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Mortgage Brokers in Michigan

Looking to purchase or refinance your home in Michigan? Stik.com has reviews and recommendations of mortgage professionals in your area directly from your social connections.

Review by Bob Bimdo

I stumbled upon and add somewhere online for quicken loans and i was kind of hesitant on using an online site to do my home purchase. So finally i figured i would give it a shot, and i was blown away with how easy it was. Quicken hooked me up with Brian and instantly we hit it off. I live in NH and hes in Michigan, and after a few days of talking it was like i was calling a good friend. He was very honest told me stuff most agents wouldn't of and saved me lots of money. This guys the real deal most agents are out to take your money at any means necessary,and i didn't get that with Brian, its weird i was always waiting for the catch, because in this business there allot of shyster's out there but Brian is not one of them.. Its been almost two yrs now since my purchase and no surprise's he tells it how it is and that's that. He saved me a ton of money and because of that he's got a customer for life......See MoreRead Less

Review by Mark Price

Good Morning my name is Mark Price and my wife is Mary Price.We met Amy through our brother in law who suggested her several years when we were looking to refinance our mortgage.Amy has always been straight forward with us when it comes in the direction we should go with out mortgage.The last time we refinanced back in December of 2012 me and my wife almost backed out of it then Amy called us several times to talk to both of us on how much money thru interest only we would be saving by doing this refinance and by doing it she saved us thousands of dollars by the interest only which in the long run is going to help my family out greatly and by also lowering the number of years on our mortgage.will get us to pay it off sooner.Amy is always there weather by email or phone or even after hours to help with any questions you have or concerns.She is great to work with always a good attitude and in today's world that is not always easy to find.My wife and i both agree Amy has made a world of difference in our life and feel we owe her a great deal.Finally i think Amy is a great asset at quicken loans and really meets the needs of her customers and i would give her 10 stars if i could.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mike Seitz

Colleen received my name based on a company sponsored relocation and reached out to me regularly while my wife and I decided whether to buy an existing home or build a new one. Even though I had decided to go with another broker, Colleen stayed in contact with me and in a professional way continually offered to assist in any way she could. When communications with my original broker did not meet my standards for customer service I asked Colleen if she could help, even though it was relatively late in the process and I needed to complete the mortgage loan process in an expedited manner. Colleen was very effective at ensuring the mortgage loan process aligned with my home builders’ timeline, which let to a smooth closing. Colleen’s emphasis on timely communication is what impressed me the most.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Wright

I appreciate the opportunity of reviewing our experience with Mr. Greg Lundgren. From the time that we made contact with Greg, it was a perfect example of his professionalism, but a personal touch thrown in to ensure that we were made comfortable during the entire process of refinancing our home. Greg made sure that he explained what was available and gave us the opportunity to make sure that we were comfortable in our decision making. My wife and I have owned three homes together, and have completed our fair share of buying and refinancing in this market during the last twenty years. But my wife and I both agreed that Greg made this the best personal and professional process that we have ever done. So much so, I told a co-worker and good friend of our experience, and he too refinanced with Quicken Loans. Greg made this experience as smooth, professional, but just the right touch of personal, that made us feel comfortable and assist us in making our decision to go with Quicken Loan. Our thanks go out to this young man, and I am sure that he will do the same for many more of your customers.

Thank you very much,

John Nicholas & Karen Marie Wright
3723 Amber Sun Circle
Castle Rock, Co 80108
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Review by Pat Dias

Rick had called me after a year of a previous conversation. I had been doing info searching on interent regarding refi. He contacted me by the info that I left. At that time it was not to my advantage to do anything. However, about a year later I had heard back from him. At that point it was a great opportunity. Very surprised that he had kept all of my info handy and contacted me tell me of the oppunity I had at that time. He is a very warm professional person. I was more than pleased with all that he did. I generally shut phone options down because I'd rather deal with somone face to face. But there was something about his approach that kept me on the line. It was an instant connection. He took the time to understand why I felt the way I did and the personal crisis that I had been in needing to get help with my financial situation. He is one exceptional person. He walked me through the whole refi process that I was needing. Needless to say, I did as he requested and the process ran smoothly and I've been extremely greatful for all of his help. I look for that personal touch becuase of the the trauma I have been through. He totally understood and gave me the time. I find him to be an excellent salesperson and extemely knowledgeable in what he does. He is extremely outstanding in my book. I would highly recommend him to others, which I have. When someone is going through a tough time they don't want to just feel like they are another target for a sale. They need that personal feel and understanding. This is a hard thing for someone to do by phone and get me to their side. But Rick certainly did. The job he did was above excellent. Actually, I thought he was a much older person because of his understanding of life. His life experience and caring go way beyond his years. I'm not a judgmental person, for I am a former elementary school teacher, and was certainly not in a career that one judges. But in a career where you give everyone the equal opportunity to learn inspite of. Therefore, to sum it all up he did and completed my entire refi program. To the highest level of my liking. I have nothing but the utmost praise for this gentleman. He obviously has had some great upbringing and maybe a teacher that left a major impact on him. Because he definitely has what it takes to deal with and help people. Again, all I can say is that he more than an asset to Quicken Loans. They should be proud to have him aboard their company. So, I have nothing but the utmost appreciation for all that he had did for me. Again, he is, on a teacher's rating, an A+. An in the check boxes he would deserve outstanding and excellent. Along with works 'above and beyond'.See MoreRead Less

