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Mortgage Brokers in Boca Raton, Florida

Looking to purchase or refinance your home in Boca Raton, Florida? Stik.com has reviews and recommendations of mortgage professionals in your area directly from your social connections.

Review by Jim Dixon

My Wife and I were searching the market for a new home. We did some of our own research regarding different types of mortgages, and the different options we had. Although we collected some information, we did not feel comfortable with making such a large investment. We had the pleasure of being introduced to Allen through a mutual friend. We wanted to make the best possible decision when it came to adhering to our budget, as well as making the best decision for our future.

Quite simply, Allen was able to acquire a mortgage for us at a very competitive interest rate. Aside from what would be considered enough to most, I want to point out that Allen went above and beyond than just getting us a great mortgage. When we first met Allen, he sat us down and asked for our budget. He didn't try to sell anything, or get us into a contract. He took the time review our case on a personal level in order to explain different aspects of investments for people like my Wife and I. We felt the entire process with First Trust Mortgage was custom-made around our desires and goals. In addition to the great discussions we had with Allen, the information provided as we progressed step by step enlightened us as to why things are done a certain way when financing a home.

Allen's patience, knowledge, and respect for his clients are the reasons I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who may be interested in his services or insight
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Review by Claire Citrano

I've known Lenny since he was a child. Our families were very close growing up and we have remained close throughout the years. I was employed as a finance manager while living in Florida by a company owned by him and his father. He was a very big factor in that company in making it grow from a 3-person small business to a more than $20 million, highly respected, corporation.
I know him to be intelligent, intuitive, hard working, reliable and very responsible. I've watched him interact with his children and know him to be a very loving and caring father. He is a man of integrity who would be an asset in every way to a company or corporation of any size. I would give him 5 stars
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Review by Steven Thompson

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Review by Brian Rassi

Mason is my prior mentor before I left the residential mortgage industry in early 2008. I learned and excelled under his management for about 4 years. Till this day I refer everyone to him because he is the most knowledgeable, experienced and honest residential mortgage broker I know. What makes him stand out is his ability to underwrite the file before he submits to the lender. Mason cut his teeth as an underwriter, then a bank manager, then a mortgage broker trainer and finally he went into the field to do loans for the public. His extensive resume makes Mason the right man to work for and with when it comes to residential mortgage loans!See MoreRead Less

Review by Allen Robinson

Adam is a true professional in the mortgage industry. He is an excellent communicator and is serious about his professional. Adam's client are in great hands when they decide to let him be the quarterback of their real estate transaction. Our industry would be much different if all mortgage loan originators played at Adam's level.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jim Boyden

Erick Has Been Handling My Loans For Over 10 Years. He Really Knows His Stuff And Gets The Job Done With No Drama. He Gets Five Stars From Me Because My Customers Are Always Super Satisfied.See MoreRead Less

Review by Julie Wittman

Bill Sample is a courteous person that is very knowledgeable in his field. I am a realtor in Erie, PA and I needed some advice regarding on how to direct a client of mine to go and Bill took the time to give me the best resolution that would work for them. Bill is from my hometown of North East, PA. He comes from a very reputable and loving family.See MoreRead Less

Review by Larry Fox

I have known Richard for over 50 years. He has true integrity and a sincere interest in producing the best outcome for his clients. If you're looking for business expertise combined with solid personal character you can trust - you're in good hands with him and his associates.See MoreRead Less

Review by Janis Degen

having a mortgage brokers license myself,I can say Robert is excellent. He works hard and is extremely tenacious

Review by Lisa English

Ross is extremely knowledgable and professional as well as great to work with!