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Mortgage Brokers in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts

Looking to purchase or refinance your home in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts? Stik.com has reviews and recommendations of mortgage professionals in your area directly from your social connections.

Review by Diem Do

I met Dick through my older sister; 3 of my older sisters all bought (as well as refinanced) their homes through Dick and recommended him to me because of his extremely honest, prompt, thorough, trustworthy, diligent work and service--you feel assured that he is giving you his best, finding whatever cuts and rebates he can for you for the lowest price possible, and giving you just the right amount of pressure to make decisions instead of being overbearing like some other brokers may be.

In my own personal experience, Dick has saved me thousands on closing and refinancing costs--I brag about it to my friends who all gasp when I show them my costs as compared to theirs for similar mortgages. Two years ago, my own boyfriend who is a long-time realtor highly recommended me to another broker whose costs were actually significantly higher than what Dick was able to find and offer--he definitely knows this line of business. I ditched my boyfriend's recommendation and went with Dick and have been extremely happy since. I look forward to purchasing my next home through Dick again--hands-down.

I recommend Dick to all of my close friends. One of my friends is a huge stickler and "researcher" when it comes to mortgages, and even he said that Dick was the most knowledgeable and intelligent broker out of them all. My own older sister is the most calculating, meticulous, untrusting and scrutinizing, numbers-oriented person you will ever meet - and even she trusts Dick with her mortgage and refinancing.
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