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Mortgage Brokers in your Network

Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest decisions you make in life. You’re taking out a loan that you’ll be paying off for years to come.

A great mortgage professional can help you find the best mortgage deal possible. Later on, if you’re looking to refinance to reduce your monthly payments, the right mortgage broker will help you save money.

Stik.com has real client reviews for the top mortgage professionals in your community. These highly rated experts will help you navigate the complexities of the mortgage market, and will always keep your best interest at heart.

Review by Sheila Lawrence

I first met Elise through clients of mine. We were working on finding a house and, since the husband was an Irish national and the wife had lived in Ireland for the last six years, there were some complications trying to fit their financial history in to the American lending criteria.

Elise went well over the top to get the loan completed. The lender was dragging his feet and pushing us past our loan contingency deadline. The transaction was about to fall through entirely when Elise camped out in the bank's office and actually convinced the Vice President that he should work on this one himself. Happily we were able to close, with only a little steam escaping the seller's ears.

She has since been a lender to other clients and has done a stellar job. She has a long history in lending, rich with experience and is able to explain the process to the client and make things go smoothly. In this market that is no small feat. She also comes to the signings, which I think is very important.

I would say she stands out because for a few reasons...her experience, her good humor, her rapid understanding of the situation and how to best handle it. In short, she is a pro, and that is what you want in these days when the bank requirements change continually.
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Review by Jim Dixon

My Wife and I were searching the market for a new home. We did some of our own research regarding different types of mortgages, and the different options we had. Although we collected some information, we did not feel comfortable with making such a large investment. We had the pleasure of being introduced to Allen through a mutual friend. We wanted to make the best possible decision when it came to adhering to our budget, as well as making the best decision for our future.

Quite simply, Allen was able to acquire a mortgage for us at a very competitive interest rate. Aside from what would be considered enough to most, I want to point out that Allen went above and beyond than just getting us a great mortgage. When we first met Allen, he sat us down and asked for our budget. He didn't try to sell anything, or get us into a contract. He took the time review our case on a personal level in order to explain different aspects of investments for people like my Wife and I. We felt the entire process with First Trust Mortgage was custom-made around our desires and goals. In addition to the great discussions we had with Allen, the information provided as we progressed step by step enlightened us as to why things are done a certain way when financing a home.

Allen's patience, knowledge, and respect for his clients are the reasons I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who may be interested in his services or insight
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Review by Diem Do

I met Dick through my older sister; 3 of my older sisters all bought (as well as refinanced) their homes through Dick and recommended him to me because of his extremely honest, prompt, thorough, trustworthy, diligent work and service--you feel assured that he is giving you his best, finding whatever cuts and rebates he can for you for the lowest price possible, and giving you just the right amount of pressure to make decisions instead of being overbearing like some other brokers may be.

In my own personal experience, Dick has saved me thousands on closing and refinancing costs--I brag about it to my friends who all gasp when I show them my costs as compared to theirs for similar mortgages. Two years ago, my own boyfriend who is a long-time realtor highly recommended me to another broker whose costs were actually significantly higher than what Dick was able to find and offer--he definitely knows this line of business. I ditched my boyfriend's recommendation and went with Dick and have been extremely happy since. I look forward to purchasing my next home through Dick again--hands-down.

I recommend Dick to all of my close friends. One of my friends is a huge stickler and "researcher" when it comes to mortgages, and even he said that Dick was the most knowledgeable and intelligent broker out of them all. My own older sister is the most calculating, meticulous, untrusting and scrutinizing, numbers-oriented person you will ever meet - and even she trusts Dick with her mortgage and refinancing.
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Review by Terry Williams Ligon

I had the opportunity to work with and get to know Pamela about 13 years ago and I must say I thrilled how she really dedicated her life to her work while always putting her family and God first. She is a great inspiration to everyone that she comes in contact in whether on the internet or in person. She has overcome odds that no one of thought of years ago and only by the grace of God is she alive and running marathons today. I am so proud to be called a friend to her and she is indeed a blessing in my lfe. Love you Pamela and may God richly bless you and your family.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ray Horvath

Years of experience and today's economy prove that you can't afford to make a mistake choosing a mortgage broker. Integrity, real-life experience and a proven track record count for everything. Lisa did not jump into the mortgage business just because recovery happened, she has been through the same economic cycles and trends we have. She has the edge you are looking for and one who I can put my trust in with a clear conscience.See MoreRead Less

