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Mortgage Brokers in Massachusetts

Looking to purchase or refinance your home in Massachusetts? Stik.com has reviews and recommendations of mortgage professionals in your area directly from your social connections.

Review by Diem Do

I met Dick through my older sister; 3 of my older sisters all bought (as well as refinanced) their homes through Dick and recommended him to me because of his extremely honest, prompt, thorough, trustworthy, diligent work and service--you feel assured that he is giving you his best, finding whatever cuts and rebates he can for you for the lowest price possible, and giving you just the right amount of pressure to make decisions instead of being overbearing like some other brokers may be.

In my own personal experience, Dick has saved me thousands on closing and refinancing costs--I brag about it to my friends who all gasp when I show them my costs as compared to theirs for similar mortgages. Two years ago, my own boyfriend who is a long-time realtor highly recommended me to another broker whose costs were actually significantly higher than what Dick was able to find and offer--he definitely knows this line of business. I ditched my boyfriend's recommendation and went with Dick and have been extremely happy since. I look forward to purchasing my next home through Dick again--hands-down.

I recommend Dick to all of my close friends. One of my friends is a huge stickler and "researcher" when it comes to mortgages, and even he said that Dick was the most knowledgeable and intelligent broker out of them all. My own older sister is the most calculating, meticulous, untrusting and scrutinizing, numbers-oriented person you will ever meet - and even she trusts Dick with her mortgage and refinancing.
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Review by Amy Delgiacco

When my husband and I needed to buy our first home in Pennsylvania I called Marc Immediately. Marc was our savior, he not only helped us find our lowest rate but his attention to detail also saved us thousands of dollars, literally. Marc communicated with us daily and kept my husband and I informed completely, he did not end the conversation until he knew we fully understood. We most definitely recommend Marc to friends and family for the simple fact that he treated us like he would his own family member. Thank You Marc!See MoreRead Less

Review by Larry York

In September 2011 I refinanced with Guaranteed Rate and I couldn't be happier with the process or the results. I dealt with Savvas Fatfetsidis, out of Boston, who was friendly, efficient, and effective. He sought out multiple options including some that I didn't initially qualify for, but after taking the necessary actions I ultimately did.

A specific example is that my credit rating came in 1 point below a level that would qualify me for better rates. Savvas suggested that if I paid a specific amount to reduce my credit card debt, it would likely make the difference. I was able to make that payment, and Savvas took action with the credit rating agencies to get my score updated. This conscientiousness resulted in me having several great options, and I merely had to choose the loan that made the most sense for me. He is exactly the kind of person one hopes to encounter (but rarely does) when dealing with financial products.

A little over a year later, Savvas reached out to me because rates had dropped enough that he thought I should consider refinancing again. Normally I wouldn't bother with the headache of the paperwork, but it had gone so well before I figured it was worth considering. Adhering to constraints I had put on the refinance, Savvas had a package that required no out of pocket cash, and I recouped the cost of the refinance in 9 months. With the exception of an escrow estimate error by one of his assistants, the paperwork was accurate, straightforward, and the whole process required a minimal time investment from me.

When the time comes to purchase a new home, Savvas will be the first person I contact.
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Review by Linda Lagana

It is my sincere pleasure to give my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a home mortgage, or to refinance their exiting home, to call upon the services of Warren Abramson.

In 2012, after losing out on a deal for a different home due to the inadequacy of the mortgage specialist I had been working with, I was forced to start the process over again and search for a different home.

The owners of the home I was looking to buy were sitting on more than one offer and wanted to close within 30 days. They agreed to sell me their home if I could meet this stipulation. An acquaintance recommended that I call Warren. When all other mortgage specialists said a 30-day close was not possible, Warren assured me he could make it happen, and he did. Warren pulled out all the stops and worked with me day and night till I finally closed on my new home.

Securing a home mortgage these days can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. And it was! Warren had my best interests at heart and held my hands throughout the entire process. I can't image how much worse it could have been if I wasn't so lucky to have Warren working on my behalf. I do wonder if I'd be in living in my home today if not for his hard work and diligence.

I have gone out of my way to recommend Warren to my closest friends and family.

Linda Lagana
Homeowner in Nashua, NH
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Review by Ryan Cook

If you're looking for a lending PROFESSIONAL, Bob is your man. In my business as a Realtor, I deal with many different lenders. Bob has been able to find funding for my clients when others wilted...and they weren't any of those off-the-beaten path ARMs or anything crazy. He's creative, he knows how to structure deals correctly, and saying No is very difficult for him. It's about going the extra mile, and Bob is one of the few lenders I find on that extra mile.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joe Salines

I still have customers looking for Bernie many years later when he ran our business and finance office at bill DeLuca chevy,buick,gmc.wish he never moved on,but he had people to help.you see,he wasn"t just your ordinary business mgr. at a car dealership.he made things happen for our clients that needed it the most and that"s a hard act to follow.the best follow up in the industry with repeat clients to prove it.best of luck Bernie,we all miss you..joe salines,obuoy2@aol.com.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jessica Jenkins

Having worked with Bill in the past, I highly recommend him. His strong work ethic and keen people skills make him a great co-worker and a welcome addition to any team. His commitment to his community, charities, friends and family is inspiring.See MoreRead Less

Review by Oc Oconnor

After working with Julianne for well over ten years, I can speak very well of her tenacity, thoroughness, and professionalism to put you into the best financial mortgage product available ! She has helped me and my family get through some financial challenges with re-fis - as well as bring some time sensitive closings on other properties to successful endings.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandra Katz

i have known eva for about 10 years now and she is one of the best in the business...she has compassion and is honest and a wonderful person great to talk with too and understanding and a lot of knowledge when it comes to mortgages and people and helping...She is one of the best...Good Luck Eva...See MoreRead Less

Review by Debbie Scanlon

Bob is a true professional in every sense of the word. As a Realtor, Bob has helped many of my clients over the years get the mortgage they need at a great rate and in a reasonable amount of time. The one thing that stands out with Bob is that the lies of communication are always open. There is never a point in the transaction that the client or I haven't been updated. BONUS: Super nice, caring individual who goes out of his way to make the best things happen! He has the knowledge, experience, and the personal touch to make the process enjoyable. A rare combination. I always highly recommend Bob Chipman!See MoreRead Less