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Lawyers in Michigan

There are 52 recommended Lawyers in Michigan. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Lawyer.

Review by Mary Mcmurray

I met Barton when he attended a course I was teaching on the DataMaster DMT, the newest breath alcohol analyzer being used in the state of Michigan. His interest in learning more about the science and technology being used for the testing is reflective of his desire to serve his clients to the best of his abilities and beyond.

We have since worked a case together and it was a pleasure working with an attorney who already knew about the equipment and how it operates. His preparation for the case was exemplary, he is definitely staying on top of his cases and not putting preparations off to the last minute.

Barton Morris is an attorney who cares about his clients.
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Review by Jonathan Ginsberg

I have known Kurt professionally for over five years. He is a fellow member of the Bankruptcy Law Network, an organization consisting of several of the nation's leading consumer bankruptcy lawyers.

Kurt is an active member of the group and we speak monthly during board meetings. He also publishes regularly to the BLN blog and his posts are well researched and thoughtful.

I feel comfortable recommending Kurt to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and capable bankruptcy lawyer.
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Review by Siddartha Verma

It was The Singularity Summit 2010, I got a chance to interact and get to know Amy. I was doing research over at Stanford Gravity Probe B group on a Visiting Researcher position, under Prof. Francis Everitt. I was there in US for 3 months. In between when I came to know that the Summit was happening in San Francisco, I found myself lucky to be present there at that time, because I had and still have much interest in exploring the possibilities of using emerging and future technologies for the benefit of mass and humanity.

Following my interest, I called Amy, who was holding one of the organizing positions for the conference. Expressing my financial crisis at that time, I requested a rebate for the price for attending the conference, and she virtuously allowed me to attend it for free.

That was completely unexpected, but surely, I loved it. In that event, I got a chance to attend such interesting talks by eminent researchers like Anita Desai, Michael Vassar, and many quite a few other global researchers.

Since that incident, I got selected for a Phd position at UWA, in AIGRC research group (which I later changed to Masters by Research), and have been able to follow the topic of futurism (in online media) and explore my interest still by meeting new people in Perth. I made an online group of UWA Future Society, in which people like Adam Ford (board member at Humanity+) and Kevin Jain (former president of Harvard College Future Society) are present. The group has a bunch of more than 20 local Perth people which include several students from UWA and professionals working in that region.

I would recommend Amy for helping me and showing support, and showing confidence for exploring my interest and enthusiasm for this futurism topic.
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Review by Troy Kentros

I have known Todd since we were kids, way before he became a attorney and i can honestly say he has always been a person of high morals, as well as honesty.. I also myself a few years back was facing very serious felony charges in the city of pontiac and at the time i contacted Todd asking for his advice .. he was very honest and gave me solid advice about what my next move should be.. i can honestly say that that advice helped me make the right decision about my case and i ended up being found not guilty of all 4 counts in oakland county cicuit court of 4 very serious felony charges. as someone that has been involved with the judicial system since i was 12 years old and has retained and dealt with some of the so called best attorneys in the county. i can honestly say that There are only a couple of attorneys that i would trust enough to have my life in their hands and Todd Fox is for sure one of them Attorneys. If you are in need of a Attorney for any reason i say contact Todd and he will be honest with you and not sell you a dream on false hopes. and he will fight for you with everything he has and WILL NOT sell you out or just look to plead your life away.. he's very well known and respected in the oakland county courts and i'm sure surrounding counties as well. See MoreRead Less

Review by Jill Calkins

It is probably pretty obvious why I recommend him, I love him so of course I am biased. He is the best! Outside of that mushy stuff I do get to see a side of him to which not everyone is privileged. He has a sincere passion that drives him through the difficulties of a, at times, very stressful job. He is overworked and underpaid and yet rarely complains. I am sure clients may not agree with the underpaid remark but for what I see him give and the thanklessness of the job at times, it is quite true. He doesn't feel slighted and when he does feel he has in someway contributed to making a difference, it is payment and encouragement enough to take on another day.See MoreRead Less

Review by Barbara Porter

I know Daniel as a health care professional and worked with his firm to create an integrated marketing plan. I am familiar with the clients he helped and with other attorneys in the business. Daniel is very knowledgeable of the law, personable and committed to winning for his clients. His win rate is very high. He is a very trustworthy attorney.See MoreRead Less

Review by Scott Spokojny

Matt was one of my Professors in law schoool. He was an outstanding teacher who always took the time to put a practical perspective on what we were learning. Matt and I are now colleagues and friends and the thing that separates Matt from others is his willingness to listen and then provide a thorough solution to a problem. The truly best attorneys are the ones that are the best people. I am confident in saying that clients cannot go wrong with Matt in their corner.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ken Thompson

I've known Tim as a friend and professional colleague for over 12 years. He's one of those people who will utilizes his time and intelligence to help others ignoring his own benefit. Thanks Tim for being there at ten o'clock at night to discuss legal problems and help make my journey a little easier. Having worked for over 114 law firms you have my highest recommendation. The profession could use more like you.See MoreRead Less

Review by Bruce Seguin

I know James through the 'running community' - where his reputation is impeccable. I am sure the tenacity and determination he displays on the roads and trails carries over to his work as an attorney. When the need arises, I will not hesitate to contact Mr. O'Brien.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jeremy Oakley

Blair was truly a lifesaver. I initially tried to take on my legal case, and turned it into a mess. Blair gladly picked up all the pieces and pulled me out of default. Blair was able to get me joint custody of my son, and was able to get my son on my health plan. I can't thank Blair enough for all the work he did for me.

Blair was so honest and upfront about what he could and couldn't do for me from the start. If I ever need to seek legal advice in the future, Blair would be my first call. Blair delivered on everything. I have referred him to several people I have worked with in the past and will continue to do so.
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