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Review by Gaylynne Trumm

I have known Greg Benton for around 30 years. I met him when we were attending a church together in Northern California. His wife was a friend of mine also. We worked together on projects that included programs that were a benefit for families in our community. He was in a leadership position that I greatly respected.

I know that he represents his clients with professional excellence. I know him to be a hard worker who presents the facts after researching and using the best strategy for the individual.

I find him to be a man of high personal morals and integrity. I have seen him over the years to be a loving father, husband and friend. He has proven himself to be a great asset in the professional field of law as an Attorney .
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Review by David Kitterman

christina kitterman is a well spoken down to earth person she cares more about other people before herslf she is always there fo you no matter what she is she will take time out of her busy schedule to find tine for others she would never do anything yo hurt anyone she is always there when you need a friend or just someone to yalk to and she is related to me she is my neice and she is fun to be around and i love my neice as my neiceSee MoreRead Less

Review by Ronald Bell

To Whom concerned,
Debbie worked very hard when our decades class reunion was in it's infant stage to the final days. Most people would not have had the drive or energy to keep pushing through to end to bring such a dream alive.. meaning "Idea to Conception". Given a task when group member are expected to contribute, but those group members fail, she kept working on the task to see it through to a successful end...See MoreRead Less

Review by Steve Sileo

Raymond Grimes is an exceptionally skilled professional. I've know Ray for over 35 years as we went to school together. I have called on his services numerous times always resulting in a more than favorable outcome. What differentiates Ray from other professionals in his field is quite simply that he cares. No matter what he takes on, he takes the time to become intimate with the situation providing for a solid foundation for him to strategize from. He then digests things in his complex mind deriving strategies not common to others. He is an outstanding person, father & confidant who I am proud to be associated with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Chaplain Drjean Ezell

Lisa! I have four words for every thing you will need to know about Lisa! ?GET READY TO SOAR?! Okay, five! Amazing! From the best Team player to the exceptional visionary and Team Leader! Top organization skills, interpersonal skills. Professional, yet personable! Lisa has the biggest heart! She gives back ? pay it forward. She engages you to contribute and be your best! She is the light! Lisa makes it look so easy ? the task and assignments. Great Administrator! Wonderful friend, mother, wife, community servant, strong FAITH in GOD! Lots of fun! Lisa! You are my first choice! I recommend Lisa Highly! A wonderful human being! She understands what is most important! God ? Love for her husband - Her Family - first! Top producer - two! Top enroller ? 1,2,3! Business world! To taking baby to the doctor ? she takes care of her responsibilities. Open. A great communicator, up front, no non-sense! Not intimidated to tell you the truth. Gentle as a lamb and strong as a lion. Great balance! Believes in herself and believes in you! Will acknowledge others! Have limits! I will say Lisa has the best "Black Book"! Ability! Integrity! Humility! Confident! Confidant! Passion! Want you on my team Lisa and I want to be on yours. Recommend Lisa! YEA! Absolutely!See MoreRead Less

Review by Shay Khan

I reached out to V regarding a serious legal matter. In taking my case, V went over the expected process in detail, reviewed his fee structure, (for what I contracted as a fee, V provided service above and beyond), and set the expectations between attorney and client. I always felt apprised of the current status and disposition of the case, and I was more than pleased with the eventual and final outcome of the case. V is a lawyer who is in this to help out his clients, and I felt that he truly cared that I had made a one-time mistake and put in significant efforts to get me the best possible outcome. He is tireless, powered by a high sense of integrity, and always with an intent toward fairness and leveraging his knowledge and relationships.
If you’re ever in trouble, please exercise your rights and obtain legal counsel, and I recommend V above all others in these situations!
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Review by Kimberly Wallace

Mike is not only an awesome lawyer, but a genuine person as well. Aside from my case, there wasnt a time I was in his office or on the phone that he didn't ask how I was feeling, how the family was etc. We had many personal conversations, and sometimes he was almost like my therapist as I unloaded on him and he was always there to listen. He treated me as more than "case" or a " paycheck" but a person. He's just a downright genuine person. He tells it like it is. Mike and his staff worked diligently on my case and I couldn't be more appreciative. I most likely drove them crazy at times, but they stuck right with me. The women in his office couldn't be more kind, sweet, caring, yet extremely hardworking women! I was scared for alot of the things we had to do and Mike was always right there with me every step of the way, whether it be calming my nerves, or just clearly walking me step by step through things. He was always, extremely supportive of how I was doing with certain processes, whether they be medical or legal, or even personal. I believe Mike is such an awesome lawyer because he was so supportive, becoming a friend along the way, while ALWAYS working hard to get what needed to be done, done! I would use Mike again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend Mike to anyone in need. I can't think him and his staff enough!See MoreRead Less

Review by Troy Kentros

I have known Todd since we were kids, way before he became a attorney and i can honestly say he has always been a person of high morals, as well as honesty.. I also myself a few years back was facing very serious felony charges in the city of pontiac and at the time i contacted Todd asking for his advice .. he was very honest and gave me solid advice about what my next move should be.. i can honestly say that that advice helped me make the right decision about my case and i ended up being found not guilty of all 4 counts in oakland county cicuit court of 4 very serious felony charges. as someone that has been involved with the judicial system since i was 12 years old and has retained and dealt with some of the so called best attorneys in the county. i can honestly say that There are only a couple of attorneys that i would trust enough to have my life in their hands and Todd Fox is for sure one of them Attorneys. If you are in need of a Attorney for any reason i say contact Todd and he will be honest with you and not sell you a dream on false hopes. and he will fight for you with everything he has and WILL NOT sell you out or just look to plead your life away.. he's very well known and respected in the oakland county courts and i'm sure surrounding counties as well. See MoreRead Less

Review by Gia Nance-youssef

Working with Alexis was the best choice I made!
She is the most intelligent, determined, also a "real person". She explains things in detail, and terms you can understand. She honestly cared and was very sincere about my case. Hard working is an understatement, fast, reliable she won't give up til youi get what you deserve. Btw...not only was the most amaxing lawyer but also an amazing mom, wife and all around grest person!! Recommend to every one I know! And I'm proud to say I know her!!See MoreRead Less

Review by George Threlkel

I have been working with Richard over the past 5 years on matters related to my client's short sale issues as well as my own personal business/real estate matters.

Richard has helped my clients find direction in a maze of legal issues of short sales, foreclosures, and unscrupulous lenders. He helped me personally through the difficult task of saving my home from foreclosure in the midst of a challenging family transition, and he did it with tact and sensitivity to the situation. A rare feat in legal representation.

Richard is the consummate professional with a good background of legal and real estate experience that he brings to the table to help his clients wade through the really challenging problems of today's home mortgage landscape. And he does it in such a way that one knows he really cares about his clients.
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