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Lawyers in Virginia

There are 34 recommended Lawyers in Virginia. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Lawyer.

Review by Curtis Coburn

Fred is a honest, hard working guy and a true friend. He is someone that you could depend on in any situation .Iam retired now so I don't know what his work ethics are now but was an excellent employee and a valuable access to the City oF Norfolk.See MoreRead Less

Review by Wilma Seamon

We would highly recommend Kirk Johnson to anyone for anything where legal assistance would be beneficial. My husband and I had some concerns and we turned to him for help. He was very honest and open and communicated with us very well. It's always comforting when it feels as if you truly have someone in your corner working on your behalf! Before deciding to work with Kirk, we tried else where and I did not feel that they understood my situation nor how I had certain things already set in stone in my mind. Therefore, I felt they were a bit pushy and they seemed to get frustrated with us. In addition, I would have to contact those associates directly because they didn't communicate with me as much as Kirk and I often found myself giving them my story again to remind them of who I was when I called. That was too much for me. When we found Kirk, everything fell in place and we were able to take care of all of our legal matters and draft up a Will that will ensure all of our belongings go to our kids how we want them too! Thank you Kirk; we really appreciate everything you've done for and with us!

-Wilma S.
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Review by Michele Peters

If you are looking for someone who is loyal, committed and an absolute professional, you have found that and much more in Renee West. An incredible mentor and leader, Renee has inspired many men and women across the United States to do incredible things. Mrs. West has also helped many families and small business, nationwide, to gain quality and affordable access to legal services and identity theft protection through Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Mrs West has also proudly served our country in the armed forces. A person of integrity, Renee West is recommended in any leadership capacity for your family or business. ~ Michele Peters, SMG World, GoSmallBiz.comSee MoreRead Less

Review by Erin Bullard Kirk

Melvin Williams has taken on cases of assault and Battery when my 12 year old son was beat up at school from behind.

I was in a car accident in which the gentleman whom hit me was charged, Mr Williams has and still is taking care of all medical issues...He was amazing at getting a settlement on my vehicle!

I feel I must state that not only will I ever use another Lawyer but Mr Williams not only because he's a phenomenal Lawyer but he is an honest Christian man! Note HONEST man of Christ!

Thank you, Mrs Erin L Kirk
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Review by Chloe Mooberry

A good friend of mine was wrongfully accused of shoplifting. She was merely guilty of an absent-minded moment following a long, stressful day at work. After apologizing for her mistake, producing a receipt for the items she had purchased, and attempting to return to the cashier and pay for the forgotten items, she was shocked to find herself escorted to an interrogation room. Shock turned to disbelief when they informed her she would need to appear in court.

Immediately, she consulted Brian Thoman of Thoman Law, PLLC, to help establish her defense. Thoman helped her gather documentation in defense of her character and prepared her for the line of questioning she would experience in court. He also contacted the security guard making the accusations to understand why the matter was being pursued when it was clearly an honest oversight on my friend's behalf.

In court, Thoman presented a thorough and aggressive defense. With his considerable experience, he guided my friend through a situation she never expected to find herself in and gave her the confidence she needed as a victim of unfortunate circumstances.
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Review by Beatrice Darden-melton

Bekura is a intelligent, passionate, and driven young woman with many goals and aspirations for change in the most positive way.

Review by Allyson Hall

Sheron is the greatest lawyer I have ever come in to contact with.She helped me with my bankrupty problems.She was helpful and very produtive in relieving my bankruptcy.She was never late,and very punctual.(unlike my other lawyers)She changed my life. I strongly suggest her for not only bankruptcy but family law too!See MoreRead Less

Review by Anil Savkar

Therese is a sincere, conscientious professional . As a fellow member of our Toastmasters club, she gives very thorough and convincing speeches that are a pleasure to hear. She is a professional through and through. Lately, I have temporarily reduced my participation in Toastmasters due to my health complications, but I look forward to returning to full participation soon. so I can mingle with, and hear speakers like Therese on various interesting topics.See MoreRead Less

Review by Helen Barnes Bellamy

Susan Donner is an excellent people person and you will never feel like just another number. She goes the extra mile and will always keep you up to date on your case. I would highly recommend her. She is now taking care of a personal injury case for my daughter and we are very happy with her in every way. Highly recommend her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Gregory Lee

Solid, funky brother on the bottom end of your situation!