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Reach the Right People

Promoted Reviews™ reach your best prospects using the words of people they trust most.

Reach Your Clients’ Friends:

People trust their friends, and your happy clients have thousands. Make sure all those friends know who you are.

How these ads deliver

Your client, Matt, writes a review about you.

Matt’s friends hear about you through Stik’s targeted Facebook ads

Matt's friends trust his opinion and become your new clients

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Reach Your Current Prospects:

Timing is everything. Impress new leads while they’re deciding whether to choose you.

How these ads deliver

Jared is a mortgage banker who wants to turn current prospects into new clients.

Jared’s personalized ads feature words from his happy past clients and are targeted at his current prospects.

Impressed by the words of Jared’s past client, Jared’s prospects choose him over other professionals.

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Reach your Clients:

Stay top-of-mind. Don’t let your best marketing assets forget your name.

How these ads deliver

Joanna is an insurance agent who wants more referral business.

Joanna’s personalized ads feature reviews from her happy clients and target other clients.

The ads remind past clients of Joanna’s great service and generate new referral business.

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Reach any Zip Code:

Own your area. Make sure everyone in your zip codes knows you’re the best.

How these ads deliver

Loretta is a local lawyer looking to get more business in her area.

Loretta’s personalized ad features a great review from a neighbor and is shown to people with zip codes in a desired area.

Rather than picking at random, people in Loretta’s area choose her.

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