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Mortgage Brokers in California

Looking to purchase or refinance your home in California? Stik.com has reviews and recommendations of mortgage professionals in your area directly from your social connections.

Review by Sheila Lawrence

I first met Elise through clients of mine. We were working on finding a house and, since the husband was an Irish national and the wife had lived in Ireland for the last six years, there were some complications trying to fit their financial history in to the American lending criteria.

Elise went well over the top to get the loan completed. The lender was dragging his feet and pushing us past our loan contingency deadline. The transaction was about to fall through entirely when Elise camped out in the bank's office and actually convinced the Vice President that he should work on this one himself. Happily we were able to close, with only a little steam escaping the seller's ears.

She has since been a lender to other clients and has done a stellar job. She has a long history in lending, rich with experience and is able to explain the process to the client and make things go smoothly. In this market that is no small feat. She also comes to the signings, which I think is very important.

I would say she stands out because for a few reasons...her experience, her good humor, her rapid understanding of the situation and how to best handle it. In short, she is a pro, and that is what you want in these days when the bank requirements change continually.
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Review by Rick Lahkar

As nervous first time home buyer for our primary residence, finding the right mortgage professional was extremely important for us. I usually do business with people who are referred to me by trusted friends and business associates. A good friend of mine has once mentioned Josephine Chu's name and he was very pleased with her services. And am I glad that we decided to contact her !! I still remember it was pretty late in the evening and hence I refrained from calling her and just sent her an e-mail. In less than an hour, she called be back - I wasn't even expecting her to call me back that night. In a nutshell, that's Josephine for you - pro-active and always available. We had a great conversation - she was very attentive and asked just the right questions and immediately gave us a sense of feeling that she'll be able to help us out. What turned out to be a regular loan process turned out to be quite a complicate affair. Josephine was the kind of support any client can ask for. She did whatever it took to make sure we funded in time. It is a long story but the bottomline is that my wife and I are her fans for life. She answers her phone and replies to e-mails as if she has nothing else to do. But I knew for a fact that she was an extremely busy professional and treated all clients with equal importance. And talk about high energy levels - I have never felt that she was ever stressed out or tired, even at 10 at night. Honestly, I have not encountered too many professionals like Josephine in my lifetime who has it all - great product knowledge, excellent customer service skills, very easy to get hold of and so much more !! I could go on and on but I have just another story to share. During the process of our loan, She had a baby. She reassured me that her assistant would take care of business while she was gone. But the very next day she was on the phone and e-mail working on our complicated loan. That's says it all. We are ever thankful to her that we have a house to live in today and also very thankful to my friend for referring us to her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Martha Saltzman

This man knows the business of real estate loans. My wife and I have not used Jim for real estate purchase or sale. He was able to find us the best loans available at the time and he had in depth answers for every question we had, due to his knowledge and preparation. I was a loan officer- now retired- and would work for this man any time. He has business, personal, and fulfillment values that are what is needed in an industry in flux. We will use Jim for every future loan we look for. We know him by recommendation from friends who used his services. Everyone who used Jim stated that he gets things done more quickly and professionally than any other real estate professional they and now we have had dealings. He is on time, his paperwork was flawless which allows for a faster loan process. He stirkes me as one who will teach those under him, and keep on learning himself. He will also demand excellence. I cannot say enough good about this man's professional deamanor. One thing I liked although sometimes difficult to hear - was that he made no promises but kept us balanced in our expectations. He also works harder than any agent I have gotten loans from, and keeps his business on a one to one basis - in our home - when it would have been easier for him to do so on the phone. That is difficult when I know he deals with so many other customers and a family.. The best word i can use for James Clark is respect.See MoreRead Less

Review by Matt Bear

When we asked for recommendations for a mortgage banker, our Realtor immediately suggested Steve Dinielli with Broadview Mortgage. We can see why she was so confident. From our first phone call (when we were "just feeling things out"), through the loan process, and on to the nice "thank you" we received when all was said and done, Steve's friendly and professional service was top-notch. Calls and emails were answered or returned promptly and with pinpoint accuracy. Steve was more than patient with us and was able to answer and anticipate all of our questions making the entire process surprisingly painless -- much easier than we'd experienced from other lenders in the past. We'd use Steve's services again in heartbeat -- and we highly recommend him. We really appreciate all he did to help us get into our new home. Thanks again, Steve!See MoreRead Less

Review by Linda Dorn

Karen was referred to us by a good friend when we decided to try and take advantage of the recent rock-bottom re-fi rates. Karen was very responsive and easy to work with - and made sure we understood everything in layman's terms. Of course, now that docs are handled online, it is a much more efficient and painless system all around. Best of all, Karen said what she'd do, and did what she said -- nice to deal with someone of integrity! We have (hopefully) refinanced for the last time, but if we were to attempt another, we would definitely give her a call.See MoreRead Less

Review by Annette Said

I am working with Laine to quality for a home loan. He mapped everything out so I know what I need to do to realize my dream of owning a home.

Laine was responsive and knowledgeable.

His reputation precedes him. He works with a high level of trust and confidentiality that I feel comfortable with.

His new team of financial advisors that have developed Arkenstone Financial has pooled talent from various sectors to create a wealth management team.

This team has the same level of expertise and trust.

I highly recommend working with Laine Rinker as well as his team with Arkenstone.
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Review by Justin Johnson

I have worked directly with Darin Sears throughout the years and have a good idea of his skill set, drive and processor abilities. Darin has a vast array of experience in the business, dealing with many different origination platforms, different banks, and different loan officers. This has been an asset when working with him, because his ability to navigate different systems with speed is crucial to our business. He is also a great person to talk to about structure, guides and opinions on loans. This has come in very handy when deciding where to go with a file, or how to structure it. He is also not afraid to take a stand on a file and fight for the borrower and loan officer when needed. I find these traits very valuable in this industry, and highly recommend Darin as a senior loan processor. I would love to work with him again in the future.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robin Sun

I have known Jerry for over 10 years now and have done over half a dozen transactions with him and have referred him to many others as well. Jerry has always provided great service through his professionalism, accountability and ability to get the deal done. I trust his opinions as he always has his client's interest in mind. He's been in the Mortgage industry for a long time and has access to many products and banks that other brokers don't. I know he can get me into the best product at a great price and I can enjoy the process along the way. I consider him a friend and one of my favorite business relationships (if you can still call it that). I hope you can give him a chance and allow him to provide you with the same exceptional service.

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Review by Chad Thorp

Helen is a wonderful, beautiful woman who cares for the things she loves. That includes her family and her interaction with her clients. She will go out of her way to make her acquaintances happy and satisfied. She has a tremendous sense of humour that will keep anyone entertained for hours. She is a total sweetheart and I'm proud and pleased to know her. Once you know her she will always be remembered and never forgotten.
Chad Thorp
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Review by Ashley Powers-burt

As a real estate invetor and childhood friend of Adam's, I would recommend Adam at Wholesale Capital Corporation. He is great at what he does and can work to find you financing for your needs whether it be a home equity loan, a primary mortgage, or even financing for an investment property. He can find the money you are looking for and help you every step of the way with owning your own home.See MoreRead Less