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Review by Chris Hendrickson

As a long time colleague in the business, I can easily say that Tom is one of the most respected purveyors of our service in the land. Tom will always provide a flawless performance, he'll solve the problems without a hitch and will unfailingly deliver the keys on time. When he's all done, he'll skip his acceptance speech and head for the door to be with his family... Tom is fairly handsome, pretty smart, he's got decent rates and he is sorta funny too...if you can't get ahold of me, hire Tom EVERY TIME! He is the BEST!See MoreRead Less

Review by Don Haines

Dan is a client of my wife who is a CPA, and when asked about refinancing our home for a lower rate, he was happy to assist us.
/> My wife and I found Dan to be a very professional person to deal with. All our questions were answered quickly and accurately, our process was smooth and effortless thanks to Dan.

Of all the individuals that we have dealt with when either purchasing or refinancing, Dan has been without a doubt, the best of the them all. If we ever consider another refinance or new purchase, he will be our first choice.

Don and Tory HainesSee MoreRead Less

Review by Peter Marozsan

We have been thru the home buying process over 6 times. For our last relocation we worked with Andrew also though we ended up going with a local CU with a fancy two loan no pmi package. In hindsite we probably should have used quicken for that one also. At any rate with our current loan at a new location we did close with Andrew and quicken.

Honestly the process from start to finish was super easy, the tech was great (Myql and the app) and no one could touch the rate. My local CU was a few tents higher and the hometown bank wanted to put me in one of those no pmi loans with 1/2 percentage rate higher! The payment was lower but pmi will drop off.

Anyway Andrew did a great job pointing out the intricacies and options in a zero pressure manner.
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Review by Wanda Kirkpatrick

I had a very rough start with my mortgage process & the ending got worse. I met with Michelle after I signed my contract. We agreed on what I wanted to do with my loan & I went on my way. I trusted my realtor to communicate with her & get back with me with the facts. However, my realtor was very bad at conveying information or checking in with my loan officer. She assumed all was going well. When Michelle did call to mention problems, they were not relayed to me. Since my realtor did not look out for my well-being I felt trapped when I called Michelle directly and was told we could not achieve what we had discussed in the time frame we discussed. It had to be pushed back one week. I was furious @ Michelle but when I talked to my realtor & realized she had not kept up with details of my loan process, I quickly put the blame where it belonged, with her. She had dropped the ball. So, when we got to the end, my realtor blamed me & left it to me to stay on top of the issues. I called Michelle directly & she kept up with me after that. Because I had not been close to Michelle during the process, it was bumpy at first, but she communicated with me as well as she could, given her workload. Michelle did all she could do, but because I did not know I had to solve certain issues before closing. We had 2 weeks. I did what I had to get through closing. because it had been so rough, I talked with Michelle afterwards about the lack of communication between my realtor & her. She was not aware that I was just being told that everything was peachy. She agreed to handle that realtor differently in the future, such as not assuming the buyer knew anything. It was too late for me, but she did listen and worked very closely with me at the end of the loan process. We had other challenges. The closing was delayed and the closing date was Dec 20th. I would suggest not closing during a big holiday like that, just 5 days before Christmas, almost a month after Thanksgiving, and 2 weeks until New Years! Everyone wants to close before the end of the year! Crazy time!! Michelle did her job, weighted down with new government regulations asking for he amount of documents. It was a change for me so I got frustrated but understood. Those extra things to the end made me frustrated, but they were not her fault. I think Michelle was truly honest, hardworking and caring in the end. She knows her business and has sympathy for people, but her business leaves very little time & makes for quick responses. It helped to talk to her at the end and re-evaluate what happened & why. She took the time then to talk & listen. I realized more what loan officers are dealing with today & she finally knew all the frustrations I felt & why. It really helped to end that way. That's where I made a negative impression into a very positive one. See MoreRead Less

