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Review by Allan Denchfield

For years I had heard of Oliver Max Gardner III as a consummate consumer defense attorney, a titan in foreclosure defense. His name is deservedly at home in a pantheon of effective activists, alongside that of other impactful contemporary visionaries Noam Chomsky, Bill Black, Chris Hedges, Lawrence Lessig, April Charney, Neil Garfield, Tom Ice and other exceptionals.

Max has become synonymous with his Max Gardner Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Boot Camp(s) which I for years have longed to attend. From his inviting home in Casar, known for its beautiful setting and ambiance and his wife Virginia's signature hospitality (generously pampering those soldiering on in one of his esteemed boot camps), he has mentored and trained lawyers and activists to take the battle, like soldiers at the frontline of battle, to banksters and corporations that defraud, flaunt or corrupt the law, while subverting the courts in order to illegally wrench homes from embattled homeowners.

Max and I became acquainted over social media where I moderate Economic Justice Activists on Facebook, am active in many social justice groups and provide a nationwide clipping service for fellow activists. Max has generously and warmly shared his insights and fielded questions I have posed to him, or gently shown me where the truth lay when I was in error, or missing crucial context. Max is one of a kind, simultaneously authentic as a vulnerable, caring human being, while effective in the real world of commerce, holding parties accountable and to the rule of law (and equity).

We discovered we had a shared connection with Asheville, NC as well each having an ancestral family member who was also a physician. I even introduced Max to my former next door neighbor in Florida whose grandfather was also a governor of North Carolina.

With a growing cadre of boot camp alumni, Max's brilliance and effectiveness in litigation (and in avoiding litigation in favor of settlement) is radiating out across the world from a most hospitable home in the very North Carolina where his grandfather governed. Max is empowering Davids to more effectively level the playing field so they can better take on the entrenched and protected Goliaths in the very fields of battle where they till now benefited from the deference courts paid to plaintiffs. This deference works in plaintiff banks' favor, as defendants, in the millions, too destitute to retain (scarce/overworked) counsel, too often were like low-lying fruit in this latest contrived land grab. This deference yields a "perfect storm," that provides parties wrongfully foreclosing, an unjust enrichment and windfall.

Max has encouraged those bankruptcy practitioners reluctant to be retained by impecunious filers, to reconsider first impressions, and look to filing (treble damage) adversarial actions, especially where the debtor owns or owned a home mortgaged to banks that skirted agreements and statutes in securitizing their loans.

Max carved out for himself a unique niche and with each boot camp graduation, turns out another wave of skilled warriors to take on the fight for economic and social justice.

For the reasons stated, I rate our incomparable Max Gardner 5 gold stars of Excellence.

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
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Review by Mark Pierce

I have worked in the Bail Bond community for over 23 years and have found Off The Hook to be a reliable, professional Agency to do business with.

Mark R. Pierce
Mark Pierce Investigations
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Review by Chris Wright

Pete has done a lot of different types of work for me over the past several years. I have always found him to be very knowledgable and competant as well as very honest and forth comming. He has been a great asset to myself and to my business. It seems a rarity that you find an educated professional these days with any common sense or one who can share in the triumphs and woes of the working man and the general population. Pete can and does. Hes is one of a kind and anyone would do well to hire him as their lawyer.See MoreRead Less

Review by Victor Tsoi

Lisa Cervantes is very knowledgeable and well versed in this particular area of law and has many years of experience. Moreover, she is a trustworthy advisor, and you can always count on her to have your best interests in mind.
While other law firms love to overcharge their clients and provide impersonal service, Lisa is always fair to her clients and is very friendly and a pleasure to work with!