Review by Hope Cosby

Brandon and his team at Consumer First Mortgage are wonderful to work with. Brandon goes above and beyond to help you in any way that he can! I have recommended Brandon to several people that need mortgage services or even want to know where to begin to get a mortgage. I will continue sending as much business as I can to Consumer First, they are all good Christian people that don't mind helping any time they can.See MoreRead Less

Review by Bob Bimdo

I stumbled upon and add somewhere online for quicken loans and i was kind of hesitant on using an online site to do my home purchase. So finally i figured i would give it a shot, and i was blown away with how easy it was. Quicken hooked me up with Brian and instantly we hit it off. I live in NH and hes in Michigan, and after a few days of talking it was like i was calling a good friend. He was very honest told me stuff most agents wouldn't of and saved me lots of money. This guys the real deal most agents are out to take your money at any means necessary,and i didn't get that with Brian, its weird i was always waiting for the catch, because in this business there allot of shyster's out there but Brian is not one of them.. Its been almost two yrs now since my purchase and no surprise's he tells it how it is and that's that. He saved me a ton of money and because of that he's got a customer for life......See MoreRead Less

Review by Bhavin Patel

Krunal is a very genuine person in the field of finance. Prior to working with Krunal, I was working with another company whom I won't mention who provided my "the lowest rate possible." I was immediately refered to Krunal who offered me a rate that was almost less than 1% of the "best rate" the previous provider offered me. As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions about the process and Krunal answers my phone calls and emails in a timely manner. I will continue to work with Krunal for all my future property purchases and refinancing processes.

He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and working with him is like working with a family member. There is simply no way to go wrong with Krunal and I know for a fact that he will work with your situation and offer you the best rate you can possibly get.

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Review by Martha Saltzman

This man knows the business of real estate loans. My wife and I have not used Jim for real estate purchase or sale. He was able to find us the best loans available at the time and he had in depth answers for every question we had, due to his knowledge and preparation. I was a loan officer- now retired- and would work for this man any time. He has business, personal, and fulfillment values that are what is needed in an industry in flux. We will use Jim for every future loan we look for. We know him by recommendation from friends who used his services. Everyone who used Jim stated that he gets things done more quickly and professionally than any other real estate professional they and now we have had dealings. He is on time, his paperwork was flawless which allows for a faster loan process. He stirkes me as one who will teach those under him, and keep on learning himself. He will also demand excellence. I cannot say enough good about this man's professional deamanor. One thing I liked although sometimes difficult to hear - was that he made no promises but kept us balanced in our expectations. He also works harder than any agent I have gotten loans from, and keeps his business on a one to one basis - in our home - when it would have been easier for him to do so on the phone. That is difficult when I know he deals with so many other customers and a family.. The best word i can use for James Clark is respect.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rick Lahkar

As nervous first time home buyer for our primary residence, finding the right mortgage professional was extremely important for us. I usually do business with people who are referred to me by trusted friends and business associates. A good friend of mine has once mentioned Josephine Chu's name and he was very pleased with her services. And am I glad that we decided to contact her !! I still remember it was pretty late in the evening and hence I refrained from calling her and just sent her an e-mail. In less than an hour, she called be back - I wasn't even expecting her to call me back that night. In a nutshell, that's Josephine for you - pro-active and always available. We had a great conversation - she was very attentive and asked just the right questions and immediately gave us a sense of feeling that she'll be able to help us out. What turned out to be a regular loan process turned out to be quite a complicate affair. Josephine was the kind of support any client can ask for. She did whatever it took to make sure we funded in time. It is a long story but the bottomline is that my wife and I are her fans for life. She answers her phone and replies to e-mails as if she has nothing else to do. But I knew for a fact that she was an extremely busy professional and treated all clients with equal importance. And talk about high energy levels - I have never felt that she was ever stressed out or tired, even at 10 at night. Honestly, I have not encountered too many professionals like Josephine in my lifetime who has it all - great product knowledge, excellent customer service skills, very easy to get hold of and so much more !! I could go on and on but I have just another story to share. During the process of our loan, She had a baby. She reassured me that her assistant would take care of business while she was gone. But the very next day she was on the phone and e-mail working on our complicated loan. That's says it all. We are ever thankful to her that we have a house to live in today and also very thankful to my friend for referring us to her.See MoreRead Less