, this endorsment is outstanding, you owe me 10 bucks! I would recommend taking your axe to Doron . I believe what ever you need done he can do, and back up his work also.See MoreRead Less

Review by Helen Cordaway

Bella Bear · Kingsville, Texas.
I would definitely recommend Frani and her "Pearls Four Paws" business. She is a true professional and is very personable with each client she has. The quality of workmanship is exquisite! Her creations and designs are made with love and care for each fur baby and their mommies! Lovely products and a nice wonderful person! A great combination! Thank you Frani.See MoreRead Less