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Lawyers in Florida

There are 199 recommended Lawyers in Florida. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Lawyer.

Review by Kamran Hafeez

It was a lucky turn for me to have met Elias Dsouza. What began as an attorney/client relationship transformed into a long association manly due to Elias’ sincerity of purpose in whatever he undertakes.
I had the privilege of meeting Elias about ten years ago, when a mutual friend introduced me to him with a solid recommendation.
I was, at the time going through some serious financial difficulties. Elias suggested I should file for bankruptcy. Upon hearing this, my anxiety rose to new heights, as I knew nothing about the bankruptcy process. However, Elias patiently explained the whole process to me in great detail, and from my very first meeting with him I felt calm for I could see light at the end of the tunnel.
The efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and sincerity he exhibited while navigating me through the whole process was truly very impressive. During the process he constantly advised and guided me on my financial matters, which further strengthened my faith in his professional abilities. Ever since then he has been a source of guidance for me in my financial matters.
Over the years that I have known him I have seen him successfully steer people through foreclosure defense and other civil matters. He is very compassionate about his clients’ well-being and goes to great lengths to achieve this.
I recommend him highly for any legal civil matters, as one can be assured of his most sincere and best attention.
In his office, Elias has a quotation well displayed , “ Nobody cares how much you know – until they know that you care
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Review by Arthur Arnau

To whom it may concern:

Mr. Molina was a prosecutor in my courtroom, when I was a Bailiff for a Miami Dade County Court Judge, in the Criminal Division of the 11th Judicial Circuit. I had the privilege to observe and interact with Mr. Molina on a daily basis. I can attest to his high level of professionalism and his acute knowledge of the law. But most importantly, Mr. Molina is well liked and respected by the entire legal and judicial community. I would not hesitate to recommend him as an attorney.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rachael Ryan

I have to agree with the rest of these posts...I was referred to Tim two years ago and have since used him on more than one occasion. He is great at what he does and I would refer him to anyone in need. He has been very understanding and has worked with me a lot more than any other bail bondsman would. I gotta say he is by far the best around and I wouldn't suggest using anyone else. Thank you Mr. Altman for what you have recently done for me. You are greatly appreciated.See MoreRead Less

Review by David Kitterman

christina kitterman is a well spoken down to earth person she cares more about other people before herslf she is always there fo you no matter what she is she will take time out of her busy schedule to find tine for others she would never do anything yo hurt anyone she is always there when you need a friend or just someone to yalk to and she is related to me she is my neice and she is fun to be around and i love my neice as my neiceSee MoreRead Less

Review by Chaplain Drjean Ezell

Lisa! I have four words for every thing you will need to know about Lisa! ?GET READY TO SOAR?! Okay, five! Amazing! From the best Team player to the exceptional visionary and Team Leader! Top organization skills, interpersonal skills. Professional, yet personable! Lisa has the biggest heart! She gives back ? pay it forward. She engages you to contribute and be your best! She is the light! Lisa makes it look so easy ? the task and assignments. Great Administrator! Wonderful friend, mother, wife, community servant, strong FAITH in GOD! Lots of fun! Lisa! You are my first choice! I recommend Lisa Highly! A wonderful human being! She understands what is most important! God ? Love for her husband - Her Family - first! Top producer - two! Top enroller ? 1,2,3! Business world! To taking baby to the doctor ? she takes care of her responsibilities. Open. A great communicator, up front, no non-sense! Not intimidated to tell you the truth. Gentle as a lamb and strong as a lion. Great balance! Believes in herself and believes in you! Will acknowledge others! Have limits! I will say Lisa has the best "Black Book"! Ability! Integrity! Humility! Confident! Confidant! Passion! Want you on my team Lisa and I want to be on yours. Recommend Lisa! YEA! Absolutely!See MoreRead Less

Review by Randi Baron Kalimi

hi my name is Randi Kalimi. Amy and i have maintained a friendship since we were small children growing up in Miami Beach, Amy is a fabulous friend , she has been very supportive of me always. She is there when u need her and she is very dedicated and focused.the most important is that she is loyal. if she says something, she does it. What makes Amy stand out from others is that she is not only in it for the money, she takes something on with passion, and hopes to accomplish her task with the upmost respect and feeling for what she is doing...Many professionals are in there place of work , especially for the money, when they go home they forget until the next day...Amy doesnt forget, or go home until her task is done, ever since she was littleSee MoreRead Less

Review by Mickey Mallin

I had a very challenging hit and run case. I was hit by another driver. Bill and his firm worked with me for over 3 years. I was never made to feel like I was a pain to them. In fact, I felt like I was their only client. I felt protected by them. I was well informed of my choices by them. I always knew that my best interests were their focus. I highly recommend this firm. Ask me by private message any questions you have. I would use Bill again if necessary.See MoreRead Less

Review by Fabian Cortez Iii

Although Quin is my nephew, he has shown that he is a man that can be trusted. He is hard working and has worked hard to get his attorney degree for the business he has chosen. He recently purchased a home that shows he is ready to make a commikttment to stay where he is at and pursue his dream of being an entertainment attorney. He has many friends that have helped him, he has a sister and Mom that really help him a lot; anyone who had such a love for their pets, has to be worth their salt! I recommend Quinton without any reservations.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lisa Boisvert

I have known Ken since law school. He has always been bright, but over the years Ken has beem seasped by cases from both sides of the isle. As a result, he knows how opposing counsel thinks. He is able to think outside the box and to represent his clients better than most.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dudley Clapp

I have worked with J.D. Several times on homicide cases. He is an outstanding investigator who has expertise in a wide range of the forensic disciplines including prints, blood splatter, cell phone triangulation. In addition, he has the ability to both communicate his findings clearly, but also offers his overall analysis of the evidence in a balanced opinion as well as offering alternative approaches to the case which I may not have considered. I have no question about recommending him in the highest possible terms and should I need an investigator in the future, he will be the first one I call. If you need a totally professional investigator who knows what he is doing, how to get it done, and can collaborate with his employer to advance the case, this is your guy!See MoreRead Less