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Review by Mark Price

Good Morning my name is Mark Price and my wife is Mary Price.We met Amy through our brother in law who suggested her several years when we were looking to refinance our mortgage.Amy has always been straight forward with us when it comes in the direction we should go with out mortgage.The last time we refinanced back in December of 2012 me and my wife almost backed out of it then Amy called us several times to talk to both of us on how much money thru interest only we would be saving by doing this refinance and by doing it she saved us thousands of dollars by the interest only which in the long run is going to help my family out greatly and by also lowering the number of years on our mortgage.will get us to pay it off sooner.Amy is always there weather by email or phone or even after hours to help with any questions you have or concerns.She is great to work with always a good attitude and in today's world that is not always easy to find.My wife and i both agree Amy has made a world of difference in our life and feel we owe her a great deal.Finally i think Amy is a great asset at quicken loans and really meets the needs of her customers and i would give her 10 stars if i could.See MoreRead Less

Review by Stephen Wilkinson

Clint and I met as missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was a natural leader, one who I looked up to a great deal. He was then, and continues to be, a man of true integrity. As I have kept in touch with him over the years, I have seen him use honesty and hard-work as foundational principles in every aspect of his life. Clint truly cares about the people he serves, from his clients at work to those in his community who are struggling financially, emotionally, or otherwise.

I recently moved across the country. As I looked for a lender on my new property, I turned to Clint as a professional who I could easily trust to protect my best interests. Unfortunately, as Vintage does little business in the upper-Midwest, Clint was not licensed to lend in Wisconsin. Impressively, he offered to process the paperwork to attain licensure to be able to facilitate my loan. With my purchase as small as it was, the financial benefits he stood to gain from my loan were minimal at best. Knowing it would be better for him and his family to spend his time and efforts with more productive clients, I declined his offer; yet I doubt I will forget his sincere generosity.

While my personal relationship with Clint surely helped shape the experience above, I have seen him work with care, attention to detail, and compassion with many others across the socioeconomic spread. He is a good man, both in business and in life. I'm looking forward to being able to utilize his services when I move back West.
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Review by Vande Specialists

Alex is one of the best if not the best Loan Originators that has ever worked on my files. He and his team have the skills to make a deal happen from VA to Conventional to luxury loans. I can trust him with any task that needs to be done. He will guide your clients to make sure that everything goes very smoothly.

For new Agents Alex will be your guide and will instruct to make you look like a million bucks. Alex is a dear friend and an expert Colleague. I will recommend him to anyone! He is very aggressive at making sure that your client and you are always in the loop so everything goes very smoothly.
-Victor Espinoza-
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Review by Dee Griffin

I first met Bob a year ago at a Sarasota Chamber of Commerce orientation, where he impressed me with his professionalism. Since then, we have become better acquainted through several Networking groups that we both belong to and through the year, I have found Bob to be knowledgeable and professional in every aspect of his presentation. He knows hundreds if not thousands of people in our community through his vast networking and community services and he is a person who you can count on to help out when it is needed. Anyone looking to work with an honest and reliable firm to help them find money for their business venture should not hesitate to contact Bob Liebold and work with his firm, Liebold Enterprises.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joan Barry Bockenkamp

Aurelius Sofia is a true professional... in every way. I had the pleasure of working with him on my most recent home purchase for a client. Within a very short time after receiving my client's information, my client and I received the most detailed, exceptional package. In fact, this was the first time in 10 years I have ever received such a professional package. He was on top of it then, and stayed on top of every single detail until the transaction closed. He is proactive, and a dream of a mortgage banker. His attention to detail and follow up is meticulous. This was the first time I worked with Aurelius; I now know I have missed some great opportunities to ensure smooth and flawless closings! Joan Bockenkamp, Capital City Sotheby's International RealtySee MoreRead Less

Review by Carol Simenson

Wyatt has been a resource of professional lender evaluation for my buyer and seller clients. As an agent specializing in residential real estate, who I rely on to help the transaction get to closing makes the difference of making the experience a good one or an excellent one. When my clients understand and trust agency they ultimately end up having a great and beyond expected experience. Wyatt has always brought additional professionalism and excellence to my client's transaction. He continues to be trustworthy, a sound voice of reason, and clear and simple truth in the matter at hand. Refreshing!See MoreRead Less

Review by Terence Fitzpatrick

Mike is an excellent Mortgage Banker that makes the customer feel at ease with his knowledge and professionalism. Buying a home can be very stressful, Mike takes his time explaining the process.

Terence Fitzpatrick- Realtor
Heritage House Sotheby's Int'l
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Review by Shamille Wharton

My realtor referred Shawn to me after the lending agent I was working with went on vacation in the midst of my attempts to enter a bidding war. Within 15 minutes of my call, Shawn (aka Johnny on the Spot) had not only returned my call, but gotten all the documentation I could to file my offer.

Shawn further explained every step of the process in detail to me and ensured that I was prepared to sign on my closing day. Throughout the entire process, he made himself readily available for my every need. I felt as though I was the only person he was working with at the time (though he was incredibly busy).

The most remarkable thing about Shawn is his humility and ability to truly understand that though he may be used to seeing mortgages everyday to many, this is the biggest financial commitment thus far. And, he sent me a beautiful holiday card (months after) ... I knew he hadn't forgotten about me. Best experience signing my life away I could ever imagine.
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Review by Mike Wiggins

I have known Mary Beth for 33 years since my early days in the real estate business. I learned a lot about home finance and personal integrity from her. She was a mentor in many respects, especially by keeping a can-do attitude through an impossible interest rate environment at the time. Mary Beth has instilled that same attitude in the professionals at MMC!

Mike Wiggins
Crosland Southeast
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Review by Kristen Bennett

I have known Cort for 10 years. He is trustworthy and reliable. He understands financial needs and works hard to make sure all goals of the mortgage transaction are reached. I trust him completely. I recommend talking to Cort if your looking to buy a house, refinance, or pull money out for other needs such as college planning or investing.See MoreRead Less