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Lawyers in California

There are 300 recommended Lawyers in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Lawyer.

Review by Beth Najjar

The Margolings are the best attorneys anyone could ever hire! I was in SO MUCH TROUBLE and they got me off completely! It is so important to hire great attorneys (like the Margolins) from the very begininng because that is your best chance for getting off on a technicatliy. We argued entrapement and made a Motion to Disclose the Witness against me and they folded. They didn't want to make the disclosure and the case was dismissed before the Preliminary Hearing. (They usually don't want to disclose their confidential informants so make sure to get a great atty like A.Margolin because you may get off like I did) No jail, no probation, no house arrest, no rehab, no penalties and fines. no community service. DISMISSED COMPLETELY
These attorneys are THE BEST and have great reputations with the Judges and DA's office (which is very important). They are celbrity lawyers and it is always fun to hang out at the office on Sunset Blvd. and see what intersting people show up :) Anyway, I totally recommend them and owe them my freedom!
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Review by Louise Todero

I met Bruce long ago in the 70's he was a friend of my brother & i never thought i would have to use his law office services. /> well in 1996 i got myself a under the influence pot ticket & i walked into bruce's office & he took my case, which was a total relief off my mind.
I recieved my 1st court date & i showed up for it & Bruce handled everything for me, I also returned to court for my 2nd hearing & Bruce took excellent care of me during the hearing. I recieved another court date & was told th@ i did not have to appear for it. Bruce told me th@ there was no reason to show up for the next court date & told me he would finish up all the other details for me.
I ended up with a fine & 10 N/A or 10 AA meeting, I felt as if I had skated through the ordeal of my life with ease, I was so worried th@ this ticket was going to send me to jail & then I would be known to society as a criminal with a record & i know th@, th@ was not a good standard to society. I am so very thankful th@ I went to Bruce's office & thankful to him for all th@ he had done for me to keep me from jail time & a record also.
I always refer family or friends or even a stranger to Bruce's office because I know th@ they will get the best defense in all & through out the Los Anegles area.
Wh@ more is there to say about the #1 ace attoney & his welcoming office staff.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jamie Balagia

I have known Mary Prevost for a dozen years after meeting her at a national DWI defense seminar. Mary immediately impressed me with her depth of knowledge, presentation skills and most importantly to me - her dedication to our mission as criminal defense attorneys. I am aware that Mary also represents persons who have had their civil rights violated by police officers and she is an absolute hammer in that area. When you talk to Mary to will immediately know that she cares about people and about doing the right thing. And if someone has done you wrong you want Mary in your corner. I have been a defendant in a courtroom before and I had an attorney like Mary - a fighter who cared about me as a person. What a difference that made to me personally and for getting the Not Guilty I deserved. Mary Prevost is my San Diego friend, warrior elite and is on the DWI Dude's Go To List in San Diego. Jamie "Dude" BalagiaSee MoreRead Less

Review by Victor Tsoi

Lisa Cervantes is very knowledgeable and well versed in this particular area of law and has many years of experience. Moreover, she is a trustworthy advisor, and you can always count on her to have your best interests in mind.
While other law firms love to overcharge their clients and provide impersonal service, Lisa is always fair to her clients and is very friendly and a pleasure to work with!


Cervantes Entertainment Law is the firm to use for all your entertainment and intellectual property law needs!
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Review by Jim Vititoe

Steven Kuhn is a great Mediator! We allowed the defense attorney and Insurance Claims Adjuster select the mediator and they selected Steven. My philosophy is allow the other side select the mediator because they trust, respect and listen to the mediator of their choice. He did a great job. He is very professional and made the clients relax and gain trust in him. Even though the case did not settle, he gave both sides direction regarding the steps necessary to reach resolution. We are finishing up the steps he recommended and are ready to go back to mediation to resolve the case. They parties understood the reasons that more work needed to be done by both sides to get the best result. I have confidence that the next mediation session will result in everyone agreeing that we got a great resolution. Steven Kuhn is a real winner and a great mediator. Try him, you won't be disappointed!!! Jim Vititoe, Vititoe Law Group.See MoreRead Less

