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Mortgage Brokers in Florida

Looking to purchase or refinance your home in Florida? Stik.com has reviews and recommendations of mortgage professionals in your area directly from your social connections.

Review by Jim Dixon

My Wife and I were searching the market for a new home. We did some of our own research regarding different types of mortgages, and the different options we had. Although we collected some information, we did not feel comfortable with making such a large investment. We had the pleasure of being introduced to Allen through a mutual friend. We wanted to make the best possible decision when it came to adhering to our budget, as well as making the best decision for our future.

Quite simply, Allen was able to acquire a mortgage for us at a very competitive interest rate. Aside from what would be considered enough to most, I want to point out that Allen went above and beyond than just getting us a great mortgage. When we first met Allen, he sat us down and asked for our budget. He didn't try to sell anything, or get us into a contract. He took the time review our case on a personal level in order to explain different aspects of investments for people like my Wife and I. We felt the entire process with First Trust Mortgage was custom-made around our desires and goals. In addition to the great discussions we had with Allen, the information provided as we progressed step by step enlightened us as to why things are done a certain way when financing a home.

Allen's patience, knowledge, and respect for his clients are the reasons I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who may be interested in his services or insight
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Review by Dee Griffin

I first met Bob a year ago at a Sarasota Chamber of Commerce orientation, where he impressed me with his professionalism. Since then, we have become better acquainted through several Networking groups that we both belong to and through the year, I have found Bob to be knowledgeable and professional in every aspect of his presentation. He knows hundreds if not thousands of people in our community through his vast networking and community services and he is a person who you can count on to help out when it is needed. Anyone looking to work with an honest and reliable firm to help them find money for their business venture should not hesitate to contact Bob Liebold and work with his firm, Liebold Enterprises.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mike Grimes

There are several essential traits I consider for success in the workplace: habits of daily transaction and performance like professionalism, time and resource management, quality production, communication, and interpersonal skills. Rafael Unzueta excels in each of these areas.

His intellect, creativity, and strong work ethic are evident in the attention to detail he commits to all his endeavors. But certainly one of Rafael’s finest qualities is his outstanding leadership. Rafael is a pleasure to work with; he keeps every member of his staff focused and enthusiastic. More than simple personality, Rafael has a natural positive attitude and team-building charisma that brings out the best in all those around him.

I sincerely believe Rafael Unzueta would be a benefit to your business, and would be a welcome addition to your team. I’m confident that he will always be an asset, in whatever position he undertakes. I hope you will give him your most favorable consideration.
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Review by Mary Mccoy

I have been knowing Amy for quite sometime ,she dates my son.
Amy has always been there for anything I have needed, she helped me find a car, she helped me take
care of that. She stuck by me until that was finished.
Amy is a very smart, wonderful person. She goes the extra mile to help anyone. She s very dependable., ougoing and just an all around person anyone would like to have working for them.
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Review by Joseph Rebhun

I met Sondra many years ago in the business world of finance/real estate. There are two types of true professionals in this world. The total business professional who while getting the job done almost makes you feel that they are cold or that you are interfering if you need to call and ask a question. And then there is the kind like Sondra. Always with a smile not only on her face but in her voice if you need to call. But don't let her friendly way of doing things mean she is not up to getting the job done. She is complete and always makes sure EVERYTHING is ready and always willing to go the extra mile for you if you need a little extra help.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joe Fernandez

I highly recommend Donna to anyone who may have the opportunity to use a resverse mortgage as a financial planning tool. Donna helped one of my clients to eliminate her existing mortgage payment, obtain an additional source of income to secure her retirement, and reduce her stress in her later years. It does not work for everyone, but when the case calls for it, Donna is my best resource!See MoreRead Less

Review by Henry Smith

I helped Bob get hired into the mortgage industry back in the mid-1990's and he has thrived in this field since. Even after moving on to different companies we have kept in touch and even worked together in helping customers in hard to place loans. Bob has a great understanding of lending products and quickly learned all aspects of the mortgage process from the initial application to final closing. Despite his highly tuned technical skills what makes Bob such a great Account Executive is his care and empathy for his customers. Every one of his clients truly feel as though he or she is the most important person Bob is working with and he gives each one the attention and time to reinforce that feeling. I highly recommend Bob to any client, company, or co-worker that has the chance to work with him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Claire Citrano

I've known Lenny since he was a child. Our families were very close growing up and we have remained close throughout the years. I was employed as a finance manager while living in Florida by a company owned by him and his father. He was a very big factor in that company in making it grow from a 3-person small business to a more than $20 million, highly respected, corporation.
I know him to be intelligent, intuitive, hard working, reliable and very responsible. I've watched him interact with his children and know him to be a very loving and caring father. He is a man of integrity who would be an asset in every way to a company or corporation of any size. I would give him 5 stars
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Review by Stephanie Smith

Walter and his team are the best! I had a very unique and difficult situation when I was trying to buy my home. There were a bunch of obstacle, but they overcame them and were successful. They worked very hard, stayed in touch, and didn't give up on getting me my loan. Walter is very knowledgeable and knows the "ins and outs". He was always available and very personable. He has a great attitude and he truly believes in his work and stands by his word! Thank you Walter for all your time and effort.See MoreRead Less

Review by Karla-mae Goodman

As a Production Closing Coordinator for a local HomeBuilder in Melbourne, FL for 5 and a half years, I had the privelege of working with Toni Hansen Jones as a Loan Officer. At such a crucial, and sometimes confusing time for a buyer, making sure all the pieces came together to settle on a new home could be at times, well stressful. It was a relief to know that when Toni was involved, there was one less 'thing' to worry about. After personally using her services, I still to this date recommend her to all my family and friends.See MoreRead Less