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Lawyers in Houston, Texas

There are 16 recommended Lawyers in Houston, TX. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Lawyer.

Review by Keith Stone

Late one night I found myself in a rather embarrassing and unusual situation. The police were at my door. They claimed that someone had called in a report that I was growing marijuana (which was untrue) and they were pushing to search my garage apartment. This was of course insane, but I would not allow a search without a warrant. Lots of guests had stayed in the garage apartment, and I didn't know what might be out there. I knew for a fact that some college kids had been smoking grass in there, so I figured there might be some. I was right. That is exactly what they found, a couple of joints worth, and I was arrested that night on a misdemeanor.

So, I called Tad Nelson that evening while the cops were at my door. He called me right back. He was responsive and knowledgeable. He advised me to make them get a warrant, and he further told me what could be done for me if any marijuana was found. Basically, because I knew the outcome of what would probably happen well in advance with any case that might be filed on me, I relaxed and kept my composure, and sure enough, he was exactly right, and he got my case handled before it was even filed.

What a great lawyer. He was very well informed, well connected, and he guided me through the process of getting my case dismissed with a little hard work and his legal negotiations. I realize that everyone might not get this result, but I did, and Tad Nelson is the reason. I later learned that he was also well thought of in the community, and no doubt well liked by the district attorney, with whom he met and worked out a deal that involved a little community service and some things, but this is so much better than what might have happened if not for Tad. If I had simply waited, I would not have been able to tell the police that I was represented that night (and they also knew Tad and had great respect for him), and my case would have been filed in the court system which has all kinds of implications. Since I had Tad on my side, the Police treated me with great respect and kindness, although they had to do their job, and my case was handled efficiently and to my satisfaction.

Sometimes when you hire a lawyer you get one that's too busy, or just doesn't care, or is only in it for the money. Tad Nelson is different. He seems to do this because he really loves it.
I hope to never need another criminal lawyer, but if I do, I will call Tad, and I will recommend anyone that asks to call him and put him on the case.
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Review by Letha Moran

Erin Groce was recommended to me by my sister. I was having severe problems with my ex-husband about the amount of money that he was going to pay for child support and when it should be paid. Erin did a complete evaluation of the information I have given about his finances, and the information the I was unable to obtain, she did. Erin was able to get my daughter the amount she is entiltle to by law. I did not have to deal with any obsticles that were thrown at me. Erin handled everything perfectly. I have recommended Erin to people I know who are dealing with Family Law issues and will continue to do so. I will definately use Erin again if ever the need arises.See MoreRead Less

Review by Don Hock

I have known Holli for over 40 years and have always known her to be kind, courteous, and extremely intelligent. We grew up together in Bridge City, Texas, and I can honestly say I have never heard anyone offer anything other than praise when describing her. In our interactions in scholastic settings, Holli was always hardworking and dedicated to the task at hand. If, when you seek an attorney, your goal is to find an individual who will work for you and give nothing but their best effort in representing your interests, look no further than Holli M. Palmer.See MoreRead Less

Review by David Baker

As a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Pam is known nationally as a vigorous advocate for her clients. Through that connection and Max Gardner's Bankruptcy Bootcamp, I have known Pam for several years and have admired her dedication to the cause of improving conditions for consumers and educating other attorneys to do like wise.See MoreRead Less

Review by Avery Gordon

A friend recommended Mr. Black as someone who is caring and honest, but he's far more. From my first visit with Mr. Black I was put immediately at ease. He asked me questions to get a good picture of where I am and where I need to be, and then explained the whole process of debt relief to me, including both the good, and possibly the bad, things I might tangle with on the way. This man didn't have to work at convincing me he cared. It showed. His whole office is the same way, all work as a great team. I was astounded at how simple and streamlined the process is when his office handles most of the stressful aspects of the situation. I am extremely glad I met Mr. Black, and would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with finances! A really good man!See MoreRead Less

Review by Inna Naroditskaya

Alla exemplifies a rare combination of warm compassionate personality, profound intellect, work ethics, business reliability. In addition, she is a quick learner, thinker, and decision maker ? mommy, wife, ballroom dancer, successful teacher, and dedicated lawyer.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mark Davis

Kirk helped me get out of a shady business deal that could have cost me $200,000. He was quick to get things done and give me peace of mind. I would use Kirk again in the future to help me with any business transactions.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kinny Hunt

Candice is one of the most dedicated and professional women I know. I have watched her over the last year organize and develop her website her non-profit organization dedicated to helping parents of Special Needs Children find the educational resources through the local school systems to get the help they need that these children might meet their full potential.
Please consider her when looking for an attorney to help fight for your children!
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Review by Jesse DeLeon | Inmode Interactive

I've know Paul Cannon for the last 8 years and is pleasant to work with. He has the experience & extreme knowledge in Car Accidents, Work Injuries, Premises Liability and especially Dog Bite cases.

I would highly recommend him for any personal injury cases and would want him in my corner!

Jesse DeLeon
Inmode Interactive | Chief Creative Thinker
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Review by Sherry Beason

Marisa, Is very knowledgeable in her profession. she is very curious about getting the best the client. kameron will go to bat for you .