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Professionals in Arizona

There are 300 recommended Professionals in Arizona. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Sandra Martinez

Please excause the poor spelling and typing, I am fcing a conea transplant ain a few weeks and cannot se very well.
I became aquainted with Charlie in 2003 at the festival of the west and have atteneded the fotw for and have gone to at least 10 since that time. I found Chararlie to be be very knowelegable in his questionss and interviews with allj the stars. Very candidn in his remarkss to the audience, and very entertaining at all times. He is alwways friendly awith the audience both during and between the interviews. He has a graat sence of humor.
I have bought severral of Chllies books and cds. The books are very well researched and informativewith little known facts. Tey are fast and easy to read. I found little of no errors in spelling, punctaationor content that I have in other simialr books.
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Review by Gwen Davidson

Toni is an exuberant and fun loving person who could not be more ideally suited for her chosen profession. She is without a doubt a credit to her career. I met Toni through Sit Means Sit as I too have chosen a career as a dog trainer. In the continuing education reunions, Toni's enthusiasm for dogs, dog sports and the people who love them is abundantly clear. She shared her wit and charm as well as her expertise in the Agility ring with me and my dog Journey during one of those reunions. In a years earlier attempt to learn agility with a different trainer, I was subjected to 6 weeks walking my dog over rain gutters and along a 1X8 board on the floor. Needless to say I was disappointed and considered that agility may not be in my future. However, in a single session with Toni, my dog was happily and comfortably trotting through an agility course. Toni is a no nonsense honest person who is diligent in helping people achieve their dreams with their dogs in the shortest amount of time possible without stress or dragging you through expensive session after expensive session after expensive session. I love this lady and count myself fortunate for every communication and training opportunity I have with her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Norman Phillips

Mannatech has helped more people with thieir health and finances than any other company in the world. I have been taking the products since 1996 and at 65 feel like I'm in my twenties again. I shared it with others and now I am financially independent for life! Contact Kimberly if you want to be healthy and financially secure. Highly recommended!See MoreRead Less

Review by Marge Fite

I'm here to let you all know what a Phenomenal Inspirational Speaker, Author, Spiritual Teacher and Fantabulous Phychic Medium. Iv'e experenced all of these by going to her classes seeing her at the Celebrate Your Life Conferences. Just being in her presence is a Life changing experence. I recomend you go to a class at her Sunlight Alliance Healing Center, read her books and experence the Miracles and Magic for yourself that will change and transform your life forever. I know all this because it has happened in my life and so many others. You'll Love Sunny as much as I do. I'm so full of Gratitude and Grace that Sunny has been and still is a Really Big part of my Life. Namaste _/l\_ And So It Is Amen.See MoreRead Less

Review by Katie Newman

KC: Two hands, one heart, and a big soul that followed a dream...that touched and changed one life for the better...and then another...and then another, until countless numbers of hearts have been given inspiration for reaching their greatest potential, their greatest joy. Presented with new ways to look at the world, new ways to exist in it, new ways of looking at oneself, and the support and space to move forward, backward, and inside out until the soul shines as it needs to. Souls are changing, as is the foundation of education in our nation. All from a dear lady that persued a dream.See MoreRead Less

Review by Danielle Cassaday

I can't begin to say how happy we are with Mrs. Kelly. I asked her to chose a pup for us based on our household. We had 3 dogs and 3 kids along with a cat and farm animals. We as a family wanted a specific personality. I thought the chances of finding a perfect fit were 0. My husband always wanted a malamute and I thought I would surprise him (I couldn't keep the surprise long). Loki arrived via air travel from Arizona to south bend Indiana airport. We picked him up and he was spotless, hydrated, happy and ready to play! I'm not exaggerating when I say this. Our pup flew across the country in a crate and came out happy as a lark. I was shocked how he just integrated into our busy crazy family apon arrival. My dogs like him my husband and the kids love him and my cat... Well my cat hates him but who cares right? All cats are crazy hahahaha. This experience has literally been 0 work on my part. I asked her to find a perfect fit and she arranged every single aspect of getting him to our home. A+ service!

We will be buying from this breeder in the future. After calling and talking with 5 breeders 2 of them were within 2 hours from me I chose Mrs. Kelly because of her willingness to take the time for me and any questions I had. She has champion malamutes at affordable prices. Let's be honest... As a mother of 3 $3,500-4,500 for a pup was not good money management. We didn't pay even close to this and received a better quality malamute than we had been looking at in the past from breeders close to us. People say you get what you pay for and that's usually the case but this time I 100% believe with all my heart and have proof on paper I received a top notch dog for 1/2 the price of some breeders.

We really shopped around and put a lot of thought into this decision. We had been discussing this for about 2 years. The decision to buy from this breeder was not a whim. Please do not be fooled by other breeders into thinking if you don't pay $4,000 you aren't getting the best. I know dogs and we have received a champion. I do have a complaint though... He chewed my favorite lamp
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Review by Pepper Head

I've known John since about 1970 when we met at the Boy's Club in Petaluma, CA and became good friends who hung out together throughout our youth and adolescence, and in all that time I have known him to be an honest, thoughtful person who, even through periods of change in his life, has stayed true to his core self; fair, considerate and straight forward. I would vouch for his integrity any time!See MoreRead Less

Review by Teri Frost

As someone who promotes local talent by promoting shows and stage time, I guess in most business types, that would make him my competition. Not in this case!

Anders and I actually work for the same cause, a bigger cause. We both promote the local Artists in our Community by getting them stage time to be seen. We both specialize in the Comedic group of Talent.

Anders is also a strong advocate in promoting clean, family friendly humor. With that said, and in my own defense, the balance is slightly tipped to his side unfairly. He is also the Owner of SwedeClean. "Clean" is his business which is slightly to his advantage. But when I am ready to have my swede coat and shoes cleaned, It's the only place I'd take them.
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Review by Mo Islam

She is an amazing massage therapist. She has a way of listening to you and your body that allows her to work right on the issue. It's not just feel good, it actually relieves pain and suffering.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Jolliffe

In 1982 or thereabouts ? I came across Steven Gans ? he was giving talks on leading edge therapeutic communities along with some existential phenomenological approaches to this work. The communities were alternatives to traditional psychiatric care. The seminars were presented in a very large room in a huge octagonal building called the Diorama on the edge of Regents Park, London. They were the most amazing seminars ? taking one into new worlds of awareness ? of the relationship of self and other. One of the most exciting times of my life.See MoreRead Less