Review by Andrew Androff

Working with Adam Rose and the Quicken Loans Team on my mortgage was incredible! This was the the first time that I had opted to use an internet based lender for this kind of transaction. Quicken Loans has perfected and refined the process so much, that I would not do it any other way. The use of their MyQL site made tracking and following the progress of my loan easy, efficient, and seamless. The whole experience was the perfect marriage of easy-to-use online technology with the good old fashioned comfort of being able to talk to an intelligent, supportive, and informed mortgage guy. Adam was great and always was available to answer my questions. I would have thought for as many times as I bugged him during the process, he would have been ready to avoid my phone calls. But he didn't, he was always there helping answer my most mundane question. His hand-holding and the communication that I received from the whole Quicken Loans organization kept me in the loop and confident. In the end, I closed on my house when they said I would and I could not be happier. I was able to get a great rate and Quicken Loans took the anxiety and stress out of the entire process. Adam is my mortgage guy and Quicken Loans is my mortgage company!See MoreRead Less

Review by Peter Marozsan

We have been thru the home buying process over 6 times. For our last relocation we worked with Andrew also though we ended up going with a local CU with a fancy two loan no pmi package. In hindsite we probably should have used quicken for that one also. At any rate with our current loan at a new location we did close with Andrew and quicken.

Honestly the process from start to finish was super easy, the tech was great (Myql and the app) and no one could touch the rate. My local CU was a few tents higher and the hometown bank wanted to put me in one of those no pmi loans with 1/2 percentage rate higher! The payment was lower but pmi will drop off.

Anyway Andrew did a great job pointing out the intricacies and options in a zero pressure manner.
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Review by Phil Braun

I wanted to take a moment and let you know about the outstanding service I received from Robin Webb. It is not very often that a company can stand up and say that they have outstanding customer service, but Quicken exceeded all of my expectations. I think the main reason they did was because of Ms. Robin Webb!!!

Robin was always available to answer questions and usually called me before I could call her. Her knowledge of the products and her attention to detail is outstanding!

It is rare in today's world that you can find someone with great knowledge that is willing to provide outstanding customer service.

I had a tough and unique loan situation and Robin was always very helpful and never once said that it could not be done!!! I believe in your company and Robin Webb so much that not only would I refer someone, but I already have!!!

A huge thank you to Robin and her help with my loan. Quicken Loans is very lucky to have her as an employee and I cannot say enough good things about her!

Thank you Quicken Loans team and especially Robin!!!
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Review by Brian Bellows

Sumer was a very pleasant person to work with as we walked through the refinance of my existing 30 mortgage into a lower interest 15 year mortage. We were dealt a curve ball when our house didn't appraise at the required value to roll both our primary and our LOC into one shorter term mortgage. Though I wasn't pleasant to deal with after receiving this news, she maintained her composure and really worked hard to find a package that would help at least lower our interest rate on the primary and shorten the term, thus saving us a considerable amount of money over the life of the loan.
Throughout the process Sumer provided me with a couple of options to consider and was very thorough in walking me through how these options would roll themselves out over time. She was a very professional and pleasant person to deal with and I appreciate her willingness to look past my frustration and push forward in such a way that I honestly could see the value in the process of refinancing. We are already seeing a rapid reduction in our principle balance.
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Review by Lilda RockWiley

or Troy was assigned to our loan. We had a VA loan, with one bad thing left on our credit (that we had spent MUCH time repairing). Nobody wanted to deal with us. But Quiken and Troy took us on. We had to wait a year for the bad thing to fall off our credit report, not to mention the one hundred million details that go into a VA loan. Troy could not have been more patient or nicer. I feel like I spoke to him every day for at least two months. Troy was calm, patient, and understanding. We rented the house we were buying, and the idea of not getting the loan and having to move out, made me sick. Not only was Troy on top of our paper work, and great at dealing with all the details, he talked me off the ledge more then once!See MoreRead Less