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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Stik?

Stik is an online reviews and referrals platform that helps local professionals get new business through the words of their happiest past clients.

What are Promoted Reviews™?

Promoted Reviews™ are Stik's patent-pending social advertising technology. Promoted Reviews™ combine personalized recommendations with intelligent social targeting to engineer authentic word-of-mouth online.

Who can Stik help?

Stik can drive new business for any professional or local business looking to attract more customers. Stik specializes in relationship businesses, where the stakes are high and trust and accountability are paramount to delivering an outstanding customer experience. Our top industry solutions include mortgage, real estate, insurance, home services, health & wellness, beauty, law, accounting, financial planning and more.

Why should I use it?

Anyone who wants to attract new customers and grow their business will benefit from Promoted Reviews™. On other sites, you compete with other providers or listings for attention. We put the focus on you by creating personalized advertisements and showing them to your best prospects. Promoted Reviews™ will establish you as the leading service provider in your network.

What do I need to do for this to work?

Next to nothing! Stik is designed to be a full service solution that requires little to no maintenance. We create your account, collect reviews on your behalf, design personalized advertisements and deliver you new referral business. We do the work, you close new clients.

How will I know this is working?

We measure our success using concrete business and reputation metrics. We determine your “reach” through the number of impressions your advertisement receives and the amount of pageviews on your site that come from our advertisement. We measure our impact on your business by tracking new business earned, new client inquiries, and referrals.

Who sees the advertisements? Where do they show up?

Our proprietary technology allows us to show Promoted Reviews™ exclusively to friends of your clients. We help you reach thousands of friends of clients each month by putting you at the center of their Facebook news feeds. Friends of clients are your best source of new business; in a perfect world, they're the people your clients would remember to refer to you.

How is this different than other marketing and advertising solutions?

Stik engineers word-of-mouth. Our solution combines Stik’s authenticated review content with custom social targeting technology to deliver personalized introductions online. The result? New business via personalized referrals, not anonymous leads.

How often will people in my network see my advertisements?

Depending on your level of service, thousands of people will see your ads each month. On average, each individual in your extended network will see your ad 1-5 times per month. We rotate copy and images every month to ensure that the personalized messages stay fresh with prospective clients.

What is the difference between the various packages?

Reach. You’re paying for the number of potential clients you want seeing your advertisements. When you’re reaching potential clients through a trusted friend, every new person you touch is very valuable because that person has a high probability of turning into new business.