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Professionals in California

There are 300 recommended Professionals in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Mustafa Yi?it

Modest, Lovely and Talented. She is the only artist that I have ever communicate online. She asked me how was i, where did I find her, what makes me listen her, do I have any more favourite celtic harp players and some friendly questions more. To be honest it made me follow her closely. Glad to be your fan![Also Anne Roos is the person who I am with in sleepless nights sometimes. Her music gives ultimate peace too so I listen her to sleep. You can try it yourself :) ].See MoreRead Less

Review by Tony Deadwyler

I have known Paula since High School she was in the choir and I was in the band, later in college we played together in various groups on the campus of Clemson University in the late 80's, some together, some not. She has always had the most amazing voice and talent, I had the honor of performing with her in several groups at Clemson University, always a consummate professional even in those days. I have over 30 years of experience in the music industry, both at the Studio level and the "Live" level, I have played in several countries around the world, I have performed on multiple tracks on multiple "CD'S" in most of the musical genre over the last 3 decades. I have been around hundreds of singers at all levels and would put Paula on the list of some of the best I have ever heard.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandra Selle-rodriguez

Gosh, after reading all the words of praise for Snake and his work I am a loss for words. My only recommendation is that every one should purchase a piece of his work now...before it gets too expensive.

Snake I have great faith in your abilities and ambitions. I most admire your work ethic towards your art and that passion your have for your work. Your work is so unique and special. Take care my friend and lets talk again soon. P.S. I really appreciate and love the cover your created for Desert Recreation District. Thanks again.

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Review by Joe Dees Sr.

I have been in the industry 41 years...longer than Andrea....I have watched her help her husband Dino grow their business into a world class operation...with excellent equipment, training and top notch service...I can tell you that there is always some sacrifice from a wife to grow a husband's business...My experience tells me that without her dedication to the industry and hard work...they could not have achieved their current success.....She is dedicated to our industry...works a great deal in cancer related fund raising efforts as well as charities in their area...I have never met the woman...but between our facebook friendship and what I read in national towing publications...I am very proud of this family....See MoreRead Less

Review by Gloria Woodlock

I met Karen about 20 years ago when I worked as a program manager at the California Arts Council, the state's arts funding and policy agency. She was a peer review panelist for the Visual Arts and other grant programs we had at the Council. She been teaching and working with arts organizations, community arts development and independent artists throughout the Southern California region, throughout the state, nationally and internationally. She has been working with emerging artists on the business side of their work fir many years at Side Street Projects, a successful nonprofit that has developed very important exhibits, technical assistance and community development programs. She is a well respected artist, teacher and policy advisor statewide, nationally and internationally. She is very innovative and highly professional in everything she does. She is a leader in the field and has exceptional people skills. I don't know a harder worker or anyone as dependably excellent or as committed to quality in everything she does. I highly recommend her for all the attributes Karen has that I have previously described.See MoreRead Less

Review by Bob Hewitt

We met Christine some years back when she worked to create a Gingerbread House Contest in town. More than 40 entries competed for the win, with great innovation and expertise. Christine met with children and held art classes on making and decorating houses using gingerbread cookies and building from the start. The children and parents loved her wit and enthusiasm during the project. On an entirely different project, Christine was the primary art and promotion designer to bring the APBA (outboard boat racers) to the Oroville afterbay, for two weeks of racing. Christine served as the public voice for the local television and radio outlets on the races.See MoreRead Less

Review by Clint Sallings

I have known Julie for 5 years now since I moved here from East Coast. I first met her in Hayward at the old office of Deaf Hope. She took me by surprised when I first step into the office with Brian Berlinski and when Brian introduced me to her. Her first reaction to me was "Hey Tig It's wonderful to meet you and Thank you for your time to come and help us move" and she hugged me. I was in shocked and stroke thinking a stranger hugged me who doesn't know who I am or where I'm from. I didn't know what Domestic Violence is or what Deaf Hope is all about. I'm very lucky to get to know her and take the time to experience Deaf Hope and who Julie is in my own eyes. She's also is a very VERY rich person. By rich, I mean her knowledge, experience, love, network through the community. She is the reason why I'm still here feeling ALIVE because of her support and patient with me.
Julie to me is a mother, sister, aunt, teacher, nurse, police, counselor and most of all is one my dearest friend who I can TRUST.
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Review by Savannah Horselistener

Sierra Design Studios, a direct reflection and extension of @[1276631937:2048:Robin Stater], is a beautiful eclectic combination of styles. Mountain chic, snowstorm cozy, cowboy chic; high, cutting edge, interior fashion and elegance, finely detailed and very warm, positive, cozy designs reflecting your personal architecture and style/ She and her associates magically create the exact environment and statement for your needs.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jay Feaster

Mice of Millions is the brainchild of artist Jamie Johnson. Rapidly becoming on of the most recognized names in the industry, Jamie Johnson continues to innovate. While staying true to his roots with live performance art shows and local recognition, Jamie has also rapidly been expanding his brand recognition. Quickly moving into most major markets across the US, Mice of Millions and Jamie Johnson will certainly be the ones to watch. Best of luck to you Jamie, you're going to kill it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Christy Puerta

I have witnessed firsthand Jolanne's professional and personal skills at various public and private social events in which she either hosted, lead or worked at. Her skills are varied in many fields, including, but not limited to, DJ'ing, Pastoring/Ministering and Event Coordination.

Jolanne is very service-oriented. She is very attentive to detail. She has exceptionally strong communication and organizational skills, as well as very effective time-management skills. Jolanne is extremely trustworthy and responsible. If she were part of my management team, I would have complete confidence and trust in her managing cash flow, deposits, scheduling, ordering of needed products and time-management.

Jolanne would be an asset to any organization/event. Her skills and reputation far surpass anyone in her field. Anyone who chooses to utilize her services is in for a real treat! You will not be disappointed!
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