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Mortgage Brokers in Texas

Looking to purchase or refinance your home in Texas? Stik.com has reviews and recommendations of mortgage professionals in your area directly from your social connections.

Review by Terry Williams Ligon

I had the opportunity to work with and get to know Pamela about 13 years ago and I must say I thrilled how she really dedicated her life to her work while always putting her family and God first. She is a great inspiration to everyone that she comes in contact in whether on the internet or in person. She has overcome odds that no one of thought of years ago and only by the grace of God is she alive and running marathons today. I am so proud to be called a friend to her and she is indeed a blessing in my lfe. Love you Pamela and may God richly bless you and your family.See MoreRead Less

Review by Vande Specialists

Alex is one of the best if not the best Loan Originators that has ever worked on my files. He and his team have the skills to make a deal happen from VA to Conventional to luxury loans. I can trust him with any task that needs to be done. He will guide your clients to make sure that everything goes very smoothly.

For new Agents Alex will be your guide and will instruct to make you look like a million bucks. Alex is a dear friend and an expert Colleague. I will recommend him to anyone! He is very aggressive at making sure that your client and you are always in the loop so everything goes very smoothly.
-Victor Espinoza-
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Review by Joan Barry Bockenkamp

Aurelius Sofia is a true professional... in every way. I had the pleasure of working with him on my most recent home purchase for a client. Within a very short time after receiving my client's information, my client and I received the most detailed, exceptional package. In fact, this was the first time in 10 years I have ever received such a professional package. He was on top of it then, and stayed on top of every single detail until the transaction closed. He is proactive, and a dream of a mortgage banker. His attention to detail and follow up is meticulous. This was the first time I worked with Aurelius; I now know I have missed some great opportunities to ensure smooth and flawless closings! Joan Bockenkamp, Capital City Sotheby's International RealtySee MoreRead Less

Review by Bellaheim Homes

"In twenty years of home building I have had the opportunity to work with a wide array of mortgage companies and individual loan officers. From participation in builder / lending joint ventures, to working with small local brokerages; I have been a party to both the successes and failures inherent in the industry.

The human component in most endeavors will almost always be the tipping point that pushes the scale towards success. In the mortgage business I have found this to be doubly true. The inherent stresses associated with the circumstances and requirements can be overwhelming to the purchaser. In most cases the lender alone has the ability to mitigate these fears. Clear communication, intelligent guidance, and the willingness to find solutions are the hallmarks of a true professional in the residential lending field.

Simply put, Melanie is the best that I have ever worked with."

Gary Liardon
President - CEO
Bellaheim Homes
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Review by Maureen Croley

Being the Office Manager for a local real estate company, my professional relationship with Roy crosses paths on many levels. Not only is he very professional and attentive to the business of making real estate transactions come together, but he is also very active and involved in helping make our community a better place to live and raise a family. Professionally and personally, Roy West is a definite asset to have as an advisor and as a friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Wanda Kirkpatrick

I had a very rough start with my mortgage process & the ending got worse. I met with Michelle after I signed my contract. We agreed on what I wanted to do with my loan & I went on my way. I trusted my realtor to communicate with her & get back with me with the facts. However, my realtor was very bad at conveying information or checking in with my loan officer. She assumed all was going well. When Michelle did call to mention problems, they were not relayed to me. Since my realtor did not look out for my well-being I felt trapped when I called Michelle directly and was told we could not achieve what we had discussed in the time frame we discussed. It had to be pushed back one week. I was furious @ Michelle but when I talked to my realtor & realized she had not kept up with details of my loan process, I quickly put the blame where it belonged, with her. She had dropped the ball. So, when we got to the end, my realtor blamed me & left it to me to stay on top of the issues. I called Michelle directly & she kept up with me after that. Because I had not been close to Michelle during the process, it was bumpy at first, but she communicated with me as well as she could, given her workload. Michelle did all she could do, but because I did not know I had to solve certain issues before closing. We had 2 weeks. I did what I had to get through closing. because it had been so rough, I talked with Michelle afterwards about the lack of communication between my realtor & her. She was not aware that I was just being told that everything was peachy. She agreed to handle that realtor differently in the future, such as not assuming the buyer knew anything. It was too late for me, but she did listen and worked very closely with me at the end of the loan process. We had other challenges. The closing was delayed and the closing date was Dec 20th. I would suggest not closing during a big holiday like that, just 5 days before Christmas, almost a month after Thanksgiving, and 2 weeks until New Years! Everyone wants to close before the end of the year! Crazy time!! Michelle did her job, weighted down with new government regulations asking for he amount of documents. It was a change for me so I got frustrated but understood. Those extra things to the end made me frustrated, but they were not her fault. I think Michelle was truly honest, hardworking and caring in the end. She knows her business and has sympathy for people, but her business leaves very little time & makes for quick responses. It helped to talk to her at the end and re-evaluate what happened & why. She took the time then to talk & listen. I realized more what loan officers are dealing with today & she finally knew all the frustrations I felt & why. It really helped to end that way. That's where I made a negative impression into a very positive one. See MoreRead Less

Review by Rise' Johns

I have know Mark for many,many years. He has always put the interest of his clients above his own interests. He is the consummate professional. Mark's knowledge of the mortgage business is always current and he is willing to share that knowledge so that agents/brokers are aware of changes in the mortgage industry. I have recommended Mark to many buyers for their loans and will continue to do so in the future. Mark goes the extra mile to make sure every buyer is getting the best loan for their individual needs and situation.

In addition, Mark gives back to the real estate community by hosting classes and giving needed information so that agents/brokers can better serve their clients and customers. Even after 32 years in the real estate industry, I always learn something when I attend one of Mark's classes.
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Review by Barbara Sweeney

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Carole for over 40 years. I have always been impressed by her professionalism and trustworthiness. She is very detail oriented and organized. Carole is one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. She gets along with everyone and never meets a stranger. She would make a wonderful contribution anywhere.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandra R. Salazar

Is great pleasure submit this recommendation for Billy Logins , 4 years ago Billy and Myself worked together, I reported directly to him, in his currently position, as Quality Manager of MARS
Billy manage the day to day activities, such as daily shop floor contact, work together with other departments ,Quality issues, control in the process , work distribution and customer satisfaction .
He is a great facilitator and motivator, he has a superlative understanding of the organization, business, management principles, and he knows how to communicate the needs of the management, in quickly understood terms, to all the levels.
Billy is highly motivated and always work hard to meet the business targets.
Diplomatic, smart and determinate to reach the organization goals in minimum time and maximum effectiveness.
If you want to, improve the operational indicators, reduce Cost and wastes, increase the profit, Billy is the Right person can support you.
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Review by Mike Benavides

I Have had the pleasure to have known Kelly Fest for over 20 years. We met in Austin, Texas. Kelly is a honest, Intelligent, dynamic person. I look forward to working with her to close a home when I return to Texas! Kelly is inspiring, and her quick wit makes her contagious character always a joy to be around.See MoreRead Less