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Professionals in San Diego, California

There are 300 recommended Professionals in San Diego, CA. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Amanda Odom

Nasara was an awesome P.E. teacher at the elementary school my 2 daughters attended. Not only with my children but with all of the children, he developed a great big brother type relationship with them. He always taught them to keep pushing and strive for the best.... He also built a comfortable and confidential relationship with the parents. If there were ever any questions or concerns, without hesitation he'd always get in contact with us. Even during the summerbreak, he'd keep in touch and ask some of the students to participate in the ING Kids Rock San Diego Marathon held every year in the SeaWorld parking lot. He believes in staying fit and healthy, so this was a great way to keep the children moving, not only that but to feel accomplished and proud of themselves for running and completing a one mile race with other children their age.... Because he was such a great teacher, he gave my girls that confidence to want to compete, otherwise they would not have done it. They've always loved running, so having him there at the school teaching and helping them to get faster and beat their own running time meant a big deal to them and a big deal of theirs, actually with any of the children, was a big deal to him.... Although he's no longer their teacher, he still remains in contact because of the fitness classes he teaches and invites us to. His fitness business is booming as well as the Comedy Show that he and his wife share. They are dedicated to their work and commited to helping others.... Not a day goes by when I don't get an email or an invitation to an event or see something posted on facebook from someone about what a great time they had in either the class or at the comedy show.... In order for a business to thrive successfully, you must be a go getter, believe in what you do as well as love doing it and from the results I've seen, Nasara definitely has all three! Wish you much more success Nasara!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ted Ficken

I have known Barbara Reuer for over 30 years, through my affiliation with the field of music therapy. Barbara has always been the best example of a true professional. She has been involved at every level of the music therapy field - local, state, regional, and national. My contact with her began when she visited a hospital that I was working at in Minnesota. She was doing research at the time, and visited the hospital to hear about the music therapy clinical programs. Since that time, I have had contact with Barbara at numerous regional and national music therapy conferences. She served as President of the American Music Therapy Association. I have followed some of the progress of her practice in San Diego, which she built from scratch into a thriving business serving a diverse collection of client populations and sites. The beautiful thing about Barbara is how she cares about people, both her clients and the people that she comes into contact with through her work. She has mentored students, interns, and professionals alike. In addition, she shows a keen interest in what others are doing, encouraging and mentoring others along the way. I benefited from some of her recognition and encouragement when she nominated me for both a regional and a national recognition award, both of which I received. She maintains a warm and positive approach at all times, using her smile and sense of humor to the benefit of all around her. She has served as a role model for others, and continues to build new and uplifting professional relationships. Her career has been phenomenal to this point, but she shows no signs of slowing down. I say, "Job well done, Barbara! What's next?"See MoreRead Less

Review by Varant Margossian

hi brother jordi I hope a good luck for you in your great job , I am so proud to be your friend , and I am alwas here to support you.. sending hugs from lebanon.. love and lights,, brother,, xoxoxoxoo.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sharon Boyd Kidman

I've had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know Marcy from Facebook!! Of course, in her line of work, it helps that I'm a huge horse racing fan and lover of horses in general! Her work is beyond incredible....once you purchase something...you will never regret it! I love the cards, the note pads, and the larger drawings that are available for purchase on her website! She is always current and up to the times with the favorite Horses that are in training now which attracts people to her beautiful work! All of the products I have ever received from her have been Top of the Line and in gorgeous color! She is very much a person who takes PRIDE in her work and it certainly shows! Thank you Marcy, for all the wonderful cards and drawings you have put out there! Keep on Keeping on!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jamie Mott

I rarely trust ANYONE with my hair or my style. Briana is the best I have ever come in contact with! Not only do I completely trust her to complete MY vision for my hair, but I also trust her to tell me what will look best, and why I should not do certain things due to my length, type, and shade of hair. Her dedication to the person not the pay check makes me a "life-er" for her services. Completely educated, and personable, Briana has my undying support- the girl keeps San Diego lookin' fierce.See MoreRead Less

Review by Stick Bogart

If your in the auto industry you mission has to be MOVE FOWARD and lower your marketing costs and keep your team together. We are GOING GLOBAL for all dealers!
go to www.aapals.com and you will see our NEW Auto Librium site we are going Global you and register now on the site and list your company and what you do on it at anytime we are waiting to have all of our current users data moved to the new site and the old site goes away have any questions call me 602--865--9382.
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Review by Monrow Mabon

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Morgan Freeman. I have a combined 25 years of experience as a Law Enforcement Executive, Educator, Lawyer and Gospel Minister. I have thought ethics, as well as having been mentor to many interns and law school students. I hope my perspective will be helpful to you as you evaluate this exceptional person.

During the time I have known Morgan, she has distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of leadership and management. I have enormous respect for her leadership skills, and have been pleased to work with her. I recommend, and urge you to consider Morgan Freeman who is, quite simply, the most remarkable young leader I have ever met.
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Review by Beverly Jamison

I am a massage therapist and I know Betty by working with her and her working on me. As a therapist I have to keep myself healthy too. Betty does deep tissue work on me. She also does Asian Fire Cupping. Betty knows that I have tightness in my neck and shoulder area because of the place I work. She gets in there and breaks up the fascia and releases those trigger points causing the pain. She works on my glutes and hip area. The whole experience is just amazing. When you go see Betty you get the whole spa treatment, hot stones, facial, back exfoliated, all for one low price. Well worth every penny and more. You get salon and therapeutic all under one roof and on one table, Betty's table. She also has a Qi machine to get your Qi flowing. A ceragem table to stretch and roll out your back, a hot sauna if you want to spend some time in sauna to warm up before your massage. You can take a shower. Give Betty a call and start your road to recovery and relaxation.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mary Beckstrom

Michael is very talented he turned a questionable yard, I thought nothing could really be done, into a beautiful, peaceful space, he is creative, talented, and really know's what he's doing!! If you need help but don't know what to do he is the one for you!!! I can't express how much I love my new yard!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Teresa Omar

Dr. Teresa has been my healer, teacher and friend for many moons. I have been pharmaceutical free after a lifelong battle with depression and anxiety for more then 4 years now since I walked through her door at Kwan Yin. She has a unique vision and a gentle touch that reaches not only your physical ailments but your inner soul as well. Whatever you may need, she can help you...See MoreRead Less