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Professionals in Alabama

There are 300 recommended Professionals in Alabama. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Professional.

Review by Brandi Mallett-perillat

I have always been a Tiffany's shopper, since I was 10 to be exact. In my personal opinion, Billy Hammocks designs are more current and fresh than even Tiffany's. I was extremely pleased with the quality of my wedding band and the excellent price that Billy made it for. He can make literally anything, and you're guaranteed to have the best time creating your jewelry! I will be going back for all of my jewelry needs from here on out :) I love Creative Jewelers!See MoreRead Less

Review by Joel Siegfried

Beverly is an astute, tireless, and energetic journalist who provides a wealth of useful information through her writings and creative insights. There is always something fresh and new in her articles, which are a joy to read. She has kept at her craft through family re-locations and is constantly striving to perfect her talents. As a fellow Examiner contributor, I've known Beverly for about 4 years. She has helped to critique my own work, and offer editorial advice. She is definitely a leader in her field and stands out as excellent on many levels.See MoreRead Less

Review by Megan Smith

Dr. Burnley personalizes treatment each visit. He's not only helped me with back problems, but also tailbone, jaw, foot, and sinus issues. I know I'm not going to get the same "cookie-cutter" adjustment each time I go--he listens and adjusts accordingly. He is very knowledgeable in general wellness and preventative care. I can't say enough about what a caring doctor and person he is. See MoreRead Less

Review by Margaret Cox

We decided to pick Terry as our wedding photographer after meeting her at her office for an interview. We knew right away that she would be perfect There was something about her personality that just spoke to us. She was down to earth and friendly, while still being an expert in her field. No "uppityness" there.
Over and over in our dealings with Terry, our decision to pick her was reinforced as being the right one. She did an amazing engagement session and had some of the best 'on the fly' photo ideas.
On the wedding day, having Terry there was like having a close friend there. Terry kept her calm and wits about her despite the 100+ degree day it was (and yes, outside wedding). She kept me calm and by the end of the night she felt like part of the celebration, not only to me, but to numerous of the guests.
Turn around time to have the pictures back was excellent. We all know pictures are pieces of art, but who really wants to wait 6 weeks for their wedding photos?
In the end, If you want to feel like your best friend is capturing your special event, then Terry is the person for you.
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Review by Linda Robinson

There is no doubt in my mind that God called Shirley Rayford to this wonderful ministry of youth,; and from the communication and publicity she has had in past years up til this present time, as she has worked diligently, the fruit of her labor speaks for itself with it's name, "It Takes a Village Ministries." I believe this is a God ordained ministry that will not only reach youth in a community and local base, but also worldwide. May the blessings of the Lord continue to over flow to Ms. Rayford and this ministry ofyouth everywhere.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rick Bishop

Cindy is a real professional in her photography business. She stays on top of trends and current in her continuos training and learning in the complex craft of fine photography. She goes above and beyond in customer service. The images that she delivers shows the love and the quality in her craft. Cindy is dedicated to her business customers and will provide them with the best in photographic services and Prints. Prints to be displayed and loved by all family members, because prints will last for generations.See MoreRead Less

Review by Oscar Award

What do Rosa Parks, Mya Angelo, Oprah Winfrey, and Bethune Cookman have in common they all paved the way for strong women and I am so confident that Verenetta Johnson- Warner is on the next level to be doing that. It makes me happy and proud that finally not only a strong woman but a strong person can commit and fight for what she believes in so from one business person to another I recommend anybody to partner and support her vision because Verenetta makes people and others feel good about themselves.See MoreRead Less

Review by Melissa Smith

I learned a lot from @[100000650727776:2048:Greg Scott] while he was my manager at Academy Sports. He was always understanding and well as helpful in any situation. I knew if there was an issue with anything, involving customers and work related problems I could rely of Greg to fix the problem. I have watched him and learned that going that extra mile keeps that customer coming back and most of all, he knows that dealing with an employee a simple "thank you" ,"I appreciate you" and "good job", makes for a happy employee!See MoreRead Less

Review by Roy Harrison

Georgina is very knowledgeable on the Internet practices. and has developed various programs over the years I have been associated with her..
She ran an educational group that I attended and was able to explain many situations to me.as a newcomer to the Internet programs in a manner I easily understood.
I remember when she was joint hosting a Webinar making a presentation to the public when the other person acted differently to that expected . She was able to take the leadership of the situation and then guide the presentation back on course diplomatically, bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion.
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Review by Marilyn Meier Obrien

I hope I am doing this right. I am Marilyn the artist of www.artbymarilyn.net and I am thankfukl for recommendations but I don't know how to recommend so I am just stumbling around. Help me if you can.See MoreRead Less