Review by I Randolph S. Shiner

As a litigation attorney, I know that a great mediator is always a welcome relief to mountains of discovery requests and costly litigation. Alec is a thoughtful, articulate, intelligent, fair-minded person who can cut to the essence of a case and then, most importantly, make each side see the wisdom in settlement rather than paying to litigate a case in which the outcome is unknown. I always seek to assist my clients in managing risk, and going to a mediator - Alec in particular - to make clients understand and therefore measure their risk - is the best thing an attorney can do for their clients when there is a desire on all sides to resolve their issues rather than fighting within a broken judicial system.See MoreRead Less

Review by Vivek Sharma

Marc has been representing me in a particularly difficult custody and divorce case for the past 7 months. I have come to know Marc Grossman well in this time period and am well able to speak to his abilities as an attorney.
1) Marc is genuinely a great attorney in the sense that he brings to emotionally charged and often irrational situations a balanced understanding of the long-term needs of his clients as parents and human beings more generally. Marc has consistently shown himself to be concerned about the right issues and has excellent judgement about how these unfortunate and often tragic circumstances should be resolved.
2) Marc has a deep understanding of how the San Bernardino County Family Court system works, especially, as is relevant for my case, the Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court. Indeed, I was quite surprised and delighted when during my mediation session the mediator specifically pointed out that Marc Grossman is well known at the Court and understands it functioning well. Needless to say this is invaluable for his clients.
3) Marc has provided me with services above and beyond what I have been able to pay him for. I deeply grateful for his understanding and his assistance and services beyond the call of duty. Marc is highly involved with his clients and needless to say this is above all what is desired in an attorney.
4) Marc is highly ethical. He consistently investigated every claim that I have made and ensured that only relevant and germane issues are raised by me even when the other side has engaged in nothing more than malicious mud-slinging. Marc's basic instincts will serve any client well.
5) Lastly, Marc is highly intelligent. It is an odd thing to have to observe about an attorney but it is well worth stating. Having a sharp and quick mind on your side is an invaluable asset to any client.

I highly recommend Marc Grossman. He is an outstanding attorney and a good person to boot.
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Review by Gaylynne Trumm

I have known Greg Benton for around 30 years. I met him when we were attending a church together in Northern California. His wife was a friend of mine also. We worked together on projects that included programs that were a benefit for families in our community. He was in a leadership position that I greatly respected.

I know that he represents his clients with professional excellence. I know him to be a hard worker who presents the facts after researching and using the best strategy for the individual.

I find him to be a man of high personal morals and integrity. I have seen him over the years to be a loving father, husband and friend. He has proven himself to be a great asset in the professional field of law as an Attorney .
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Review by George Threlkel

I have been working with Richard over the past 5 years on matters related to my client's short sale issues as well as my own personal business/real estate matters.

Richard has helped my clients find direction in a maze of legal issues of short sales, foreclosures, and unscrupulous lenders. He helped me personally through the difficult task of saving my home from foreclosure in the midst of a challenging family transition, and he did it with tact and sensitivity to the situation. A rare feat in legal representation.

Richard is the consummate professional with a good background of legal and real estate experience that he brings to the table to help his clients wade through the really challenging problems of today's home mortgage landscape. And he does it in such a way that one knows he really cares about his clients.
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Review by Jon Beaupre

Christina has worked as an investigative journalist of the first order and comes from a family steeped in broadcast news. I have known her to be among the most diligent and hard working professionals in just about any media. Mostly, I've always admired her integrity and her efforts to record stories in a fair and unbiased manner. My personal contact with her has always been through professional journalism organizations, but I've seen dozens and dozens of her stories on TV over the years. She is quite simply one of the people working in media with the most reliably honest and fair coverage of whatever she has taken on.See MoreRead Less