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Professionals in Phoenix, Arizona

There are 321 recommended Professionals in Phoenix, AZ. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Gwen Davidson

Toni is an exuberant and fun loving person who could not be more ideally suited for her chosen profession. She is without a doubt a credit to her career. I met Toni through Sit Means Sit as I too have chosen a career as a dog trainer. In the continuing education reunions, Toni's enthusiasm for dogs, dog sports and the people who love them is abundantly clear. She shared her wit and charm as well as her expertise in the Agility ring with me and my dog Journey during one of those reunions. In a years earlier attempt to learn agility with a different trainer, I was subjected to 6 weeks walking my dog over rain gutters and along a 1X8 board on the floor. Needless to say I was disappointed and considered that agility may not be in my future. However, in a single session with Toni, my dog was happily and comfortably trotting through an agility course. Toni is a no nonsense honest person who is diligent in helping people achieve their dreams with their dogs in the shortest amount of time possible without stress or dragging you through expensive session after expensive session after expensive session. I love this lady and count myself fortunate for every communication and training opportunity I have with her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Pepper Head

I've known John since about 1970 when we met at the Boy's Club in Petaluma, CA and became good friends who hung out together throughout our youth and adolescence, and in all that time I have known him to be an honest, thoughtful person who, even through periods of change in his life, has stayed true to his core self; fair, considerate and straight forward. I would vouch for his integrity any time!See MoreRead Less

Review by Teri Frost

As someone who promotes local talent by promoting shows and stage time, I guess in most business types, that would make him my competition. Not in this case!

Anders and I actually work for the same cause, a bigger cause. We both promote the local Artists in our Community by getting them stage time to be seen. We both specialize in the Comedic group of Talent.

Anders is also a strong advocate in promoting clean, family friendly humor. With that said, and in my own defense, the balance is slightly tipped to his side unfairly. He is also the Owner of SwedeClean. "Clean" is his business which is slightly to his advantage. But when I am ready to have my swede coat and shoes cleaned, It's the only place I'd take them.
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Review by Charles Bennett

I've known of Maxwell most of my life. We grew up in the same town and attended the same schools and church.. He was a few years older than me and what stood out most and consistently was his team player and leadership characteristics. Among his peers he has always stood to be an example of his ethics of honesty, integrity, respect, conviction and faith, instead of talking about those values. That kind of moral compass he has precedes and impresses before knowing him personally and has remain consistent since childhood. As a professional, it is no surprise that he would pursue excellence as an entrepreneur and succeed. Max takes educated risks and applies the strength of his faith, so courage and determination with experience and dedication renders him an ideal partner, friend and source of information and guidance for anyone interested with a similar professional path. This to me is exceptional. So as an old friend who has noticed through the years, it is with honor and respect that I write this for Maxwell Toliver.See MoreRead Less

Review by Glenn Schreider

I've known of Keith's work vis a vis through various online endeavors since 2008. His art is amazing in that he just doesn't create pretty pictures. He uses his gifts and talents to create energetically focused mandalas specific to each individual - as each person's energetic frequencies are different. Of the many people I know who have worked with Keith on an energetic level, all have been extremely satisfied not only with his work but his overall demeanor and professionalism as well.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jennifer Spicer

I have known @[620269778:2048:Joe Becker] both personally and professionally for 20 years. Personally Joe is a good friend. Professionally I can honestly say that I have never met a more professional person while on the job...I highly recommend him for all your photography/Video needs!See MoreRead Less

Review by Mary Beth Blastic

Joyce she touch my heart when I typed her and told her her work was beautiful that I didn't know if I could afford her jewelry. Her reply back I could make you something in a price range that would work for you. That is a women of gold that is willing to share her love in her pieces.See MoreRead Less

Review by H.E. L.P.

I met Carl through my wife, and their mutual networking groups. I have had the pleasure and good fortune of seeing Carl's work first hand, with an assortment of different media and marketing ideas for both our Real Estate business and our new charity. His vision and knowledge of marketing is superb. We have utilized other marketing people in the past, and what really sets Carl apart from the others is his ability to look at what we want out of our marketing, take what we have or what we've liked or ideas, and turn it into something new and fresh. He does not shy away from sharing his opinion and expertise. This we feel also sets him apart. He explains to you what you need to hear, so that you know what you are getting, and what you should expect from his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to market ones business on different levels and in various media outletsSee MoreRead Less

Review by Pat Humphrey

Malinda is a pawsome person! While in Phoenix, I had a chance to drop by her doggie center. To call it a "Spa or Salon" is right on. On a moments notice she was able to take me on a tour thru her top of the line facility. It is immaculately clean and she has a very professional, yet friendly staff. The babies she had that she was pet sitting/ boarding were happy campers. Just like little children at camp. With all of that said, the most impressive thing I learned about Malinda is her compassionate and giving heart. At the time I had two little foster Poms. They had been together all of their lives and I felt they had to stay together when adopted. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to keep them long term, or if there would be anyone in our smaller city of Tucson who would be willing to adopt two at a time. Malinda volunteered to take both of the kids and foster/board them free of charge until they found a forever home. This coming from a lady who is not a tax deductable rescue receiving donations. Their care would be at her expense. Malinda is an amazing human being. If everyone was as good as she, we wouldn't have to rely on our furkids for unconditional love. If you need her services, rest assured your fur will get the very best possible care!See MoreRead Less

Review by Valentino Zertuche

For those of you who haven't seen the light and do not own a Apple computer and instead are stuck with a Microsoft computer, this is your Guy! He can get your computer fixed and taken care of until you can afford an Imac. He's trustworthy and gets your stuff done quickly - which is more than you can say for most computer techs.See MoreRead Less