Cervantes Entertainment Law is the firm to use for all your entertainment and intellectual property law needs!
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Review by Arthur Arnau

To whom it may concern:

Mr. Molina was a prosecutor in my courtroom, when I was a Bailiff for a Miami Dade County Court Judge, in the Criminal Division of the 11th Judicial Circuit. I had the privilege to observe and interact with Mr. Molina on a daily basis. I can attest to his high level of professionalism and his acute knowledge of the law. But most importantly, Mr. Molina is well liked and respected by the entire legal and judicial community. I would not hesitate to recommend him as an attorney.See MoreRead Less

Review by Siddartha Verma

It was The Singularity Summit 2010, I got a chance to interact and get to know Amy. I was doing research over at Stanford Gravity Probe B group on a Visiting Researcher position, under Prof. Francis Everitt. I was there in US for 3 months. In between when I came to know that the Summit was happening in San Francisco, I found myself lucky to be present there at that time, because I had and still have much interest in exploring the possibilities of using emerging and future technologies for the benefit of mass and humanity.

Following my interest, I called Amy, who was holding one of the organizing positions for the conference. Expressing my financial crisis at that time, I requested a rebate for the price for attending the conference, and she virtuously allowed me to attend it for free.

That was completely unexpected, but surely, I loved it. In that event, I got a chance to attend such interesting talks by eminent researchers like Anita Desai, Michael Vassar, and many quite a few other global researchers.

Since that incident, I got selected for a Phd position at UWA, in AIGRC research group (which I later changed to Masters by Research), and have been able to follow the topic of futurism (in online media) and explore my interest still by meeting new people in Perth. I made an online group of UWA Future Society, in which people like Adam Ford (board member at Humanity+) and Kevin Jain (former president of Harvard College Future Society) are present. The group has a bunch of more than 20 local Perth people which include several students from UWA and professionals working in that region.

I would recommend Amy for helping me and showing support, and showing confidence for exploring my interest and enthusiasm for this futurism topic.
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Review by Jonathan Ginsberg

I have known Kurt professionally for over five years. He is a fellow member of the Bankruptcy Law Network, an organization consisting of several of the nation's leading consumer bankruptcy lawyers.

Kurt is an active member of the group and we speak monthly during board meetings. He also publishes regularly to the BLN blog and his posts are well researched and thoughtful.

I feel comfortable recommending Kurt to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and capable bankruptcy lawyer.
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Review by Rick Hargrave

I have known Gene Sera through his Father-In-Law, William Vitz, for over 10 years. Mr. Vitz represented me in some business transactions and is a member of our church. I would give him 5 stars, however, by the grace of God I have not needed Gene's help professionally. I have observed him in action with clients I have recommended.

I watched as Gene led his Boy Scout Troop in community events. He is an asset to our congregation and community.

Gene Sera is one of the most personable, congenial, and aggressive attorneys I have ever met. It is hard to blend those attributes in his chosen profession. The respect he has earned from prosecutors, Judges, and fellow attorney’s is remarkable. Gene is easy to talk to, solid in his advice, and totally dedicated to giving his client the very best representation possible.

I highly encourage
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Review by Debra Boespflug

Prior to retaining Mr. Neuhardt as my attorney, I had been represented by a Billings attorney in the same case for two years that just up and quit my case. I had spoken with at least five other attorneys in town, none of which were interested in taking my case. After Mr. Neuhardt heard my story and gathered the facts he accepted my case. While my case is not yet resolved, I am confident that Mr. Neuhardt is giving my case the attention it deserves. He keeps me informed as to what to expect with my case and it gives me peace of mind that I have someone in my corner with the knowledge, the motivation and my best interest as a priority. If you need a personal injury lawyer, make your first call to Mr. Neuhardt's office. Deb BoespflugSee MoreRead Less

Review by Jim Vititoe

Steven Kuhn is a great Mediator! We allowed the defense attorney and Insurance Claims Adjuster select the mediator and they selected Steven. My philosophy is allow the other side select the mediator because they trust, respect and listen to the mediator of their choice. He did a great job. He is very professional and made the clients relax and gain trust in him. Even though the case did not settle, he gave both sides direction regarding the steps necessary to reach resolution. We are finishing up the steps he recommended and are ready to go back to mediation to resolve the case. They parties understood the reasons that more work needed to be done by both sides to get the best result. I have confidence that the next mediation session will result in everyone agreeing that we got a great resolution. Steven Kuhn is a real winner and a great mediator. Try him, you won't be disappointed!!! Jim Vititoe, Vititoe Law Group.See MoreRead Less