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Lawyers in Pennsylvania

There are 39 recommended Lawyers in Pennsylvania. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Lawyer.

Review by Kimberly Wallace

Mike is not only an awesome lawyer, but a genuine person as well. Aside from my case, there wasnt a time I was in his office or on the phone that he didn't ask how I was feeling, how the family was etc. We had many personal conversations, and sometimes he was almost like my therapist as I unloaded on him and he was always there to listen. He treated me as more than "case" or a " paycheck" but a person. He's just a downright genuine person. He tells it like it is. Mike and his staff worked diligently on my case and I couldn't be more appreciative. I most likely drove them crazy at times, but they stuck right with me. The women in his office couldn't be more kind, sweet, caring, yet extremely hardworking women! I was scared for alot of the things we had to do and Mike was always right there with me every step of the way, whether it be calming my nerves, or just clearly walking me step by step through things. He was always, extremely supportive of how I was doing with certain processes, whether they be medical or legal, or even personal. I believe Mike is such an awesome lawyer because he was so supportive, becoming a friend along the way, while ALWAYS working hard to get what needed to be done, done! I would use Mike again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend Mike to anyone in need. I can't think him and his staff enough!See MoreRead Less

Review by Sam Trunzo

Lawyers lier law the judge knows you're guilty and you're lying So does your lawyer so everybody is lying but Bob makes that lie look like it is undisputed undeniable without a shadow of doubt the truth and let's face it we all know we need a lawyer you just need a really good liar it thank goodness Bobo is the absolute best all kidding aside we all know that lawyers live off other people's misfortune but Bob really is a gentleman and a scholar and a real standup guy and it's got a lot of friends and family that I know that. Trouble they were innocent and guilty with a very fair and moderate compensation the Bob so if you are a criminal Bob is your man Bob oh have a good Fourth of July buddy we all love you.
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Review by Poulina Kalushner

Lidia is not only an excellent attorney, but she is a wonderful caring human being.She treats her client like her family,with respect and honesty.
She is one of not so many people who takes her job with pride.
Working with Lidia was the most wonderful experience ,I can really say ,she is a woman who is really cares,and delivers.
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Review by Joe Davis

I began my association with Michael Monheit when he represented me in a personal injury law suit. It quickly became apparent that his knowledge of the law, and his abilities as an attorney was second to none. Over the years I have come to know Michael Monheit on a personal level. He is kind, considerate, has great moral character, and is a gentlemen at all times. There are many Philadelphia attorneys from whom you can choose to represent you. Should you choose Michael Monheit you can do so with the knowledge that you will receive professional representation from one of the best attorneys this state has to offer.See MoreRead Less

Review by Stephen Sokolowski

Gary is very knowledgeable about the law. When someone tried to twist a tale of a car accident to make it appear as if I were at fault, I called Gary. Using his advice, I was able to obtain full payment from the insurance company for the damage caused to my vehicle, and Gary requested nothing in return for the call. He really does stand by his word of offering free advice to those who call and I highly recommend Gary to anyone looking for legal services.See MoreRead Less

Review by Richard Schleihauf

Mariah has helped me with many business matters for a decade.She has always been available to me despite her crazy busy schedule.She has made me feel confident when I was in panic mode out there in the unforgiving business world.I have depended on her to give me the most sound advice in various situations that I was confused and lost in.Her integrity and honesty are the reason for her success in the courtroom and her personal life as well.I needed papers drafted at the last moment and she did them for me on a Sunday night.That is SERVICE!!!!!She is the total package in the legal world and I am fortunate to have her in my corner when the world is beating me up.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lawren Nelson

I have known Mr. Martin for over 20 years and my law firm has great trust and confidence in his abilities to handle worker's compensation claims. We have referred many cases to Mr. Martin over the years and he always produces great results for our clients. Not only is Mr. Martin extremely competent in this area of law but he is devoted to providing his clients with exellent representation. I would definitely recommend Mr. Martin's services to any of my colleagues, family members or friends who are looking for a quality worker's compensation lawyer.

Lawren J. Nelson
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Review by Linda Nash

Eric is a very supportive Lawyer, gets back to you immediately. He is very kind and thoughtful with many, many cases. He always has all the information you need. He has handled our wills with great attention to details. He always treats all cases like they are the only ones that count. On a scale of 10 he is an 11.See MoreRead Less

Review by Acharya Girish Jha

Joyce is humble, intelligent, dedicated to her profession. She is detailed oriented person that helps her clients in the best possible manner.
I wish all success in her profession.
Acharya Girish Jha
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Review by Andrea Best

although I have not known dawne for to long I would definatley recommend her as a trusted professional and hope that anyone else that got to know this lady would also do so GOOD LUCK dawne.See MoreRead Less