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Review by Pat Dias

Rick had called me after a year of a previous conversation. I had been doing info searching on interent regarding refi. He contacted me by the info that I left. At that time it was not to my advantage to do anything. However, about a year later I had heard back from him. At that point it was a great opportunity. Very surprised that he had kept all of my info handy and contacted me tell me of the oppunity I had at that time. He is a very warm professional person. I was more than pleased with all that he did. I generally shut phone options down because I'd rather deal with somone face to face. But there was something about his approach that kept me on the line. It was an instant connection. He took the time to understand why I felt the way I did and the personal crisis that I had been in needing to get help with my financial situation. He is one exceptional person. He walked me through the whole refi process that I was needing. Needless to say, I did as he requested and the process ran smoothly and I've been extremely greatful for all of his help. I look for that personal touch becuase of the the trauma I have been through. He totally understood and gave me the time. I find him to be an excellent salesperson and extemely knowledgeable in what he does. He is extremely outstanding in my book. I would highly recommend him to others, which I have. When someone is going through a tough time they don't want to just feel like they are another target for a sale. They need that personal feel and understanding. This is a hard thing for someone to do by phone and get me to their side. But Rick certainly did. The job he did was above excellent. Actually, I thought he was a much older person because of his understanding of life. His life experience and caring go way beyond his years. I'm not a judgmental person, for I am a former elementary school teacher, and was certainly not in a career that one judges. But in a career where you give everyone the equal opportunity to learn inspite of. Therefore, to sum it all up he did and completed my entire refi program. To the highest level of my liking. I have nothing but the utmost praise for this gentleman. He obviously has had some great upbringing and maybe a teacher that left a major impact on him. Because he definitely has what it takes to deal with and help people. Again, all I can say is that he more than an asset to Quicken Loans. They should be proud to have him aboard their company. So, I have nothing but the utmost appreciation for all that he had did for me. Again, he is, on a teacher's rating, an A+. An in the check boxes he would deserve outstanding and excellent. Along with works 'above and beyond'.See MoreRead Less

Review by Matt Bear

When we asked for recommendations for a mortgage banker, our Realtor immediately suggested Steve Dinielli with Broadview Mortgage. We can see why she was so confident. From our first phone call (when we were "just feeling things out"), through the loan process, and on to the nice "thank you" we received when all was said and done, Steve's friendly and professional service was top-notch. Calls and emails were answered or returned promptly and with pinpoint accuracy. Steve was more than patient with us and was able to answer and anticipate all of our questions making the entire process surprisingly painless -- much easier than we'd experienced from other lenders in the past. We'd use Steve's services again in heartbeat -- and we highly recommend him. We really appreciate all he did to help us get into our new home. Thanks again, Steve!See MoreRead Less

Review by Bellaheim Homes

"In twenty years of home building I have had the opportunity to work with a wide array of mortgage companies and individual loan officers. From participation in builder / lending joint ventures, to working with small local brokerages; I have been a party to both the successes and failures inherent in the industry.

The human component in most endeavors will almost always be the tipping point that pushes the scale towards success. In the mortgage business I have found this to be doubly true. The inherent stresses associated with the circumstances and requirements can be overwhelming to the purchaser. In most cases the lender alone has the ability to mitigate these fears. Clear communication, intelligent guidance, and the willingness to find solutions are the hallmarks of a true professional in the residential lending field.

Simply put, Melanie is the best that I have ever worked with."

Gary Liardon
President - CEO
Bellaheim Homes
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Review by Maureen Croley

Being the Office Manager for a local real estate company, my professional relationship with Roy crosses paths on many levels. Not only is he very professional and attentive to the business of making real estate transactions come together, but he is also very active and involved in helping make our community a better place to live and raise a family. Professionally and personally, Roy West is a definite asset to have as an advisor and as a friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Carol Simenson

Wyatt has been a resource of professional lender evaluation for my buyer and seller clients. As an agent specializing in residential real estate, who I rely on to help the transaction get to closing makes the difference of making the experience a good one or an excellent one. When my clients understand and trust agency they ultimately end up having a great and beyond expected experience. Wyatt has always brought additional professionalism and excellence to my client's transaction. He continues to be trustworthy, a sound voice of reason, and clear and simple truth in the matter at hand. Refreshing!See MoreRead Less

Review by Don Haines

Dan is a client of my wife who is a CPA, and when asked about refinancing our home for a lower rate, he was happy to assist us.
/> My wife and I found Dan to be a very professional person to deal with. All our questions were answered quickly and accurately, our process was smooth and effortless thanks to Dan.

Of all the individuals that we have dealt with when either purchasing or refinancing, Dan has been without a doubt, the best of the them all. If we ever consider another refinance or new purchase, he will be our first choice.

Don and Tory HainesSee MoreRead Less

Review by Chris Hendrickson

As a long time colleague in the business, I can easily say that Tom is one of the most respected purveyors of our service in the land. Tom will always provide a flawless performance, he'll solve the problems without a hitch and will unfailingly deliver the keys on time. When he's all done, he'll skip his acceptance speech and head for the door to be with his family... Tom is fairly handsome, pretty smart, he's got decent rates and he is sorta funny too...if you can't get ahold of me, hire Tom EVERY TIME! He is the BEST!See MoreRead Less

Review by Steve Rooney

I was fortunate enough to have met Neil through a mutual a friend, knowing that I was looking for a new home, my friend gave Neil extremely a very high recommendation as she had just recently worked with him on her house.
As I began working with Neil and his team, I quickly came to feel that I was being treated as a friend. He took the time to make sure that I understood the products, why he was offering some and why he wasn't offering others. I felt like Neil was guiding me to find a loan that fit my needs exactly.
Years later when I began thinking of refinancing, I had entertained an offer from the the bank that held my original loan but knew I wouldn't make a step before speaking with Neil. As before, Neil took the time to explain the differences in the the loans that I was considering and made sure that not only was I comfortable with my choice, I felt like he wanted to be certain that I had considered all of the options available to me. My refinanced terms were much better than what the bank was offering.
In today's climate where the mortgage industry seems to be struggling with a sense integrity, Neil Christiansen stands apart from the rest.
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Review by Phil Braun

I wanted to take a moment and let you know about the outstanding service I received from Robin Webb. It is not very often that a company can stand up and say that they have outstanding customer service, but Quicken exceeded all of my expectations. I think the main reason they did was because of Ms. Robin Webb!!!

Robin was always available to answer questions and usually called me before I could call her. Her knowledge of the products and her attention to detail is outstanding!

It is rare in today's world that you can find someone with great knowledge that is willing to provide outstanding customer service.

I had a tough and unique loan situation and Robin was always very helpful and never once said that it could not be done!!! I believe in your company and Robin Webb so much that not only would I refer someone, but I already have!!!

A huge thank you to Robin and her help with my loan. Quicken Loans is very lucky to have her as an employee and I cannot say enough good things about her!

Thank you Quicken Loans team and especially Robin!!!
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Review by Amy Delgiacco

When my husband and I needed to buy our first home in Pennsylvania I called Marc Immediately. Marc was our savior, he not only helped us find our lowest rate but his attention to detail also saved us thousands of dollars, literally. Marc communicated with us daily and kept my husband and I informed completely, he did not end the conversation until he knew we fully understood. We most definitely recommend Marc to friends and family for the simple fact that he treated us like he would his own family member. Thank You Marc!See MoreRead Less