Review by Steve Rooney

I was fortunate enough to have met Neil through a mutual a friend, knowing that I was looking for a new home, my friend gave Neil extremely a very high recommendation as she had just recently worked with him on her house.
As I began working with Neil and his team, I quickly came to feel that I was being treated as a friend. He took the time to make sure that I understood the products, why he was offering some and why he wasn't offering others. I felt like Neil was guiding me to find a loan that fit my needs exactly.
Years later when I began thinking of refinancing, I had entertained an offer from the the bank that held my original loan but knew I wouldn't make a step before speaking with Neil. As before, Neil took the time to explain the differences in the the loans that I was considering and made sure that not only was I comfortable with my choice, I felt like he wanted to be certain that I had considered all of the options available to me. My refinanced terms were much better than what the bank was offering.
In today's climate where the mortgage industry seems to be struggling with a sense integrity, Neil Christiansen stands apart from the rest.
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Review by Amy Delgiacco

When my husband and I needed to buy our first home in Pennsylvania I called Marc Immediately. Marc was our savior, he not only helped us find our lowest rate but his attention to detail also saved us thousands of dollars, literally. Marc communicated with us daily and kept my husband and I informed completely, he did not end the conversation until he knew we fully understood. We most definitely recommend Marc to friends and family for the simple fact that he treated us like he would his own family member. Thank You Marc!See MoreRead Less

Review by Phil Braun

I wanted to take a moment and let you know about the outstanding service I received from Robin Webb. It is not very often that a company can stand up and say that they have outstanding customer service, but Quicken exceeded all of my expectations. I think the main reason they did was because of Ms. Robin Webb!!!

Robin was always available to answer questions and usually called me before I could call her. Her knowledge of the products and her attention to detail is outstanding!

It is rare in today's world that you can find someone with great knowledge that is willing to provide outstanding customer service.

I had a tough and unique loan situation and Robin was always very helpful and never once said that it could not be done!!! I believe in your company and Robin Webb so much that not only would I refer someone, but I already have!!!

A huge thank you to Robin and her help with my loan. Quicken Loans is very lucky to have her as an employee and I cannot say enough good things about her!

Thank you Quicken Loans team and especially Robin!!!
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Review by Stephanie Enck

To whom it may concern,

In 2010, before meeting Sal, we were working with a lender on a rehabilitation loan. This person was slow to respond and would ask us for documentation daily, and sometimes the same documents. At the time we were new to the area and we did not have a network of family and friends to tap into for a lender. We grew frustrated and our contractor introduced us to Sal. He made himself available for a meeting within a day or two after initial contact. He was accommodating and quickly turned around a loan approval for this somewhat complicated loan very quickly. He was knowledgeable and explained things to us in detail. At closing we had no surprises. I would definitely recommend his lender services.

Jeff & Stephanie Enck
North Jersey
August 2013
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Review by Brenda Hanson

Chris is Wonderful to work with! I have worked with Chris as a buyer and as a Realtor. When my husband and I began investing in rental properties, we were introduced to Chris by our Real Estate Agent. Not only was he able to help us with several investment loans, but he did so with Professionalism and Efficiency! At that time (2004 or so) lets face it, anyone could get a loan. The Customer Service is what brought us back to Chris.
After becoming a Real Estate Agent myself, I was flooded with Lenders asking for my business. It is also common for Buyers to come to me already pre-approved with their own Lender. Now that I have been on the Agent side of these transactions and have worked with several Lenders, I understand how important it is that Chris is Professional, Efficient, and Able to provide up to date information to my Clients.
Most importantly, Chris is able to relate to my Buyers and give them the information that they need in terms they understand. He not only has access to the latest information in the Mortgage world, but he knows how to analyze that information and use it to create Trust and Confidence for my Buyers.
I highly recommend Chris for any Mortgage Needs!
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Review by Brian Bellows

Sumer was a very pleasant person to work with as we walked through the refinance of my existing 30 mortgage into a lower interest 15 year mortage. We were dealt a curve ball when our house didn't appraise at the required value to roll both our primary and our LOC into one shorter term mortgage. Though I wasn't pleasant to deal with after receiving this news, she maintained her composure and really worked hard to find a package that would help at least lower our interest rate on the primary and shorten the term, thus saving us a considerable amount of money over the life of the loan.
Throughout the process Sumer provided me with a couple of options to consider and was very thorough in walking me through how these options would roll themselves out over time. She was a very professional and pleasant person to deal with and I appreciate her willingness to look past my frustration and push forward in such a way that I honestly could see the value in the process of refinancing. We are already seeing a rapid reduction in our principle balance.
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