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Review by Don Wheeler

I have had the privilege of interacting with Jill since 1995. I rarely endorse attorneys yet Jill is extremely passionate about constantly increasing her knowledge in an ever changing world. Her ability to make common sense solutions from complex situations, gives me a peace of mind when faced with difficult adversity. Jill exercises wisdom and empathy in her daily routine while simultaneously creating a winning environment for her clients. You can hire an attorney and get an attorney or you can hire Jill and get results! She is truly worth the call!See MoreRead Less

Review by Scott Soutullo

I have known attorney Earl Underwood for at least 10 years and I can say that he is known among all of my lawyer friends as one of the best consumer advocate lawyers around South Alabama. With great success, he has handled tons of cases involving situations where a creditor puts false information on a credit report either because of their negligence or because of an effort to intimidate a consumer... cases like that. I could go on, but Earl is first, a good, honest human being and second, a great lawyer.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rick Parr


Review by Keith Stone

Late one night I found myself in a rather embarrassing and unusual situation. The police were at my door. They claimed that someone had called in a report that I was growing marijuana (which was untrue) and they were pushing to search my garage apartment. This was of course insane, but I would not allow a search without a warrant. Lots of guests had stayed in the garage apartment, and I didn't know what might be out there. I knew for a fact that some college kids had been smoking grass in there, so I figured there might be some. I was right. That is exactly what they found, a couple of joints worth, and I was arrested that night on a misdemeanor.

So, I called Tad Nelson that evening while the cops were at my door. He called me right back. He was responsive and knowledgeable. He advised me to make them get a warrant, and he further told me what could be done for me if any marijuana was found. Basically, because I knew the outcome of what would probably happen well in advance with any case that might be filed on me, I relaxed and kept my composure, and sure enough, he was exactly right, and he got my case handled before it was even filed.

What a great lawyer. He was very well informed, well connected, and he guided me through the process of getting my case dismissed with a little hard work and his legal negotiations. I realize that everyone might not get this result, but I did, and Tad Nelson is the reason. I later learned that he was also well thought of in the community, and no doubt well liked by the district attorney, with whom he met and worked out a deal that involved a little community service and some things, but this is so much better than what might have happened if not for Tad. If I had simply waited, I would not have been able to tell the police that I was represented that night (and they also knew Tad and had great respect for him), and my case would have been filed in the court system which has all kinds of implications. Since I had Tad on my side, the Police treated me with great respect and kindness, although they had to do their job, and my case was handled efficiently and to my satisfaction.

Sometimes when you hire a lawyer you get one that's too busy, or just doesn't care, or is only in it for the money. Tad Nelson is different. He seems to do this because he really loves it.
I hope to never need another criminal lawyer, but if I do, I will call Tad, and I will recommend anyone that asks to call him and put him on the case.
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Review by Rachael Ryan

I have to agree with the rest of these posts...I was referred to Tim two years ago and have since used him on more than one occasion. He is great at what he does and I would refer him to anyone in need. He has been very understanding and has worked with me a lot more than any other bail bondsman would. I gotta say he is by far the best around and I wouldn't suggest using anyone else. Thank you Mr. Altman for what you have recently done for me. You are greatly appreciated.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ramona Benjamin

?Yuri is a high quality, highly experienced and dedicated Premier Commercial and Civil Litigation Lawyer in the Valley. What separates Yuri from others is his innovative litigation strategies. His competitive edge is in the "Power of his Briefs" that is the powerful factual statements made by him when representing clients that make a difference in winning or losing cases. His unique approach does not stop there, he is known to go above and beyond the call of duty. He will go up against anybody to protect the rights of the average citizen with his commitment, compassion and his pursuit of excellence. Yuri posses a rare combination of qualities and integrity that is hard to find these days - the ability to excel on a professional level, instill total trust in his clients, and the ability to make his clients feel comfortable while maintaining their privacy and dignity. All I can say is Yuri I am glad you are on my side! It certainly is my pleasure to recommend Yuri on a personal basis as a friend, and on a professional level as an innovative, successful and well respected attorney.?.See MoreRead Less

Review by Richard Ingraham

I met Mr. MacIntire a couple of years ago when he came to my aid in a dispute I had with a client. He was most helpful in that matter. I learned more about Mr. John MacIntire through professional asscociates as time went on. I found Mr. MacIntire to be a real profesional investigator and business man. He is held in high regard in the business world. He is honest, hard working and loyal.

I would recommend Mr. MacIntire for any assignment or business transaction.
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Review by I Randolph S. Shiner

As a litigation attorney, I know that a great mediator is always a welcome relief to mountains of discovery requests and costly litigation. Alec is a thoughtful, articulate, intelligent, fair-minded person who can cut to the essence of a case and then, most importantly, make each side see the wisdom in settlement rather than paying to litigate a case in which the outcome is unknown. I always seek to assist my clients in managing risk, and going to a mediator - Alec in particular - to make clients understand and therefore measure their risk - is the best thing an attorney can do for their clients when there is a desire on all sides to resolve their issues rather than fighting within a broken judicial system.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rachel Shapiro

Aside from Steve making you feel comfortable and part of the family of his professional law-firm, he honestly cares about his clients and is there anytime you need him. He has helped myself, my mom and other family members with many issues including Real Estate and Wills. I highly recommend him as an attorney and I am proud to have him as a great friend as well.I give him TWO THUMBS UP and a FIVE STAR rating as a Professional Attorney!See MoreRead Less

Review by Vivek Sharma

Marc has been representing me in a particularly difficult custody and divorce case for the past 7 months. I have come to know Marc Grossman well in this time period and am well able to speak to his abilities as an attorney.
1) Marc is genuinely a great attorney in the sense that he brings to emotionally charged and often irrational situations a balanced understanding of the long-term needs of his clients as parents and human beings more generally. Marc has consistently shown himself to be concerned about the right issues and has excellent judgement about how these unfortunate and often tragic circumstances should be resolved.
2) Marc has a deep understanding of how the San Bernardino County Family Court system works, especially, as is relevant for my case, the Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court. Indeed, I was quite surprised and delighted when during my mediation session the mediator specifically pointed out that Marc Grossman is well known at the Court and understands it functioning well. Needless to say this is invaluable for his clients.
3) Marc has provided me with services above and beyond what I have been able to pay him for. I deeply grateful for his understanding and his assistance and services beyond the call of duty. Marc is highly involved with his clients and needless to say this is above all what is desired in an attorney.
4) Marc is highly ethical. He consistently investigated every claim that I have made and ensured that only relevant and germane issues are raised by me even when the other side has engaged in nothing more than malicious mud-slinging. Marc's basic instincts will serve any client well.
5) Lastly, Marc is highly intelligent. It is an odd thing to have to observe about an attorney but it is well worth stating. Having a sharp and quick mind on your side is an invaluable asset to any client.

I highly recommend Marc Grossman. He is an outstanding attorney and a good person to boot.
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